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Phillips Cartner Elects

Principals And Adds

New Staff Members

At the annual board of directors meeting of Phillips Cartner & Co.,

Inc., Alexandria, Va., Dr. John A.

Cartner was reelected chairman,

Robert W. Urban was elected di- rector, managing principal and chief executive officer, and John A. Ku- persmith was elected director and principal in charge of engineering.

Mr. Urban also recently an- nounced the addition of several new staff members.

Lester J. Sonnenmark, engi- neering services department man- ager in the Services Division in

Alexandria, will be responsible for engineering services contracts held by the firm in the Services Division.

Mr. Sonnenmark was previously with Giannotti Associates of Texas.

Thomas F. McCaffery, analyt- ic services department manager in the Services Division in Alexandria, will be responsible for analytic ser- vices contracts held by the firm in the Services Division. Mr. McCaf- fery was previously with RCI, Inc. of Vienna, Va.

June F. Gotowicki, administra-


Safety Treads & Safety Surfaces

WOOSTER PRODUCTS INC. manufactures the complete line of Anti-slip Safety Products for ships' ladders, decks, ramps, showers, galleys, gangways, passageways.

For engineering assistance, quotation, information, call: Toll Free (800) 321-4936, In Ohio (216) 264-2844


Safety Resurfacer anti-slip coating no solvents colors available interior, exterior use no primer required

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Walkway Compound,


TYPE 100

Deck Plate durable anti-slip surface variable sizes cast aluminum, iron, bronze or nickle interior or exterior use ready to install m Meets: FS RR-T-650C Comp. C,D.

Treads, Metallic and Non-metallic, Skid Resistant

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Ladder Tread anti-slip reversible durable variable sizes aluminum, iron, bronze or nickle



RR-T-650 class iffppsaslx^ ; iiW-4 mfL


Safety Surface stick-down ready to use rolls or cleats anti-slip inexpensive quick use

Meets: MIL-D-17591C (Ships)

MIL-W-5044C, Type IV


Safety Paint fast installation inexpensive integral grit interior, exterior use anti-slip

W7 WOOSTER PRODUCTS INC. 1000 Spruce Street, P.O. Box 896 Wooster, Ohio 44691

In Ohio. Phone Collect: (216)264-2844

FAX (216) 262-4151 Outside Ohio, Call Toll Free: 800-321-4936 tion department manager in the

Corporate Division in Alexandria, will be responsible for the firm's internal administrative matters.

Ms. Gotowicki was previously a commissioned officer in the U.S.


Frank D. Marcinkowski, principal engineer in the Services

Division in Alexandria, will be re- sponsible for environmental engi- neering in the engineering services department in Alexandria. Mr.

Marcinkowski came to the firm from the U.S. Department of the


Phillips Cartner & Co., Inc. is a marine and naval engineering and manufacturing firm with operations in North America, Europe and


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American Marine

Completes Refurbishment

Of Bulk Cement Carrier

Circle 308 on Reader Service Card 20

The self-unloading bulk cement carrier after it was enlarged and modernized by Ameri- can Marine Corporation.

American Marine Corporation of

New Orleans, La., recently com- pleted the enlargement and mod- ernization of a self-unloading bulk cement carrier for Lehigh Portland

Cement Company of Allentown,


The refurbishment included cut- ting the vessel in half while on dry- dock, translating the two sections apart and installing a prefabricated midbody section lengthening the vessel to a total length of 282 feet.

The existing cargo deck was com- pletely cut off, removed, sent to the shipyard's fabrication shop, struc- turally reinforced and raised 3 feet.

The retrofit increased the cargo ca- pacity 46 percent to 3,800 tons.

According to Peter Durant,

American Marine Corporation's president, the midbody module was designed, prefabricated and ready for installation prior to the vessel's arrival which enabled a fast delivery and quick turnaround for the barge's normal northeastern area of operation.

Additionally, a screw-type con- veyor with pneumatic air slides was installed to enable the vessel to self- unload.

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Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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Treads, Compound-Filled for Inclined Ladders

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NAVSEA Designed for all types

Ship Ladders

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