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International Compactor Offers

High-Performance Trash Compactors —Free Literature Available—

With the world focusing on the clean-up of the atmosphere, rivers and lakes and the implementation/ enforcement of new Annex V-MAR-

POL 73/78 regulations, the mari- time industry now faces a new chal- lenge on how to handle its on-board trash and waste. The MARPOL 73/ 78 regulations prohibit the dis- charge of plastics, including plastic garbage bags, into the navigational waters of the U.S. or EEZ. The regu- lations also prohibit the discharge of certain types of garbage in desig- nated waters.

International Compactor, Inc. (ICI) of Hilton Head Island, S.C., and Houston, Texas, offers a cost- efficient solution to this problem.

Now available is a complete line of

Multi-Pak, all stainless steel marine trash compactors which compact on-board trash into a disposable box or a removable cube. The Multi-Pak machines can compact biodegrada-

ICI's Multi-Pak units are currently used throughout the maritime industry onboard such vessels as cruise ships, steamships, ore/bulk carriers, etc. The MP 60 is the company's most popular model. bles into a leak-proof, disposable, wax-lined box which eliminates the traditional problems of on-board wet waste (edibles excluded). Multi-

Pak machines also bale cardboard, paper, and aluminum cans (subject to resale), and can bag plastics and other waste into plastic bags de- signed for the Multi-Pak equip- ment. The boxes, bags, or bales are set aside until they can be properly disposed of or off-loaded.

The Multi-Pak comes in three sizes (MP 40, MP 60 and MP 80) and in three choices of cabinets. All stainless steel (recommended for marine applications), mild steel, and a combination of the two are available. The compaction chamber, however, is always constructed of stainless steel in all Multi-Pak mod- els.

The MP 60 is the most commonly used Multi-Pak trash compactor by the marine and offshore industries because of its durability, weight and size. It can compact a large volume of trash into one 6.2-cubic-foot dis- posable box or cube. The basic di- mensions of the MP 60 are 76-1/4 inches high, 28-1/4 inches wide and 27-1/4 inches deep with a weight of about 850 pounds.

The unit carries a 10-year warran- ty on its solid-state electrical panel board and limited one-year protec- tion on parts and labor.

The company reports ICI's Multi-

Pak units are currently being used throughout the maritime industry.

Some of the users include cruise ships, steamships, and ore/bulk con- tainer carriers.

For free literature detailing ICI-

Multi-Pak trash compactor systems and accessories for the marine in- dustry,

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ENVISIONS Wins $11-Million Navy Pact

ENVISIONS, Inc., San Diego,

Calif., a naval architect marine engi- neering firm, was recently awarded a $10,993,370 contract by the Navy

Office of Planning and Engineering for Repairs and Alterations for maintenance availability planning work involving some 40 combat sup- port ships homeported on the West

Coast and deployed throughout the









An Everpure brominafion system with filtration is the most reliable and low cost way to provide safe, great tasting water for drinking and cook- ing off shore.

You'll enjoy better disinfection, less maintenance and a longer system life for an ongoing cost of about 2

Ask your marine supplier for details about Everpure bromination, the perfect complement to any water- maker. Or call us at 1-800-323-7873.

We will rush you complete information.

Follow the U.S. Navy. Choose Everpure. ^mm

F\/orm iro Irv Everpure, Inc., Westmont, IL 60559

Operational, maintenance and replacement reauirements are essential for the product to perform as advertised. \W \ * \\v ^ \YV; | \ \ v \ V • A \\ \ \ \v

X X \\ \ \1 \ V \\\\1 n \W A\ \ »V\V \\

Meet Your Maker ..Buy Direct!

Non-Ferrous Bolt & Mfg. Co. has made quality a number one priority and has acceler- ated its programs to encompass some of the most stringent standards in quality assurance. With our MIL-l-45208 certification, mercury free certification, our domestic raw material sources and our LEVEL l/SUBSAFE approval, we feel that our product carries an additional "seal of approval". We will continue to strive tor new and better ways to achieve high quality, good service and reliability our customers depend on.

Non-Ferrous Bolt & Mfg. Co. specializes in producing standard and non-standard fasteners in high temperature and corrosion resistant metals. With 20 years of expe- rience in the fastener industry, we have become one of the nation's foremost producers of domestically manufactured fastener "specials". We are capable of producing hex heads, nuts, sockets, slots, carriage bolts, T-head bolts, square heads, penta heads, special studs and many more styles from over 100 grades of stainless steel and exotic metals. ^^ 76

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