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Your New Bridge. . .

Easy as 1


The most significant advance in radar since the magnetron. Complete touchscreen control. No knobs, switches, buttons. All radar and ARPA functions available at the touch of a finger.

ADG Autopilot

From Sperry Marine's 75 years of leadership in ship steering controls comes this versatile, simple-to-operate, completely adaptive new autopilot, designed especially to fit any size bridge.

Voyage Management Station

All navigation data, from whatever source, available in one location. A limitless library of electronic charts, radar, navlines, and voyage data, transferable to any bridge module at the touch of a finger.

Now more information is readily available in one location to streamline the bridge officer's job. Moreover, this information is constantly available to home office managers, who can monitor ship's condition and assist in real-time problem solving. And Sperry Marine's Integrated Bridge is ready to grow with your requirements. We've made electrical, aesthetic, and functional provisions to assure your Integrated Bridge is flexible and versatile enough to accept any future modifications.

Your Integrated Bridge can grow with you. At any time we can add new navigation equipment, new communications gear, new weather and engine monitors. And the information from these new equipments is added to data flowing in the Sperry Marine SeaNET.

Always mindful of the mariner's pressing demands, Sperry

Marine has developed an efficient new Integrated Bridge.

This Integrated Bridge, with RASCAR, already the most talked-about new radar and ARPA, the ADG autopilot, and the Voyage Management Station, all integrated by Sperry

Marine's SeaNET advanced Token Ring Network, offers significant new benefits for any vessel.

Whether Newbuild or Retrofit, Sperry Marine is ready to supply your new

Integrated Bridge, customized to your exact specifications. Sperry Marine, providing leadership since the beginning of the century, leads the way with the next century's products ... today!

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J* Sperry Marine Inc. Subsidiaryof (tennecoJ • j/jp// ',f 1070 Seminole Trail Newport News Shipbuilding fiVfJ? Charlottesville, VA 22901 A Tenneco Company (804)974-2000

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