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Meyer Werft Books Order

To Convert Car Carrier

Into Livestock Carrier

The Meyer Werft of Papenburg,

West Germany, a leader in the con- version of cargo vessels and tankers into livestock carriers, recently re- ceived an order from the Dutch shipowner Vroon B.V., Breskens, to convert the car carrier Mediterra- nean Highway into a sheep/cattle carrier to be named Cormo Express.

For Meyer Werft this is not only the 25th conversion into a livestock car- rier but also the 20th order from

Vroon/Livestock Express.

Upon completion in the autumn of 1989, the 577.5-foot-long by 87- foot-wide livestock carrier will be capable of carrying 70, 000 sheep, or 61,000 sheep and 1,500 cattle, re- spectively, on 11 decks. The vessel, which has a speed of 20 knots, will be operated on the Australia/Mid- dle East route.

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SeaArk Marine lias built a national reputation tor consistently producing superior quality workboats for use throughout the world.

With more than 30 ome the largest


PROTECTORS:1 f experience, SeaArk has grown to r ot small and intermediate aluminum orkboats in the U.S. jr new Protector Series offers -ne tough, quality construction versatile design you'll find in all kboats. Plus, our durable boats iter value because they're inum. Aluminum offers onomy of operation and ats can be exact

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Check And Relief Valves

With Kalrez Seals Now

Available From Nupro

Check and relief valves with Kal- rez elastomer seals, which resist thermal and chemical degradation, are now available from Nupro Com- pany, Willoughby, Ohio.

Kalrez outlasts many other seal- ing materials under severe service conditions. The material combines the resilience and sealing force of rubber with the broad chemical inertness of TFE.

When a check or relief valve is closed, the elastomer seals against the poppet to provide leak-tight shutoff. The valves have a tempera- ture rating of -10 degrees to 375 degrees F (-23 degrees to 191 de- grees C).

Check and relief valves with Kal- rez seals are available in a wide range of nominal cracking pressures, sizes, and end connections.

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Bender Inc. Offers

Literature On Electrical

Safety Monitoring Systems

Bender Inc., Paoli, Pa., a world- wide manufacturer of electrical safety monitoring devices, offers a complete and comprehensive line of insulation monitoring and ground fault location equipment.

Insulation monitors are specifi- cally designed for either the contin- uous active monitoring of un- grounded, floating power systems and control circuits, or the passive monitoring of idle or standby equip- ment. Insulation monitoring, from the Mega ohm range down, provides useful predictive maintenance in- formation and reduces ground fault detection to a simple task. Portable, automatic and semi-automatic ground fault location equipment quickly pinpoints potential ground fault conditions, typically 50 k ohms and below.

Bender Inc. offers such passive insulation monitoring devices as the

IREH150P, which continually mon- itors the insulation resistance to ground of connected equipment when in the idle, or switched-off state. The IREH150P continuously monitors the insulation value of electrical standby equipment. When the insulation value declines to an unacceptable level, due to moisture ingress, excessive dust, cable dam- age, or carbon build-up, the

IREH150P will alarm. It is suitable for one or three-phase systems, up to 66V, 50-400 Hz. There are two response levels of 500K or 100 Mega ohm. The LED lamp will automati- cally alarm on fault detection. It is a compact unit and needs no external wiring or cabling.

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Bender, Inc., products,

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