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Selecting the appropriate propul- sion or auxiliary power system for a vessel is one of the most difficult and important tasks facing the naval architect, marine engineer and vessel owner. With so many marine diesel engines on the market—low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed units; two-stroke and four-stroke cycle designs; cross-head- and trunk-piston types; loop-scavenged styles; and conventional and opposed-piston machines—the editors of MARI-

TIME REPORTER asked the ma- jor makers of marine diesel engines to provide information on their lat- est developments and advance- ments in the propulsion and auxil- iary power field.

Free product literature is avail- able from the manufacturers in- cluded in this review. To obtain copies of brochures and technical literature from the companies, cir- cle the appropriate Reader Service

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Caterpillar Inc., a multinational company headquartered in Peoria, 111., recently announced it has adopted two new trademarks. These marks will identify the corporation and its products and services by the two words associated with the com- pany throughout the world—Cater- pillar and Cat.

The new marks capitalize on the traditional Caterpillar and Cat names by adding a stylized triangle design incorporated into the first "A" in each word.

The "CAT" mark will be the main identifier for products and services and the dealers who sell and support them. The "CATERPILLAR" mark will identify the company, its sub- sidiaries, its products and services, and will double as the official corpo- rate signature.

Caterpillar offers the 3600 Engine

Family of four-cycle engines, which has a bore of 280 mm and a stroke of 300 mm. The 3600 Family, with an engine speed range of 720 to 1,000 rpm, has four members: in-line six- and eight-cylinder versions, a V-12 and a 4,500-kw continuous-rated V- 16.

After 10 years of development and over three years and 500,000 operating hours, the 3600 Family is a proven performer. Customers throughout the world are respond- ing favorably.

Caterpillar designed the 3600 for efficient heavy fuel operation.

Heavy fuel units are operating in the Great Lakes, Canary Islands,

Belgium and Brazil. The first oceangoing containership to benefit from Cat 3600 heavy fuel auxiliaries was repowered last year.

Excellent fuel consumption is achieved by using a high-pressure unit injector combined with effi- cient turbocharging of the laborato- ry-developed combustion system.

As a result, Caterpillar will guaran- tee specific fuel consumption de- pendent on fuel specifications.

A worldwide network of more than 200 dealers support Caterpillar marine propulsion systems with parts and service locations in more than 140 countries.


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Superior® 2400 Series diesel en- gines from Cooper Industries' Ener- gy Services Group are designed and built for electrical power generation and mechanical drive needs. They provide dependable, low-cost power in the 1,000- to 3,500-kw range at continuous rated speeds from 720 to 1,200 rpm.

The four-stroke cycle engines are offered in six- and eight-cylinder in- line, and 12- and 16-cylinder V con- figurations with BMEP ratings from 242 psi for prime duty to 323 psi for standby service.

The 2400 Series engines are man- ufactured by Ajax-Superior under license from Mitsubishi Heavy In- dustries Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, a world leader in the design and de- velopment of industrial diesel en- gines. Ajax-Superior is part of Co- oper Industries' Energy Services

Group, known worldwide as a leader in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty power and compression equipment.


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Last year, Cummins Engine Com- pany, Inc., Columbus, Ind., an- nounced an agreement with Hawk- er-Siddeley and Onan whereby

Cummins assumed responsibility for the Onan L Series diesel engines.

Under the agreement, which cov- ered only the L Series diesel en- gines, the engine was designated the

Cummins A Series.

The addition of the A Series ena- bled Cummins to offer diesel power for a wide variety of applications from 41 to 9,000 hp.

The Cummins A Series engine family, which opened up a number of new markets for the company, consists of three, four and six-cylin- der naturally aspirated models, as well as a six-cylinder turbocharged model. These engines, which are smaller than the Cummins B Series, offer a wide power range of 41 to 120 hp at 3,600 rpm (compared to the B

Series automotive rating of 105 to 186 hp at 2,800 rpm). The A is designed as an in-line, four-stroke, water-cooled engine and employs an indirect injection system. It can be used in generator set, marine auxil- iary propulsion and small industrial equipment applications.

