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USS Cowpens Launched

At BIW for U.S. Navy

Bath Iron Works recently launched the guided missile cruiser

USS Cowpens (CG-63) for the U.S.

Navy at ceremonies in Bath,


Senator Strom Thurmond, R-

S.C., was the principal speaker at the ceremony. Lucy Mustin, wife of Vice Admiral Henry C. Mustin,

U.S. Navy (Ret.), was the sponsor of the ship.

The USS Cowpens is a Ticonde- roga Class (CG-47) cruiser built to provide the primary antiair warfare protection for the Navy's battle forces. Equipped with the Aegis combat system, the ship will be able to operate in all warfare mission areas to detect, track and destroy enemy aircraft, missiles, submarines and surface ships. The Aegis sys- tem, comprising radars, computers and weapons, is designed to func- tion effectively in all weather and hostile countermeasure environ- ments.

The USS Cowpens is 567 feet in length, has a 55-foot beam and will displace approximately 9,600 tons upon completion. Four GE gas tur- bine engines will enable the ship to reach speeds in excess of 30 knots.

The ship will be equipped to carry standard surface-to-air and Toma- hawk missiles launched from fore and aft vertical launching systems; the fully automated, radar-con- trolled Phalanx anti-air weapon sys- tem; Harpoon surface-to-surface missiles; two five-inch guns; elec- tronic warfare systems and two

Light Airborne Multi-Purpose Sys- tem (LAMPS) helicopters.

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Uses for Warvel custom molded and curved plywood components are limitless. Especially for the curved designs of modern interiors.

Look: No sharp corners. Curved structural and load-bearing components in an endless array of shapes, diameters and lengths. Unfinished cabinet doors, end caps and countertops. Even decorative components for seating, tables and trim.

For over 40 years, our veneers have come from the highest quality hardwoods, including teak.

For new construction, retrofits, refurnishing and refurbishing, let your imagination run free. With curved, molded plywood components from Warvel.

For more information, call 414/855-2194, or fax 414/855-2914. .(FFMSiailE. 160 Park Street RO. Box 290 Gillett.WI 54124 © 1989 Warvel Products, Inc.

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High performance marine drives designed for use in the AOE-6 class fleet support ship have the largest surface hardened and preci- sion ground gear of any surface ship in the fleet. Surface hardening creates higher power density—HPD. Compared with con- ventional through hardened gears, HPD precison ground gears are lighter in weight, more reliable and produce low noise signa- tures while providing higher specific loading and greater accuracy. At 3.5 meters the

AOE-6 HPD gears have 120% more torque capability than any other surface ship in the

U.S. Navy.

The AOE-6 drive system, designed to handle four LM2500 gas turbines, features the first reversing reduction gears aboard a

U.S. Navy surface ship this size. Reversing reduction gears allow the Navy to take ad- vantage of the higher efficiency provided by fixed pitch propellers.

The design objectives of the AOE-6 drive system are consistent with the U.S. Navy's goal of improving the fleet. Future programs can take advantage of this fully developed design, particularly in regard to time and cost.

Epicyclic and parallel shaft drive systems using our high performance gears are in daily use throughout the world, above and below the ocean surfaces.

For more information about high perform- ance gears, just ask...

Cincinnati Gear 5657 Wooster Pike

Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 513/271-7700 FAX 513/271-6793

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CDI Marine Assigns

Wantage As Manager

Of Bath, Maine, Office

CDI Marine Company of Jack- sonville, Fla., recently announced the assignment of Donald R.

Wantage as manager of the com- pany's Bath, Maine, Office.

Mr. Wantage has over 30 years' experience in naval shipbuilding and nuclear power generation gained at Newport News Shipbuild- ing and Westinghouse Electric Cor- poration. While at Newport News he participated in developing both contract and detail designs for

HVAC systems for CVs, CVNs,

SSNs and SSBNs. As a design group supervisor at Westinghouse Off- shore Power Systems he was respon- sible for the design of HVAC and refrigeration systems for a series of floating nuclear plants. Prior to joining CDI Marine Company, he was a project manager for PAI, Inc., where he was responsible for the development of detail technical specifications for various naval fa- cilities.

Baldwin Reappointed

Vice Admiral; Assigned

President Of NDU

Secretary of Defense Dick

Cheney has announced that Presi- dent George Bush has nominated

Vice Admiral John A. Baldwin,

Jr. U.S. Navy, for reappointment to the grade of vice admiral and assign- ment as president, National De- fense University. Vice Admiral

Baldwin is presently serving as Di- rector, J-5, the Joint Staff.

Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

Navy Awards $5.5-Million Contract

To Ingalls Shipbuilding

Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation,

Pascagoula, Miss., was awarded a $5,534,706 cost-plus-award-fee con- tract for long lead material for ship alteration kits for DD-963 and FFG- 7 class ships. The work is expected to be completed by May 10, 1991.

The contract was awarded by the

Naval Sea Systems Command,

Washington, D.C. (N00024-89-C- 4108).




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