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Which Piece Really Came

From A Sea Guard Fender?

The piece on the left is of course from the Sea Guard® fender.

The piece on the right was brought to us by an unhappy customer who thought one of our fenders had failed him.

It turned out to be one of our competitor's fenders. We can under- stand his confusion though, because there are other people making foam- filled fenders that look like ours.The problem is they aren't made like ours.

At Seaward, we make sure our fenders are up to spec. Consistently.

Our Urethane skin is unique. It's rein- forced with nylon tire cord wrapped in a helical pattern and integrated within the skin itself. ® This gives our skin a tear strength up to six times greater than non-reinforced skin.

We run a stringent Quality

Assurance Program so you'll know you're getting only the best. Our closed-cell foam is tested in-house and carefully laid up to ensure the integrity of every fender. © Sound impressive? There's more.The bond between the skin and the foam is stronger than the foam itself. ® And our staff chemists have formulated special elastomers and UV inhibitors to protect the

Through outstanding design engineering and manufacturing

Seaward International Sea Guard'' fenders set the standard for the industry. fender and keep it looking good. We also use our integral galva- nized steel swivels on the ends that allow the fender to rotate and reduce stress. @

The result of all this is the best foam-filled fender made. Any- where. Our fenders perform under the harshest conditions around the world.

From the sizzling heat of South America to icy arctic waters.

We have fenders that have been in use longer than our competitors have been in the business. But that shouldn't be surprising since we pio- neered and developed solid foam- filled fenders.

What we're trying to say is that while there are imitations on the market, no one builds fenders like Seaward.

Whether it's our Sea Guard®, Sea

Cushion® or Sea Float.

So the next time you're considering fenders, remember the lesson learned by the disgruntled customer mentioned earlier. Cheap imitations can be very expensive.



Seaward International: Clearbrook Industrial Park, P.O. Box 98, Clearbrook, Virginia 22624, U.S.A. (703) 667-5191, Telex: 275034 SEWARD UR,Telefax: (703) 667-7987.

Sea Cushion" is a registered trademark of Seaward International Inc. Sea Guard® is a registered trademark oi Chem Ray-Seaguard Corp. used under license.

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