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Whitfield Appointed

Senior Project Engineer,

Electrical At JJH

Hans G. Nilsen, vice president of JJH, Inc., a leading naval engi- neering firm, recently announced the appointment of Robert J.

Whitfield to the position of senior project engineer, electrical, at the company's Cherry Hill, N.J., office.

Mr. Whitfield brings to his new position considerable and varied ex- perience in naval and commercial ship operation, design construction and maintenance.

The cruise ship M.V. Sun Prin- cess of P&O in London was recently lifted and moved on Todd's Syn- crolift for repair work on the propel- ler shaft and rudder as well as other general repair work.

With a length of 535.75 feet and a beam of 74.80 feet, the Sun Princess is the heaviest passenger vessel lifted so far with Todd's Syncrolift in Los Angeles. The Syncrolift is 655 feet long, has a 105-foot beam and is certified to hoist ships having a light ship displacement of up to 15,000 long tons. The lift consists of 55 beams, and each beam is able to support and lift a total of 480 tons.

Prelube/Postlube Systems

Offered By Kim Hotstart

Keeping critical engine parts cool and preventing engine wear are ben- efits offered by the prelube/post- lube systems now available from

Kim Hotstart.

As pre-heaters that also lube, these systems go a step beyond the standard mechanical or automatic prelube devices on most engines.

Instead of lubing for just a few sec- onds or minutes prior to starting,

Kim Hotstart systems have the abil- ity to continually prelube by circu- lating warm oil to the bearings, tur- bos and other critical areas. After the engine stops, postlubing "cools down" heated surfaces gradually.

By reducing engine wear, times can be extended between overhauls. "Not only can you save time and money that way, but you'll save on labor by not having to send out mechanics to start the system 15 to 20 minutes early," explained Bill

Harnish, industrial sales manager for Kim Hotstart Manufacturing


The ready-to-install modular sys- tems are mounted on a steel base plate. Each comes complete with

After shifting the ship off the lift, two or more vessels (depending on overall length) can be stored in the two workbays where all the repair work will be performed.

The M.V. Sun Princess left the yard as the Star/Ship Majestic, now owned by Premier Cruise Line.

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Shown is a Kim Hotstart prelube/postlube system in an industrial engine application.

The system keeps critical engine parts cool or warm and prevents engine wear. heater, pump, flow control and a temperature control. All electrical complies with the national electric code, CSA standards for hazardous and wet locations, and U.S. Coast

Guard standards for offshore drill- ing rigs and shipboard use.

At the recommended wattages, ranging from 1,500 to 24,000, the

Kim Hotstart systems will raise or hold up to 2,500 gallons of oil at 100 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient temperature, exclusive of wind chill.

For more information and free lit- erature on prelube/postlube sys- tems available from Kim Hotstart,

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You can rely on the NORPOL safety release hook!

This new product is based on revolutionary design principles which involve a total departure from conventional concepts of hook shape.

The NORPOL safety release hook is designed to be simple and safe to use. It consists of male and female parts which separate instantly when the release button is pressed - provided the load is under 100 kg. This eliminates the dan ger of premature hook release...

The NORPOL safety release hook is unique in being the only model on the market approved to

SOLAS 83 specifications worldwide.

Want to find out more about the NORPOL safety release hook? Just complete and return the coupon to the adress below and you will be contacted immediately: Schat-Marine Safety,

Corp., P.O. Box 465, Foot of Industrial Road,

Farmingdale, New Jersey 07727, U.S.A. or

NORPOL Technic A/S, Odinsvej 1, DK-7200

Grindsted, Denmark. 1

More and more ships require the safety which only the

NORPOL release hook provides


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Schat-MarineSafety Corp. f

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New Jersey 07727, U.S.A.

The M.V. Sun Princess on the transfer cradle, in the process of being moved onto Land

Level Workbay No. 1 for repairs.

Drydocking At Todd Los Angeles

Sets Record For Heaviest Lift

On Yard's Syncrolift System —Literature Available— 80

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