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Epicyclic Gears "GE and RENK join forces to bring this advanced technology to the U.S. Navy."

Gary Mowers

Manager - Gear Engineering

Lynn, Massachusetts

Searching The World

Globalization. Working with other world leaders to develop innovative ideas. "It's nothing new to GE," Gary said. "The Company knows this is the best way to incorporate the latest ad- vances into our products and systems.

While GE has designed, manufactured and delivered epicyclic gears to the

Navy, we wanted to enhance our technical base. So we entered into a technology transfer agreement with the

German gear manufacturer RENK

TACKE. Their experience in epicyclic gears encompasses over 800 industrial, marine and naval applications." "GE will manufacture epicyclic gears in the world's finest gear facility right here in Lynn," Gary explained. "In this way, the Navy will benefit from over 30 years of RENK epicyclic gear experience, as well as over 75 years of GE engineering and manufacturing experience pro- ducing propulsion and ships service systems for America's fleet."

Quiet Running

Our objective is to produce quiet, reliable, light weight, high power den- sity epicyclic gears. According to Gary, this goal is within reach. "GE has the newest technology that's right for to- day's Navy. Now we are combining it with noise and vibration advancements we pioneered for propulsion systems aboard almost every class of ship and submarine in the fleet, including the latest generation of hardened and ground gears for Arleigh Burke de- stroyers. An important reason we are working with RENK is that their epicyclic gears offer unique noise reduction features."

Clusters Of Technology

While other companies only make gears, GE makes complete propulsion systems. "GE is using systems integra- tion to harness multiple technologies to make the next generation of Navy ships a superior force," Gary continued. "For example, our epicyclic gears will be integrated into the advanced elec- tric drive propulsion system, which we were contracted to develop for the Navy in the coming years. Beyond epicyclic gears, GE is leading the way with Pro- pulsion Derived Ships Service, Inter- cooled Regenerative Gas Turbines and other advanced technologies."

A Proud Tradition "The Navy is a valued customer," Gary concluded. "We offer unparalleled expertise in the design, manufacture and test of totally integrated propulsion and ships service power systems. It's the GE difference. The successful application of advanced epicyclic gear- ing is a mission we share with the Navy.

As in the past, we will accomplish this mission."

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