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US Navy Fleet (continued)

Built by Ingalls Shipbuilding

USS Canopus (AS-34)

Hunley Class (AS-31)

Displacement: 19,000 tons; Length: 599 feet: Beam: 83 feet: Power Plant: Diesel electric and one shaft.

Built by Newport News Shipbuilding

USS Hunley (AS-31)

Built by Ingalls Shipbuilding

USS Holland (AS-32)

Fulton Class (AS-11)

Displacement: 16,230 tons; Length: 530-1/ 2 feet; Beam: 73 feet; Power Plant: N/A.

Built by Mare Island Naval Yard

USS Fulton (AS-11)

Built by Moore Shipbuilding & Drydock

USS Orion (AS-18)

Proteus Class (AS-19)

Displacement: 19,200 tons; Length: 575 feet; Beam: 73 feet; Power Plant: N/A.

Built by Moore Shipbuilding & Drydock

USS Proteus (AS-19)


T-5 Replacement Class

Displacement: 39,000 tons; Length: 615 feet; Beam: 90 feet; Power Plant: Diesel engine and one shaft.

Built by American Shipbuilding

MV Gus M. Darnell

MV Paul Buck

MV Samuel L. Cobb

MV Richard G. Matthiesen

MV Lawrence H. Gianella

Falcon Leader Class

Displacement: 42,514 tons; Length: 668 feet; Beam: 84 feet; Power Plant: Two tur- bocharged diesel engines and one shaft.

Built by Bath Iron Works

MV Falcon Leader4

MV Falcon Champion

Sealift Class

Displacement: 34,100 tons; Length: 587 feet; Beam: 84 feet; Power Plant: Two tur- bocharged diesel and one shaft.

Built by Todd Shipyards

USNS Sealift Pacific (T-AOT-168)

USNS Sealift Arabian Sea (T-AOT-169)

USNS Sealift China Sea (T-AOT-170)

USNS Sealift Indian Ocean (T-AOT-171)

Built by Bath Iron Works

USNS Sealift Atlantic (T-AOT-172)

USNS Sealift Mediterranean (T-AOT-173)

USNS Sealift Caribbean (T-AOT-174)

USNS Sealift Arctic (T-AOT-175)

USNS Sealift Antarctic (T-AOT-176)

Patriot Class

Displacement: 44,150 tons; Length: 711 feet; Beam: 84 feet; Power Plant: Two tur- bocharged diesel engines and one shaft.

Built by Todd Shipyards

MV Ranger4

MV Rover4

MV Courier4

MV Patriot4


Newport Class (LST-1179)

Displacement: 8,450 tons; Length: 522 feet;

Beam: 69 feet; Power Plant: Six diesels and two shafts.

Built by Philadelphia Naval Yard

USS Newport (LST-1179)

USS Manitowac (LST-1183)

USS Frederick (LST-1184)

USS Schenectady (LST-1185)

USS Cayuga (LST-1186)

USS Tuscaloosa (LST-1187)

USS Saginaw (LST-1188)

USS San Bernadino (LST-1189)

USS Boulder City (LST-1190)-NRF

USS Racyne (LST-119D-NRF

USS Spartanburg County (LST-1192)

USS Fairfax County (LST-1193)

USS LaMoure County (LST-1194)

USS Barbour County (LST-1195)

USS Harlan County (LST-1196)

USS Barnstable County (LST-1197)

USS Bristol County (LST-U98)



The ships of the National Oceanic and

Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) fleet are the vessels which serve the needs of the

Department of Commerce and the nation.

They operate off the Atlantic and Pacific

Coasts, in the Gulfs of Mexico and Alaska, and in the Great Lakes.

The duties assigned to the ships range from service with the National Ocean Sur- vey's (NOS) nautical charting program to scientific endeavors of the National Marine

Fisheries Service or research activities of the Environmental Research Laboratories.


Displacement: 360 tons; Gross tonnage: 349 tons; Length: 133 feet; Beam: 32 feet;

Propulsion Plant: Two 375-hp Caterpillar geared diesel engines and two fixed-pitch propellers; Auxiliary propulsion: Through- hull GE 100-hp bowthruster.

Footnotes: (l)Originally designed and outfit- ted for hydrographic survey operations.

McArthur is now assigned to operations involving circulatory studies; (2)Converted from U.S. Army. Powered barge built by

Maritime Builders.

Built by Zigler Shipyards

Ferrel (S-492)



Displacement: 1,920 tons; Gross tonnage: 1,515 tons; Length: 215 feet; Beam: 42 feet; Propulsion Plant: One 2,200-hp GM geared diesel engine and one Bird-Johnson

CP propeller.

Built by American Shipbuilding

Miller Freeman (S-223) "Oregon II Class"

Displacement: 952 tons; Gross tonnage: 703 tons; Length: 170 feet; Beam: 34 feet;

Propulsion Plant: Two 800-hp Fairbanks

Morse geared diesel engines and one Bird-

Johnson CP propeller.

Built by Ingalls Shipbuilding

Oregon II (S-332) "Albatross IV Class"

Displacement: 1,089 tons; Gross tonnage: 931 tons; Length: 187 feet; Propulsion

Plant: Two 565-hp Caterpillar geared diesel engines and one Liaaen CP propeller with

Kort nozzle.

Built by Southern Shipbuilding

Albatross IV (R-342) 64 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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