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RMVA uses materials and SermeTel coatings which are extremely corrosion-resistant. All moving parts operate in a sealed environment. ...AND EASY TO MAINTAIN

RMVA is virtually trouble-free, due to design simplicity. No periodic maintenance. Shock and vibration resistant. Highly survivable. • Approved for all U.S. Naval Surface Ships • ABS approved ...AND COST EFFECTIVE

RMVA can reduce your material, installation, maintenance and life- cycle costs. Savings are compared with complex reach rod installations. ...AND RELIABLE ...AND EASY TO INSTALL

RMVA uses flexible conduit which makes even the most complicated routings easy to install. No gear boxes or joints.

Teleflex-RMVA is based on a simple tension-tension, closed-loop actuating concept. Helical cable, operating in a conduit, converts rotary to linear motion and then back to rotary.

The Teleflex Remote Mechanical Valve

Actuator (RMVA) has proven its dependability in cruel environments aboard naval vessels.

Specify RMVA by Teleflex. It's simple. It works.

It's proven. Call or write for your complete RMVA

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