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SeaEscape, one of Florida's lead- ers in one-day cruising, chose Wart- sila Diesel to supply three diesel generating sets to repower one of its cruise ships.

The cruise vessel M/V Scandinav- ian Sun cruises daily between

Miami and Freeport in the Baha- mas. The original power plant for this vessel consisted of three gener- ating sets of 1,180 bhp each. In July 1988, one of these existing generat- ing sets was replaced with a Wartsi- la Vasa 6R22 with an output of 1,180 bhp at a speed of 900 rpm.

The refitting work was completed in a fixed time period by Wartsila Die- sel personnel without taking the

NMHS Offers Literature

On Emergency Medical/

Trauma Consultation

National Marine Health Systems (NMHS) of Baltimore, Md., pro- vides emergency medical/advanced life support consultation to individ- uals on land, sea or air through a network of leading university trau- ma centers.

When you are hundreds of miles out at sea and a passenger or crew- man becomes injured or ill, there are not too many alternatives. The ship can return to port, call the Coast

Guard for assistance or, should it be a cruise ship, hope the ship's doctor can treat the patient.

National Marine Health Systems is a nationwide network of some of the best university level one and lev- el two trauma centers and other spe- cialty care facilities. It provides comprehensive consultation in less than two minutes from initial con- tact anywhere in the world. NMHS is complemented by a global system of select hospitals, designated to receive ill and injured patients.

Transport of the patient is accom- plished through an international medical transportation network (government, public and private sectors), coordinated through Na- tional Marine Health Systems.

June, 1989 vessel out of service. The other two engines will be installed at approxi- mately one-year intervals.

The selection of diesel generating sets for this repowering project was based on good overall economy of the Wartsila Vasa engines, includ- ing low fuel oil and low lube oil and spare parts consumption. Another important factor was the capability of the Wartsila Vasa engines to cope with any type of fuel on the market, from diesel oil to the lowest grade heavy fuels.

For free literature giving full in- formation on Wartsila Diesel en- gines,

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NMHS is reportedly the largest emergency medical/trauma consul- tation system in the world.

Through its central communica- tions and switching center in Balti- more, National Marine places the caller directly online with the physi- cian in less than two minutes of con- tact. Consultation is done in almost any spoken language (interpreters are also available to participate in the incident in less than two min- utes). There are a multitude of ways to communicate whether you are at sea, on land or in the air, from any- where in the world.

NMHS has lent assistance to sea- men of Yugoslavia, Ecuador and other countries. It served as a re- source for those in the wake of Hur- ricane Gilbert; was placed on alert for the crews it the Yellowstone fire, and for other recent maritime trage- dies. In the near future, travelers from the U.S. will be able to access

NMHS from their cruise ship or their foreign hotel room. National

Marine will provide immediate con- sultation that will address the needs of those suffering minor injuries and illnesses, as well as the most serious multi-system trauma.

For further information and free literature on National Marine

Health Systems,

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Jonathan Corporation

Names Moore Manager,

Advanced Systems

Richard C. Moore has joined

The Jonathan Corporation as man- ager of advanced systems within the engineering department. He is re- sponsible for the technical planning, development and implementation of CAD/CAM and other computer software products used internally by Jonathan and marketed by its

UNICAD subsidiary.

Mr. Moore was at Newport News

Shipbuilding for 22 years and most recently held the position of pro- gram manager for CAD/CAM ad- vanced technology.

SeaEscape's cruise vessel M/V Scandinavian Sun has been repowered with a six-cylin- der Wartsila Vasa 22 engine.

Wartsila Diesel Repowering

SeaEscape's Cruise Vessel

M/V Scandinavian Sun






Only the hose goes into tank to vacuum liquids at rate of 10-15 gpm at suction lifts up to 70 or more. pump it dry!


Ideal for pumping bilges—stripping ballast, etc. Peripheral jet design handles liquids, solids, air. 2V2" to 6" sizes available.


Handy auxiliary pump for regular or emergency pumping of liquids from ballast, bilge, cargo spaces and tanks.

Just attach hose from fire main and lower eductor into space to pump large quantities of liquid quickly and easily.

VITA MOTIVATOR CO. INC. 99 W. HAWTHORNE AVE., SUITE 622, VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. 115801 516-568-8830 • FAX 516-568-8840 • TELEX 226000ETLXUR • MANUF. AGENCY, HOUSTON. TX 77092 (713) 460-2700 k • BARRETT EQUIPMENT CO., SEATTLE, WA 96103 (206) 634-1776 k • KINGS POINT MACHINERY. OAKLAND. CA 94621 (415) 638-2712 ^ NORWAY: F. 2IMMER: 02-55-66-48 ENGLAND FERGUSON 4 TIMPS0N: 593-7611 ^^ HOLLAND: BUREAU INSPECTOR: 434-81 88 SINGAPORE: KENS0N ENT : 296 6055

Circle 333 on Reader Service Card *lll DESIGNERS & CHECKERS

Avondale Industries, Inc., a major employer in the metropolitan New

Orleans area and one of the nation's largest shipbuilding/repair and modular construction facilities, currently has a substantial backlog.

Immediate openings exist for experienced marine Engineers,

Designers, and Checkers in the following functional areas: * ELECTRICAL (esp. Power/Lighting & Interior Communications) * MECHANICAL "HULL * OUTFITTING

A minimum of five years marine experience in one of the above disciplines is necessary for all positions. If you wish to build a future with a leader in the industry—a respected company that offers an excellent salary/benefits package—send your resume, including salary history and requirements and daytime phone number to: Professional Employment

All resumes handled in the striclesi confidence

Principals only, please.


Shipyards Division i-r s^^"

P O. Box 50280, New Orleans. LA 70150-0280

Avondale Industries, Inc. Is an equal opportunity employer MjF/H/V 113

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