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ZERO to 60 in 350 milliseconds

Response time and range.

Those are just two of the reasons that EH wind mea- surement systems are selected routinely for critical military and commercial appli- cations.

Combat tank fire control systems, for example. EH crosswind and omni- directional vehicle-mounted probes are virtually unaffected by severe weather conditions such as ice and snow. And since there are no mov- ing parts, maintenance is seldom required. Over ten thousand tanks have been equipped with

EH probes!

Our commercial Digi- tal and Analog Meteorologi- cal Systems are recommended for airport, weather station, and container ship applications where de- pendable operation and long life are equired. Wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, and pressure are all displayed on a rack-mounted signal condi- tioning unit.

EH is the leader in wind measure- ment. Call or write today for com- plete information.


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