Headlining company news during the past year was the installation of

Cummins engines aboard the world's largest crewboat, the 160- foot Norman McCall, built by Gulf

Craft, Inc., Patterson, La. The ves- sel is fitted with six Cummins

KTA19-M marine diesels, develop- ing a total of 4,080 hp.

The propulsion package was sup- plied by Cummins Mid-South, New

Orleans, La., who also supplied a

Cummins Lube Oil blender. This device, designed to eliminate hard- to-dispose-of dirty lube oil, traps impurities from the oil and mixes the clean oil with fuel and returns this mixture to the fuel tanks to be burned.

Other notable Cummins installa- tions include a new 47-passenger excursion boat operating in Hawaii, which was fitted with twin 6BTA5.9-M marine diesels, and a double-ended ferry, which is pow- ered by twin Cummins NTA-855 engines developing 380 hp each at 1,800 rpm, operating in Mobile Bay,



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Detroit Diesel Corporation re- cently introduced three new genera- tion high-speed engines for the pas- senger boat, pleasure craft and ma- rine market—the 16V-149TI, 6- 71TI and 3000 Series.

The 16V-149TI is a 16-cylinder, 149-cubic-inch-per-cylinder engine capable of producing 2,200 bhp at 2,100 rpm.

The 149 engine was first intro- duced in 1967. Over 15,000 Series 149 engines are in service in genera- tor sets, and marine and other appli- cations.

The engine is designed with a twin-section, wet-linered cylinder block, two-piece overhead camshaft, a unit fuel-injection system, individ- ual cylinder heads, iron crosshead pistons, crankcase access plates, a two-piece crankshaft and quad water-cooled exhaust manifolds and turbochargers.

The new 6-71 is a six-cylinder, 71- cubic-inch-per-cylinder engine available in ratings of 485 bhp at 2,500 rpm and 450 bhp at 2,500 rpm.

Introduced in 1938, the new re- engineered marine 6-71 engine in- corporates design input from De- troit Diesel distributors servicing the marine industry. The marinized engine consists of over 80 newly designed components with a total investment of $800,000.

The turbocharged and inter- cooled engine is designed to be com- pact, and features a high capacity 24-plate oil cooler, water-cooled ex- haust system, a maxi-bypass blower, a new cooling system, crankcase breather collection system, a unit fuel injection system and engine controls, and low-speed perform- ance enhancements.

The 3000 Series marine engine represents the first product offered from the joint collaboration be- tween Detroit Diesel Corporation and Perkins Engine Company, Ltd.

The 3000 Series is a pre-production marine engine which will be avail- able in limited quantities beginning this fall.

The 3000 Series is a direct injec- tion, four-cycle, eight-cylinder Vee configuration engine and is rated at 800 bhp at 2,400 rpm. The engine fits into the Detroit Diesel marine engine line-up, thus strengthening

DDC's marine engine offering.

Turbocharged and intercooled, the engine has a freshwater heat exchanger, freshwater cooled ex- haust manifolds and seawater charge cooling. Oil is freshwater cooled and the engine's filters are "spin-on" for ease of maintenance.


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Deutz MWM—this name com- prises not only medium and big engines with powers up to 7,250 kw (9,860 hp) for ship propulsion appli- cation, but also compact high-speed engines for fast craft from around 20 to 1,940 kw (27 to 2,638 hp). Accord- ingly, the company is successfully represented worldwide in the high- speed vessel market.

The following examples of recent commissionings of custom yachts give an idea of what a wide field is covered with Deutz MWM engines in this area.

Last year, the Benetti shipyard (Azimut Group) delivered the 148- foot-long yacht Sea Sedan. Equip- ped with two Deutz MWM 12-cylin- der 604B series engines, she has a cruising speed of some 16 knots.

The engines are designed for a max- imum power output of 1,460 kw (1,986 hp) at a speed of 1,800 rpm.

Board electricity is supplied by two gensets with six-cylinder Deutz

MWM 226 series engines.

The latest creation from Code- casa shipyard in Viareggio, the Iliki

III, represents one of the yard's 18 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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