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Marine Lubricants continued tion from 155 to 125 per bhp-hour.

These changes in engine design for greater fuel efficiency, the use of higher viscosity residual fuels, and the need for reduced maintenance have increased the requirements on crosshead cylinder oil.

Mobilgard 570 was developed to provide high load-carrying charac- teristics, improved spreadability, tenacious film retention, and to minimize port and piston deposits.

Because of its high alkalinity (70

Total Base Number or TBN), it pro- vides better protection against cor- rosive wear by neutralizing large amounts of strong acids. This oil is compatible with oils normally used in the crankcase of crosshead en- gines.

Mobilgard 300 system oil was also developed especially for modern, high-output, crosshead type marine diesel engines. It is formulated from highly treated paraffinic base oils that are selected for their thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

The inherent base oil characteristics are augmented with a balanced ad- ditive package including high-tem- perature oxidation inhibitors, alkal- ine detergent-dispersants, and de- ft

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The Mobilgard 24 series oils were developed originally to meet the re- quirements of medium-speed, trunk piston diesels used for main propul- sion engines on coastal and river vessels. The series was reformulated recently to provide improved per- formance in the new, higher-output versions of these engines now com- ing into service.

The Mobilgard 42 series of ma- rine lubricating oils has been devel- oped to supplement the Mobilgard 24 series (30 TBN) oils for the lubri- cation of modern high-output, me- dium-speed trunk diesel engines used in oceangoing vessels and fer- ries.

Mobilgard 42 oils have an alkalin- ity level of 40 TBN and are there- fore particularly suitable for engines that show indication of corrosive wear to cylinder liners and piston rings.

Mobilgard SHC 120 is a 12 TBN synthetic, medium-speed diesel lu- bricant. It contains a balanced blend of synthesized hydrocarbons and ester-based fluids, with an addi- tive system designed to provide op- timum performance in diesel en- gines. Although its measured viscos- ity indicates that it is an SAE 40 grade, this oil's inherent high index enables it to perform similar to an

SAE 15W-40 viscosity grade diesle engine lubricant. It is formulated for operation in extremes of am- bient temperature.

The Mobilgard 12 series oils are intended for marine diesels operat- ing in distillate fuels or light fuel blends. These oils have proven espe- cially effective in small-bore, high- speed trunk engines and automo- tive-type diesels used in fishing fleets, the new severe service en- gines and in several types of me- dium-speed trunk piston engines.

The oils come in viscosities of SAE 30, SAE 40 and SAE 50 and have a

TBN of 15.

Other marine lubricants are avail- able.


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In the small workboat and fishing vessel market, two-cycle outboard engines offer the performance ad- vantages of high horsepower and light weight, as compared to a four- cycle engine design. Unfortunately, two-cycle outboard engines have special lubrication requirements, and care must be taken to select the proper lubricant.

The lubrication of two-cycle en- gines is accomplished by the mixing the oil with the fuel, either by pre- mixing oil and fuel in the fuel tank or by an automatic injection system.

As this mixture is drawn into the engine, the fuel evaporates, and oil is left behind to lubricate the bear- ings, cylinders, pistons and rings.


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