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OTC '89 Preview (continued) exhibit space of the Astrodomain

Complex and outdoor display area at OTC '89. Such countries as Bra- zil, Canada, Italy, France, Japan,

Sweden, the U.K. and West Germa- ny will be represented in what is considered the offshore industry's leading international event.

For more than 20 years, the Off- shore Technology Conference has been the largest annual forum in the world for the exchange of offshore and ocean resources technology.

Through the years, as worldwide offshore industry announced a se- ries of major technological advances at this event, the stature and impor- tance of OTC grew.

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Last year, OTC marked its 20th anniversary with an extensive tech- nical program and major exhibition.

OTC assembled a special museum to display the immense develop- ment and range of offshore technol- ogy produced during its 20 years in existence.

OTC primarily serves offshore in- dustry engineers, managers, scien- tists and marine-related personnel from around the world. Over 1 mil- lion participants from around 90 countries have attended the com- bined technical programs and exhi- bitions of OTC since its inception in 1969.

The conference is sponsored by 11 prominent engineering and scien- tific organizations, including the So- ciety of Naval Architects and Ma- rine Engineers (SNAME) and the

American Society of Mechanical

Engineers (ASME), with combined worldwide memberships in excess of 700,000. The event is managed by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) for the sponsoring organiza- tions.

For further information on OTC, contact: Fred Herbst, public rela-

Conference Schedule

Monday, May 1

Registration 8 am-4:30 pm

Exhibition 9 am-5 pm

Technical Program 9 am-noon 2-5 pm

Topical Luncheons 12:15-1:45 pm

Tuesday, May 2

Registration 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Exhibition 9 am-5 pm

Technical Program 9 am-noon 2-5 pm

Awards Luncheon 12:15-1:45 pm

Wednesday, May 3

Registration 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Exhibition 9 am-5 pm

Technical Program 9 am-noon 2-5 pm

Topical Luncheons 12:15-1:45 pm

Thursday, May 4

Registration 8:30 am-3 pm

Exhibition 9 am-3 pm

Technical Program 9 am-noon tions manager, Offshore Technology

Conference, P.O. Box 833868, Rich- ardson, Texas 75083-3868; tele- phone: (214) 669-0072; and telex: 730989 SPEDAL.

These Products are subiects ol patent or patents pending © 1988 SWAGELOK Co., all rights reserved SW7-fa 26

See us at OTC '89—Booth 6529

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Technical Program

Monday, May 1 • 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

The 90's Offshore Trends and Forecasts

Major forces that will impact the offshore oil and gas industry in the decade of the 90's and into the 21st century are featured. Leading industry spokesmen will be joined by executives from international banking and investment communities. • OPEC and the Offshore Industry • Financing Requirements for Future Offshore Developments • Investment Community Assessment of the Offshore Oil and Gas


Subsea Production Systems • The Underwater Production System • E.J. O'Brien III and S B.

Jensen, Den Norske Stats Oljeselskap a.s. • Development Program for a Diverless Subsea Production

System • C Villaneuva, BP Intl. Ltd., and P. Metcalf, FUEL

Subsea Engineering Ltd. • Detail Design of a Guidelineless Subsea Satellite

Completion • H.B. Skeels, FMC Corp.; A. Martins, CBV Industria

Mecanica S.A.; and E.M. Mouret, FMC Corp. • Field Experience and Design Evolution of the Diverless

Layaway Flowline Subsea Christmas Tree • D M. Underwood,

FMC Corp., and M. Da Costa, CBV Industria Mecanica S.A. • Deepwater Christmas Tree Development • P.P. Alfano,

Equipamentos Villares S.A.; C.H.N. Barbosa, Petrobr6s; and M.A.

Lewis, Cameron Iron Works Inc.

Welding • Underwater Wet Welding of High Strength Offshore Steels •

S. Ibarra, Amoco Corp. Research; C.E. Grubbs, Global Divers &

Contractors; and D.L. Olson, Colorado School of Mines • Properties of Wet Welded Joints • I P. Szelagowski, H. Stuhit,

P Loebel, J Blight, G. Donelly, and H.G. Schafstall, GKSS

Research Centre • Weldability of Duplex Stainless Steel • K.L. Killpack, R.W.

Heid, and J.M. Sawhill Jr., Newport News Shipbuilding • Advanced TIG and MIG Offshore Duplex Welding • C.

Magloire and B. Andrier, E.T.P.M. • Properties of Hyperbaric FCA Welds • J.F. Dos Santos, P.

Szelagowski, and H.G. Schafstall, GKSS Research Centre

Development Geology & Geophysics of

Offshore Fields • The Marlim and Albacora Fields: Geophysical, Geological, and Reservoir Aspects • J.M. Souza, A. Candido, J.C. Scarton, and C.A.G. Cora, Petrobr6s, and C.E.S. Cruz.

Petrobr6s / Cenpes / Diger • Images of the Hibernia Reservoir: A Case Study • G.G.

