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Furuno Introduces New 6-Inch

And 8-Inch Dual-Frequency

Color Video Sounders

Furuno recently introduced two new dual-frequency color video sounders.

The FCV-663 is Furuno's most cost-effective dual-frequency color video sounder. It features a bright, high resolution 6-inch CRT that shows returning echoes in eight dis- tinctive colors depending on target strength. This enables easy determi- nation of fish schools, individual structures and, especially, targets lying on or near the bottom. Four display modes allow the user excep- tional flexibility in viewing the un- derwater scene: high or low frequen- cy picture can be shown either full screen or with bottom lock on the lower 35 percent of the CRT; simul- taneous dual-frequency display shows 50 kHz on the upper half and 200 kHz on the lower half of the screen; either high or low frequency

The FCV-663 is Furuno's most cost-effec- tive dual-frequency color video sounder. can be shown on the right half of the

CRT, with zoomed display on the left; combined dual frequencies can be displayed on the right half of the

CRT, with zoomed display on the left. In addition, the FCV-663 offers fish or bottom alarm, eight basic and phased ranges to 2,000 feet, eight zoom ranges, memory, 150 W output power and, with optional sensor inputs, display of vessel speed, position and water tempera- ture.

The FCV-663 is supplied with a single dual frequency transducer, or an optional four-way transducer in- cluding speed and temperature sen- sors is available.

The FCV-522 is Furuno's newest "big" color video sounder designed for sport as well as commercial fish- ermen. A bright 8-inch high-resolu- tion CRT shows returning echoes in eight colors to a maximum depth of 2,000 feet. Eight basic and phased range scales permit easy viewing of any specific depth of interest, and 10 operating modes let users see var- ious combinations high, low, or mixed frequencies, bottom lock, zoomed ranges, alarms, stored data, navigation information, or on- screen menu of operating parame- ters. In the NAV mode, with appro- priate optional inputs, a full-screen alphanumeric presentation is made of depth, vessel speed, water tem- perature, vessel position in L/L, and alarm status. Also, a graphic plot of temperature may be shown on the lower 35 percent of the CRT.

Standard features include choice of background color, choice of bot- tom, fish or temperature alarm, 150

W output power, eight zoom ranges, depth phasing in 1-foot steps, auto- matic bottom tracking feature, se- lectable display advance rate, single dual-frequency transducer or op- tional four-way unit incorporatng speed/temperature sensors, and

Furuno's newest "big" color video sounder, the FCV-522, is designed for sport as well as commercial fishermen. universal 11-40 VDC power supply drawing less than 45 watts.

For further information and free literature on Furuno's new 6-inch dual-frequency color sounder,

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For free literature containing full information on Furuno's new 8-inch dual-frequency color sounder,

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Navy Awards $3-Miliion SRA Contract

To Pacific Ship Repair

Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrica- tion, Inc., San Diego, Calif., has been awarded a contract by the U.S.

Navy worth $2,950,000 for the Se- lected Restricted Availability of the frigate USS Meyerkord (FF-1058).

Nothing Performs Better

MXCW - 30 - MIL - C - 24640/23

To help ensure the survivability of your ship, you need high reliability cable made with Du Pont KAPTON polyi- mide film and mica MIL-C-24640/19- 24. Cable with KAPT0N and mica is lightweight compact tough and wa- tertight. It provides circuit integrity and is designed for low smoke generation.

No other cable is as seaworthy, be- cause no other cable combines all these critical performance features.

This is the only lightweight compact construction that is waterblocked for use below the water line. Its half the weight and one-third the bulk of MIL-C- 24643, providing improved maneu- verability and ease of installation in tight quarters. And, cable with KAPTON and mica provides circuit integrity to ensure continuous communication and power transmission if the cable is engulfed by fire.


KAPTON with coating of TEFLON1 FEP

Waterblocked conductor

Glass/mica tape x^

White modified polyimide topcoat , % J

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