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Because this new fishfinder/plot- ter interfaces with most Lorans hav- ing standard NMEA 0182/0183 formats, Apelco makes it easy to enjoy the latest plotting features available without purchasing a new

Loran. In addition to its standard full-screen color fishfinding, the

XVC 8100 provides full-screen zoom close-ups, and split-screen plotting with fishfinding, or split-screen dig- ital navigation data display with temperature graph.

The Apelco XVC 8011 automati- cally adjusts its 800-watt (p-p) max- imum transmit power, pulse repeti- tion rate, and transducer beam width. Shift range from 5 to 995 feet, fathoms, or meters is automat- ic or manual. Clarity is enhanced on this 256-by-256 bit, high-resolution screen, by keyboard selectable scan- ning speeds, 10 levels of brightness, and advanced interference and noise suppression circuits.

When its Plot Mode is active, the

XVC 8100 lets you plot and track up to 20 events, recording position, sur- face water temperature, and depth of each event. The plot display shows own-boat on the screen, plus route of selected event marks. When selected, the XVC 8011 will elec- tronically draw a dotted line from own boat to selected events, and give distance and bearing to events. commerce plctely dedicated to improving your bottom line.

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The Apelco XVC 8100 Color Video Fishfind- er/Plotter (split-screen plotting and fish- finding displays are shown).

The screen will also show where you've been with a solid track line.

Digital event data is displayed at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the screen the XVC 8100 displays readouts of your boat's position in

Lat/Long or TDs, plus temperature, boat speed, trip log, distance and bearing to events, and selectable chart scales, from 2 to 100 nm or km.

Features such as alarm for preset fish "window," and shallow and deepwater limits are also provided.

The XVC 8100 is supplied with a lithium battery for memory protec- tion, standard sun shield, and trans- om mount transducer (thru-hull transducer, optional). Power re- quirements are 11-16 Vdc, 13.6 Vdc nominal. Power consumption is ap- proximately 2 amps. Speed and temperature sensors are built into the dual-beam triducer.

For more information on this color fishfinder/plotter and Apelco's complete 1989 line,

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Nedlloyd Seeks Tenders

To Build 15 Containerships

Rotterdam-based ship operator

Nedlloyd recently announced plans to build 15 new containerships rang- ing in size from 3,000 TEUs-4,600

TEUs, and has invited tenders from

Europe and the Far East to con- struct the vessels. The price for the 15 ships would be approximately $750 million.

The 15 containerships would con- sist of five vessels of 3,000 TEUs for delivery in 1991, with options for five of 3,800-TEUs and five huge post-Panamax-sized 4,600-TEU ships for delivery between 1992- 1994.

The 3,000-TEU ships will have a length of 872-1/2 feet, breadth of 106 feet and deadweight of 30,000 tons. The 3,800-TEU and 4,600-

TEU vessels both will have a length of 964 feet. However, the 3,800-TEU ships will have a breadth of 106 feet and deadweight of 43,000 tons, while the 4,600-TEU vessels will have breadths of 124 feet, larger than the Panama Canal can accom- modate, and deadweights of 51,000 tons.

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