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OSHA Gives Avondale

Its Highest Safety Award

Avondale Industries, Inc. of New

Orleans, La., recently became the first shipbuilding company ever to receive the U.S. Department of La- bor's highest award for healthy and safe working environments.

Known as the "Star" award, the honor is given only to industries which participate in the Voluntary

Protection Program of Labor's Oc- cupational Safety and Health Ad- ministration (OSHA) and have an. extraordinarily low frequency of lost-time accidents.

The award was presented to

Avondale by John A. Pender- grass, Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, during ceremonies at company headquarters. Mr. Pen- dergrass was accompanied by

Zoltan Bagdy, Federal and State

Operations, Voluntary Protection

Program, Washington.

Accepting the award on behalf of

Avondale was Albert L. Bossier

Jr., chairman and chief executive officer, who praised Avondale em- ployees for the dedication to safe work practices.

Mr. Bossier said: "Avondale has become the most productive ship- yard in the country. Our ability to attract new contracts is the result of our competitive pricing and we are able to turn in winning bids because our employees understand the rela- tionship between productivity and safe work practices. Avondale em- ployees have an extra incentive to maintain a safe work place and keep productivity because they own 60 percent of the company's outstand- ing stock."

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Aeroquip Offers New

Cargo Control

Products Bulletin

A new publication from Aeroquip

Corporation, bulletin 5989B, "Aero- quip Cargo Control Products," de- scribes the basic products designed to secure cargo and protect goods in transit—from shoring beams and bars to strap assemblies, buckles and winches.

Featured are new products such as the Aeroquip FE8029-1 Series E spring lock end fitting. This heavy- duty one-piece end fitting has a strength rating of 4500 pounds when attached to Aeroquip FE702 track.

Another new product featured in bulletin 5989B is the FE8040-60

SAF-T-Bar™ cargo restraint for 96- inch and 102-inch trailers. The

SAF-T-BAR cargo restraint fea- tures a quick-set ratchet that allows the inner tube to extend, but won't let it slide back, permitting the bar to be quickly positioned without locking the ratchet. This results in fewer trial and error adjustments to fit the bar in a truck or trailer and eliminates the need to back one end pad away from the wall prior to locking.

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Tradex Marine Equipment

Offers Two New Products

Tradex Marine Equipment Co. of

When the USS SAN JUAN (SSN-751) surfaces in the Arctic... she will have relied in part on a new Precision Trim Angle

Sensor designed and manufactured-by Henschel. With a resolution previously unheard of, the ship control party of

SAN JUAN will maneuver with safety and confidence in the unforgiving environment of the Arctic.

For over 70 years, Henschel has supplied the Navy with dependable equipment. This tradition continues with SSN-751. 70 years of proven performance 9 Hoyt Drive

P.O. Box 30

Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950 U.S.A. (508) 462-2400 Telex: (RCA) 294074

Fax 508-462-4497

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Expert bearing care—from Kingsbury.

You probably know Kingsbury as the leading manufacturer of new marine line shaft bearings and main shaft thrust bearings, with or without housings. After all, Kingsbury is the leading bearing supplier to the U.S. Navy, and has been for over seventy years. Long-lasting, high performance marine bearings are a

Kingsbury trademark.

What you may not have known is that Kingsbury also provides expert bearing repair for any installed marine bearing, regardless of manufacturer. Our craftsmen and field service engineers can work dockside, or at Kingsbury's facilities, depending on the job requirements.

If you need a bearing evaluation or repair, call Kingsbury, where you can get bearing care by bearing experts. Kingsbury, Inc., 10385 Drummond Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154, ,215, 824-4000, FAX 215 824 4999. ^g^^ ^

Denmark recently announced two new products that are now avail- able: an oil/water analyzer, and an automatic lapping machine.

The oil/water analyzer is capable of measuring water content in lubri- cating oil/bunker fuel as well as crude oil cargoes. The analyzer uses highly developed mechanical tech- nology combined with microproces- sor operation to ensure accuracy, measuring from .001 to 1 percent water.

According to the manufacturer, the simple lapping machine that was also announced saves both time and money for overhaul lapping of diesel engine fuel valves. The lap- ping robot machine carried aboard a vessel completes the job quickly and economically, with results guaran- teed.

For more information and free lit- erature on the new oil/water analyz- er and automatic lapping machine from Tradex Marine Equipment


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Trimble Introduces GPS

With Integrated Loran And

Electronic Charts On CDs

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Trimble's new NavGraphic II GPS-Loran.

Trimble Navigation, a leader and innovator in GPS and Loran tech- nology, recently introduced the

NavGraphic II GPS-Loran with op- tional charts.

Similar to the company's classic 10X GPS system, the NavGraphic

II GPS is a dual channel, slow sequencing, high performance re- ceiver. And like its predecessor, the

NavGraphic Loran Track Plotter, the NavGraphic II GPS has a high resolution LCD graphics display, massive computer power, and built- in manual for very easy use; but it is smaller, lighter, and more flexible.

The NavGraphic II is a GPS, is a

Loran, or both. In addition, the

NavGraphic II is a track plotter, an electronic charting system, and can even be part of your stereo system when not in the chart mode.

The charts displayed on the Nav-

Graphic II are actual NOAA charts optically digitized and reproduced on compact discs. The discs are manufactured by Laser Plot, Inc. and carry the label Sea-D®. These discs have all the details found on paper charts, including landmarks and depth indicators. The chart op- tion is comprised of a compact disc reader and one Sea-D® containing approximately 30 chart options of 78 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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