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KAPTON with coating of TEFLON8 FEP MXCW - 30 - MIL - C - 24640/23

National Waterways Conference

To Hold Annual Meeting In St. Louis

Event Set For September 20-22, 1989

The National Waterway Confer- ence's 1989 Annual Meeting will be held on September 20-22, 1989 at the Adam's Mark Hotel in St. Louis,

Mo. Over the years, NWC annual meetings have gained wide recogni- tion as timely, provocative programs featuring knowledgeable, articulate participants. The meetings serve as an invaluable rallying vehicle for coordinated action on waterways policy. Typically, more than 25 speakers, panelists and moderators are involved. Speakers have in- cluded Cabinet officials, Governors,

Senators, Congressmen, industry leaders and others.

In addition to the keynote speak- ers, the 1989 Annual Meeting will include as many as six panel discus- sions and numerous opportunities for participants to develop impor- tant business contacts. Some 550 business, civic, and waterways exec- utives attended the 1988 Annual

Meeting in Nashville, Tenn.

For further information on the meeting, contact: Harry N. Cook,

Robert L. Freedman, or Donna

J. Greenaway, at the National

Waterways Conference, Inc., 1130 17th Street, Northwest, Washing- ton, D.C. 20036; telephone: (202) 296-4415.



New Revolutionary River Radar

System Launched By Kelvin Hughes —Free Literature Available—

Nothing Performs Better

Kelvin Hughes Ltd. of England has launched a new revolutionary

River Radar system, the RSR 1000, that has been designed to meet the rigorous standards of the new Rhine

River Radar specification.

The RSR 1000 consists of only two compact units, a display and an aerial/transceiver, connected by a single cable. It can easily be fitted to a wide variety of vessels required to navigate in rivers and congested wa- terways.

The 20-inch display unit uses a technique that is unique to river radar applications to provide the close-range echo discrimination, called for in the new Rhine River specification, on a continuous bright 150% view ahead picture. The aer- ial/transceiver consists of a 2.4-me- ter antenna, 5-kw transmitter and wide-band width receiver combined in a lightweight unit which can be mounted up to 30 meters from the display.

General Electric Grants 'Quality-Award' To MWH

General Electric recently pre- sented supplier Markisches Werk

Halver (MWH) its 'Quality-Award' for not having had a single failure within 10 years. This award signifies that General Electric will rely sole- lyon MWH's quality control in the future and will not undertake its own "goods-in" quality inspection.

The award is important for MWH because out of 1,500 suppliers only 100 have been awarded with this distinction, and of these only three were European companies.

For many years quality and reli- ability have been the main charac- teristics of MWH's products. This means long service life, little main- tenance, and consequently in- creased economy for the customers.

MWH can offer a wide range of products which covers valve spin- dles, valve cages, valve rotators, complete valve assemblies and ac- cessories.

For more information and free lit- erature,

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To help ensure the survivability of your ship, you need high reliability cable made with Du Pont KAPTON " polyi- mide film and mica, MIL-C-24640/19- 24. Cable with KAPTON and mica is lightweight compact, tough and wa- tertight. It provides circuit integrity and is designed for low smoke generation.

No other cable is as seaworthy, be- cause no other cable combines all these critical performance features.

This is the only lightweight, compact construction that is waterblocked for use below the water line. It's half the weight and one-third the bulk of MIL-C- 24643, providing improved maneu- verability and ease of installation in tight quarters. And, cable with KAPTON and mica provides circuit integrity to ensure continuous communication and power transmission if the cable is engulfed by fire.

Waterblocked conductor

Glass/mica tape

White modified polyimide topcoat

To find out how cable with KAPTON and mica, MIL-C-24640/19-24, can im- prove the critical performance of your ships, write to us for our free brochure:

Du Pont Company, Shipboard Cable,

Room G-51549-MR, P.O. Box 80029,

Wilmington, DE 19880-0029.

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Kelvin Hughes Ltd. RSR 1000 River Radar display unit.

For free literature giving com- plete information on the RSR 1000

River Radar system from Kelvin


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