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Diesel Power Review (continued)


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In recent years, Krupp MaK Mo- torenbau of West Germany has car- ried out a great deal of intensive research, design and development work in an effort to provide the best possible product for the changing marine market.

As a result of this effort, Krupp

MaK has developed new combus- tion chamber shapes and injection processes for better trouble-free combustion of heavy fuels.

One of the firm's newest heavy- fuel units is the M453C, which boosts low fuel consumption—a specific fuel consumption of 178 g/ kwh, corresponding to 131 g/psh.

The M 453 C has a continuous pow- er of 365 kw per cylinder (500 hp per cylinder). The company reports that the engine features an excellent ra- tio of maximum to mean piston pressure, but a moderate, and there- fore operational safe, value. Addi- tionally, the moderate engine load permits a very favorable compres- sion. The engine runs very clean at low loads, partially as the result of high injection energy.

Krupp MaK has reorganized its engine range based on the very suc- cessful development of the M 453 C engine. The result is the C Series range. The C Series has a power range from 1,630 hp to 13,460 hp.

The relatively long piston strokes of the MaK engines permit quiet running with high mechanical effi- ciency. The cylinder air exchange is more effective as with a short stroke engine. The engines are built for a low thermal load, in order to be suit- able for heavy fuel oil operation. :i.EETS FIND FIX ro MARPOL-VNIX . femirerofmar- gpd "Jf^sea Legs" des-S ro wimh -Heavy Seas" D°°r stop to be ship' ssgss; - • thesecompactorstave^n^ lodging busmanys these X ships- shore oUngsartfc

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HUNDREDS IN USE! ' Jarrah Hull #610 Master R. Hal Dean USCG Tahoma ' Diane Hull #611 SS Ultrasea USCG Esacanaba ' Overseas Joyce Hull #618 SS Rotterdam USCG Cutter Hull ' Garden Green Overseas Alaska SS Westerdam USCG Bear ' Vesta Overseas Arctic Kittanning USCG Harriet Lane ' Argus Traveler Overseas Chicago SS Kenai USCG Northwind

Northern Lion Overseas Marilyn MV Michael Lemos USS Enterprise ' Allegre Overseas Washington S/T Charleston USS Inchon ' Northern Light M/T Venus V S/T American Heritage US Navy Indianhead MD ' Ravenna M/T Vesta M/V Philadelphia USS Henry B. Wilson ' Enterprise M/V Elaine M/V Baltimore USS Pigeon ' Esplange Overseas Harriette M/V Adonis The Comfort Tan .A 215660/K6-003 Overseas Joyce SS Sierra Madre TA 19 NOAA ' Berul M/T Atlanta M/V Mobile The Mercy TAH 19

Western Lion M/T Lucy M/V Groton The Comfort Tahn

Southern Lion M/T Maryann S/T Golden Monarch Norwegian Cam bean ' Shirley M/T Suzanne SS Coast Ranger Cruise Line ' Rebecca M/T Uranus SS Blue Ridge Monarch Cruise Lines

Pluto M/T Overseas Boston Science Explorer "The Volendam," Holland ' Julie N S/T Overseas Juneau S/L Hawaii America Cruises

Eastern Lion S/T Overseas Natalie S/L Trader "The Veendam," Holland

Concordia C Queen of Bermuda S/L Navigator American Cruises 609 Bermuda Star S/L Pacific The Conception 4837 Vera Cruz S/L Enterprise The Vision

Samson S.S.I.T. USS Puget Sound USCG Acushnet M/V Badak

Atlanta SS Golden GateM/V USCG Spencer M/V Dodsland igram Dorado USCG Tampa M/V Nilam la Chesapeake Trader USCG Quachita M/V Maureen l Delaware Trader USCG Campbell M/V Mercedes #609 Golden Endeavor USCG Thetis M/V Palacio

For complete information on all Models, phone or write:


TFC CORPORATION 9819 Logan Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55431 800-826-0091 • 612-881-4900 lUnd Food 3mne



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Model 1600 Model 1800

Model 2400™ Model 3600


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MAN B&W Diesel offers an opti- mally graded four-stroke engine program of state-of-the-art design in the output range between 3,300 kw and 12,000 kw, equipped to meet the propulsion requirements of the 90s. The series is comprised of three

MAN B&W medium-speed engines, all modeled on the same design principles.

Beginning with the largest engine, the L58/64, MAN B&W has created an engine series for a class of top- rated engines designed with a view of achieving economy and reliability and equipped with future-orien- tated, technical and economical de- sign characteristics.

The L58/64 has a piston diameter of 580 mm and a stroke of 640 mm and develops a cylinder output of 1,325 kw at 428 rpm.

The L40/54, with its cylinder out- put of 665 kw, is modeled on the basic design concept of the L58/64 engine, an engine that has since proved itself in operation in numer- ous ships' propulsion plants.

The L48/60 engine, which was recently introduced at an interna- tional press conference, plugs the output gap between the 40/54 and the 58/64 with its 885-kw per cylin- der at a speed of 450 rpm.

All three engines are supplied as in-line configuration engines with between six and nine cylinders.

The principle design features of the MAN B&W medium-speed en- gine generation include:

Rigid monoblock frame casing; underslung crankshaft; individual cylinder jackets, resulting in mini- mum deformation from gas and mass forces and thermal influences; exhaust valves arranged in cages resulting in simplified maintenance of components.

According to MAN B&W, their new generation of medium-speed engines offer further reductions in fuel consumption rates (85% ECR):

L40/54—172 b/kWh, L48/60—169 g/kWh, and L58/64—167 g/kWh; lube oil consumption rates of less than 1 g/kWh; significant reduc- tions in pollutant emission levels; extensive utilization of various en- gine waste heats, resulting in a high (continued)

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