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prepared for DSC (GMDSS), addi- tional remote controls, Duplex,

ARQ telex, scrambler, additional loudspeakers, personal computer, etc.

The Transmitter T2130 has 250w

PEP output power and built-in power supply for 24 VDC. It is of modular construction, which pro- vides easy installation and service— all connections are carried out to this part of the Sailor Compact HF

SSB Radiotelephone.

The Aerial Coupler AT2110 is also a compact, sturdy unit. It is waterproof, highly efficient and fea- tures automatic tuning. Because it is light weight, the aerial coupler can be mounted at the base of the aerial.

It can be installed up to 100 meters from the transmitter. x \ *

Here's how

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Simrad Subsea A/S has intro- duced a portable, low-cost Hydroa- coustic Positioning System.

The rugged HPR 300P is tailor- made for applications such as ROV- tracking, tow-fishing-tracking and other survey operations where quick and easy mobilization is an advan- tage. The system is also compatible with existing HPR transponder channels.

It is based on the super-short baseline technology used in the well-proven HPR 309 system. Only one small onboard transducer is necessary for positioning. The sys- tem has a built-in self-tester.

The portable transducer is om- nidirectional with automatic roll and pitch compensation. It is a small, lightweight unit designed for hull installation as well as over-the- side mounting.

Operator's instructions are dis- played on the monitor, securing un- complicated operation. All func- tions and parameters are controlled by a joystick from a standard color monitor. Standard monitors can be connected and used as remote dis- plays.


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SI-TEX Marine Electronics,

Clearwater, Fla., has introduced two new Lorans for 1989. The two differ- ent receivers are designed for differ- ent levels of Loran-C involvement.

In a micro-compact case, the new

XJ-1 features a 99-waypoint memo- ry, 10 instant-position memories,

ComPuNav navigation computer, automatic ASF corrections, magnet- ic compass compensation and four notch filters, plus a backlighted multi-line display and audible al- rams for cross-track error, waypoint arrival and anchor-watch.

The new XJ-2 offers a 200-way- point memory, 20 programmable auto-routes with up to 25 waypoints in each route. Waypoint sequencing can be totally automatic for all way- points and routes can be run in both directions.

In the TD mode, position display accuracy is to 100th of a microsec- ond. Automatic ASF corrections are derived from a data base of preci- sion geodetic surveys and magnetic variation is automatically compen- sated. Twelve RF filters eliminate noise and interference.

Five audible alarms signal way- point arrival, corss-track error, per- pendicular crossing, waypoint ad- vance and anchor-watch drift lim- its.

Both the XJ-1 and XJ-2 have ser- ial data outputs of NMEA 0180/ 0183 for interfacing with other elec- tronics onboard.

As a bonus, both the XJ-1 and

XJ-2 come complete with "Running

The Numbers"—a 30-minute video- tape of instructions on how to get the most out of the particular Loran you buy.


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Sperry Marine's revolutionary new RASCAR (RASterscan Colli- sion Avoidance Radar) is a series of radars and ARPAs designed to meet or exceed all SOLAS and type ap- proval requirements for vessels in the 1,600 gt and above range.

All RASCAR models include CAS

IV Collision Avoidance features.

The RASCAR model 3400M is a fully compliant, type-approved

ARPA. All RASCARs have touch- screen control and very high resolu- tion displays. The controls are logi- cally grouped within the operator's main field of view.

The RASCAR series includes the model 2500C display—one of the first high resolution color displays for the large ship market. Color is used to sharpen the operator's com- prehension of the displayed infor- mation distinguishing between vari- ous displayed features and to pre- sent the anti-collision situation clearly for rapid operator assess- ment.

According to Sperry Marine, the

RASCAR follow's the company's new Product Standardization and

Integration (PSI) philosophy. It can be installed conventionally as a "stand alone" system or together with other bridge equipment in an aesthetically pleasing Integrated

Bridge system without expensive modification.

Sperry Marine reports that the receiver design includes a state-of- the-art "low noise" front end and a

Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC). This gives the receiver twice the sensitivity of previous genera- tions.

The Japanese Ministry of Inter- national Trade and Industry recent- ly named Sperry Marine the winner of the "Good Design" Award for its new RASCAR Touchscreen Control

Marine Radar/ARPA. The award has been presented annually for the last 31 years to the product which meets the highest standards of qual- ity—appearance, function, safety, value and service.



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Standard Communications, Los

Angeles, Calif., describes its new

Horizon Infinity VHF marine radio and LH10 loud hailer as "the most water-resistant radio and hailer on the market today."

Available in rich black tones, these additions to Standard Com- munications full line of electronics offer excellent quality and perform- ance.

The 25-watt Horizon Infinity, in addition to being extremely water- resistant, incorporates an ultra-sen- sitive GASFET receiver and more advanced scanning and program- (continued on page 54) 22 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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