Taylro, D.G. Ward, and W.L. Alexander, Mobil Oil Canada

Properties • Development Geology of the Cohasset Oil Field, Offshore

Nova Scotia, Canada • E.S. Olynyk, Petro-Canada Inc. • Case History of the Gas-Condensate Cassia Field, Offshore

Trinidad • G.B. Alison and P. Farfan, Amoco Production Co. • Influence of Depositional Fades and Structure on

Waterflood Performance, Granite Point Field, Cook Inlet,

Alaska • R.S. Tucker, W.J. Sercombe, and J.F. Flint, Amoco

Production Co.

Drilling Technology & Equipment • Drilling Equipment and Techniques for Ultradeep Water

Drilling: A New Look • N. Brammer and M. Kattner, Vetco Gray

U.K. Ltd. • The Proposed Extended Reach Drilling Project • R.D. Turner and P.A. Boyd, Conoco Inc.; K.L. Smith, Conoco Norway Inc.; and

R.G. Goldsmith, Goldsmith Engineering • North Sea Experience With Aluminum Drillpipe • B.A. Tarr,

Mobil E&P Services Inc., and I.A. Graham, Mobil North Sea Ltd. • Use of Dynamic Drillstring Simulator for RPM and

Bottomhole Assembly Optimization • A. Judzis and V.A.

Dunayevsky, BP Research Intl. • Drilling Operations Planning and Drill Deck Strengthening for Extended Reach Wells From an Existing Platform • R.

Lemons and M.J.K. Craig, Unocal • Optimizing Oil Muds for Offshore Drilling and Lower

Environmental Impact • R. Jachnik and D. Marshall, Milpark

Drilling Fluids

Concrete Structures & Technology • Numerical Analysis of Arctic Caisson Response to ice Loads • S.J. Lacy, Rutgers U. • Model Testing and Hydrodynamic Analysis of the Ekofisk 2/4 Tank Protective Barrier • R.L. Davies, Phillips Petroleum

Co. Norway, and H. Hjelde, Peconor Ekofisk A.S. • Detailed Design and Installation Aspects of the Protective

Barrier To Surround the Ekofisk 2/4 Storage Tank • P.

Broughton and C. Koenekoop, Phillips Petroleum Co. Norway • The Concrete Gravity Base Structure of the Gullfaks C

Platform—Examples of Applied Technical Development • B.

Svensvik and B. Kepp, Norwegian Contractors a.s. • A Basis for Material Selection for Large Volume

Applications of Offshore Grout and Concrete • B.L. Smith and

P. Forsyth, Wimpey Offshore • New Data on Grouted Connections With Large Grout

Dimensions • B.L. Smith and I.E. Tebbett, Wimpey Offshore

Platform Installation Dynamics • Installation Model Tests of a Gulf of Mexico Compliant

Tower • G.M. Monopolis and M.A. Danarczko, Exxon Production

Research Co. • Evaluation of Wear in Compliant Tower Pile Systems • G.S.

Johnson, PMB Engineering Inc., and E. Hasle, Aker Engineering

A/S • Load Transfer Mechanism to Offshore Jackets During Pile

Driving • S.Y. Hanna, Conoco Inc. • Nonlinear Response of a Jacket Type Structure During

Template Mating Operations • R.Y. Edwards, Arctec Offshore

Corp. • Prediction of Jacket to Template Docking and Mooring

Forces During Installation • F.A. Ramzan and R.W. Robinson,

Brown & Root Vickers Ltd. • Design and Analysis for the Lift Installation of the Veslefrikk

Jacket • C.W. Austin and K. Eriksen, Aker/John Brown A/S; M.

Baerheim, Statoil; and A.P. Crowle, Aker/John Brown A/S • Weight Optimization of the Vestrefrikk Jacket • M. Baerheim and T.I. Fossan, Statoil, and D. Grimm, Unocal

Subsea Control Technologies • Comparison of Response Time Tests With Computer

Simulations for Control Hoses in Subsea Production Service • W.S. Manuel, J.E. Hall, and J.P. McAdams, Manuel Designs Inc. • Development of Composite Fiber Optic, Electric Power, and

Hydraulic Riser Umbilical and Connector • M. Yamaguchi and

T. Hagihara, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., and S. Yato, Japan

Natl. Oil Corp. • Subsea Mateable High Power Electric and Fiber-Optic

Connector • O.A. Heggdal, Kvaerner Engineering A/S • A Downhole Electrical Wet-Connector System for Delivery and Retrieval of Monitoring Instruments by Wireline • M.A

Schnatzmeyer and D. Connick, Otis Engineering Corp. • Subsea Separator—An Answer for Marginal Field

Development • B.W. Songhurst and W.G. Edwards, British

Offshore Engineering Technology

Monday, May 1 • 2:00-5:00 p.m.

South China Sea Projects • An Overview of Potential Major Hydrocarbon-Rich Provinces

Offshore China • Z. Gong, S. Wang, and X. Tian, China Natl.

Offshore Oil Corp. • Discovery and Development of the SZ36-1 Field in the Liao

Dong Bay • B. Ti, Bohai Oil Corp. • ACT-OG /NHEOC South China Sea Development Innovations • H. Wang, Nanhai East Oil Corp. • Extended Drillstem Test Interpretation and Evaluation of

Slant and Horizontal Holes in the South China Sea • X.R. Wu,

Nanhai East Oil Corp.

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