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AWO Annual Meeting To Be Held

In Washington, D.C. April 6-7

The Annual Meeting and Spring

Convention of the American Water- ways Operators (AWO) will be held

April 6-7, 1989, at the Washington

Court Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Hundreds of AWO members will attend the meeting for the election of association officers and for close interaction with decision-makers in


This year, the annual meeting and spring convention is comprised of a full agenda of business and social events. On Thursday, April 6,

AWO Committees meet in morning and early afternoon sessions to dis- cuss and debate key industry issues.

These meetings include the follow- ing committees: Regulatory; Legis- lative; Public Affairs; Corps of Engi- neers Liaison; and Health, Safety and Training. AWO emphasizes that attendees do not have to be members of the respective commit- tees in order to participate in the meetings. On Thursday afternoon,

AWO will elect its officers and di- rectors for 1989 and, following that meeting, will host a cocktail recep- tion in honor of the Honorable Sam

Skinner, the new Secretary of the

Department of Transportation.

Friday, April 7, kicks off at a 7:30 a.m. breakfast with an address by

Hobart Rowen, chief economics correspondent for The Washington

Post. Mr. Rowen is one of the pre- mier economics writers and analysts in the world, and his opinions and projections are closely watched by decision-makers everywhere. He will be providing AWO members with his perspective on the econom- ic outlook under the President


Following breakfast, the AWO board of directors meeting gets un- der way with an extremely full agen- da including discussions and debate on strengthening and maintaining the Jones Act, a review of new pro- environmental initiatives taken by the tug and barge industry, and dis- cussion of the Department of Trans- portation's drug testing policy, to name a few key issues.

This 1989 annual meeting and spring convention will provide an excellent opportunity for members to be brought up to date on current issues of the association and to be- come involved in the efforts of

AWO. All directors, designated rep- resentatives and alternates, com- mittee members, directors emeritus,

American Waterways Shipyards

Conference members, and other in- dividuals from AWO member com- panies are encouraged to attend.

For further information on the meeting, call (703) 841-9300.

Muller Appointed

Assistant VP-Operations

At Moran Towing

William P. Muller has been ap- pointed assistant vice president of operations of Moran Towing &

Transportation Co., Inc., according to Thomas E. Moran, chairman and chief executive officer of the company.

Mr. Muller, who will be based in company headquarters in Green- wich, Conn., is a graduate of the

State University of New York, Mar- itime College, Fort Schuyler, Bronx,

N.Y. .

An executive with the Moran or- ganization since 1977, Mr. Muller started with the company in the

New York sales office. He also held positions in operations, special proj- ects, labor relations and subsidiary management. In 1980, he was ap- pointed assistant vice president of

Florida Towing Co., and in 1982 he became vice president and general manager. Moran's Jacksonville operating company has since been renamed Moran Towing of Florida,


While in Jacksonville, Mr. Mull- er was active in both maritime and civic affairs. He served as president and member of the board of direc- tors of the Jacksonville Marine In- stitute, an organization for disad- vantaged youth. He also was an active member of the Propeller Club and the Chamber of Commerce.

Key Appointments

At Great Lakes Dredge

Witt Barlow, president of Great

Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, an

Oak Brook, Illinois-based dredging and marine construction firm, re- cently announced the appointments of three vice presidents and an as- sistant chief engineer.

The Board of Directors of Great

Lakes Dredge & Dock has elected

Richard M. Lowry, Bruce J.

Biemeck, and Steven F. O'Hara to the office of vice president.

In addition, the company an- nounced the appointment of John

F. Karas to assistant chief engi- neer.

Literature Available On

Circle Seal's Plastic Inline

Check/Relief Valves

The new BIVCO 6000 Series In- line Check Valves from Circle Seal

Controls, Anaheim, Calif., utilize chemically inert, all-plastic bodies and poppets to provide long, de- pendable service in corrosive liquid or gas systems.

The choice of body materials for the new series includes Teflon®,

PCX, Kynar®, and Polypropylene.

The materials offered make these valves ideal for applications in sys- tems carrying such corrosive fluids as hydrochloric acid, deionized water, sulphuric acid, chlorine gas and liquid. The valve bodies can be supplied reinforced with metal bands and jackets to provide service with fluid pressures to 500 psi.

The BIVCO 6000 Series operating principles require minimum crack- ing pressure to provide instant re- sponse. A variety of Teflon-coated, 316 stainless steel springs are avail- able for cracking pressures from 0.5 (standard) to 150 psi.

These valves are available in sizes for 1/4-inch to 2-inches NPT female pipe. They can also be supplied with 150-pound, raised face flanges for line sizes of 1-inch, 1-1/2-inches and 2-inches. BIVCO 6000 Series valves may be installed in any position when springs are installed.

For more information and free lit- erature from Circle Seal Controls,

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New Commuting

Service Begins Between

New Jersey And New York

TNT Hydrolines, Inc., Wayne,

N.J., recently took delivery of an 80- foot, high-speed catamaran, TNT

Express I, to be used for commuting and excursions in New York Har- bor. The vessel, one of the first cata- marans to be used for commuting in the area, will carry passengers to and from Monmouth Country, N.J., and New York, and can be used for excursions and private parties dur- ing midday hours and on weekends.

Seating capacity of the TNT Ex- press is 220 passengers, which ex- pands to a total of 265 wben outdoor seating is utilized.

Built by Gladding-Hearn Ship- building, The Duclos Corporation,

TNT Express I was designed by

Philip Hercus of International

Catamarans Pty., Ltd. of Sydney,

Australia. It is powered by two 12- cylinder Deutz MWM diesel engines which give it a 29-knot capability.

The twin hulls are designed to pro- vide a near wakeless ride and great stability in all kinds of weather.

TNT Hydrolines, Inc. is a subsid- iary of TNT Limited, the worldwide transportation group.

For free literature giving full in- formation on the facilities and capa- bilities of Gladding-Hearn Ship- building,

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For more information and free lit- erature on Deutz MWM diesel en- gines,

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Korean Yard Receives $36-Million Order

To Build Two Feeders

South Korean shipbuilder Dong

Hae Shipbuilding recently received an order estimated to be worth $3 million to build two feeder contain- erships for Regional Container

Lines (RCL).

The two ships, which will be de- livered at the end of this year and the beginning of 1990, respectively, will each have a capacity of 1,248

TEUs, and will be deployed on

RCL's Singapore-to-Thailand route.




Complete Repairs

On All Types of Electro Hydraulic

Steering Systems and Deck Machinery

Hydraulic Pump Testing,

Rebuilding For Certification 24 Hour Service, Worldwide 207 West Central Ave., Maywood, N.J. 07607

Telephone: (201) 843-4700

Telex: 132610 DELMARINE



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