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L&C Associates Installs

Protective Sealing And D/H

Aboard USNS Waccamaw

L&C Associates recently an- nounced the completion of the in- stallation of a dehumidification and sealing system aboard the USNS

Waccamaw, a Mispillion Class jum- boized carrier.

L&C Associates dehumidification systems differ from traditional hard blanking methods of sealing in that a patented flexible sealing system is used. This Protective Sealing Sys- tem, PSS®, has been approved by

MSC for sealing hatches, air in- takes, and ventilation openings leading to dehumidified spaces.

The use of L&C's dehumidifica- tion and sealing system aboard the 35,000-ton MSC vessel greatly re- duces moisture-induced corrosion and, because the seals are strippa- ble, the vessel can be easily reacti- vated.

L&C Associates Inc., specialists in equipment preservation for over 20 years, are industry leaders in the development of turnkey dehumidi- fication and sealing systems for ma- rine applications.

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MTIS Offers Information

Packages On N.Y.


Marine Technical Information

Services (MTIS) is offering infor- mation packages on current con- tracting and planning for shore fa- cilities construction for the Battle- ship Surface Action Group Home- port, currently under construction on Staten Island, N.Y.

Information includes planned ship repair and maintenance facili- ties, electronic systems support, public works, shore operation cen- ter, warehousing, bulkhead wall construction and dredging activities for the Stapleton and Fort Wad- sworth locations.

Other forms of database research are available.

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Rexroth Offers 502-Page 'Proportional, Servo,

Electronics' Catalog

Titled "Proportional, Servo, Elec- tronics," Rexroth's catalog Volume 2 covers information on the elec- tronic proportional pump controls and valves, servo valves, electronic amplifier cards and control svstems

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December, 1989

Autronica Receives Order

For Radar-Based Level

Gaging Systems

Autronica has received the order for GL-90 radar-based level gaging systems for the 56,000 m^ LPG/

NH3/VCM carriers ordered at the

Kvaerner Govan yard in Glasgow.

The system will measure the level in eight cargo tanks and is connected to an Autronica alarm and control system covering the cargo monitor- ing functions.

For these ships Autronica will also supply an extensive alarm and control system for the engine room, type KD-10S20 and incorporated in this system is a fire alarm system

KDF-00 based on analogue, ad- dressable detectors. Alarm presen- tation and control will be on the


For condition monitoring of the main diesel engine, Autronica will supply the MlP-Calculator NK-5 which is becoming "the tool" for the engineers onboard, with orders re- ceived this year to reach about 100 ships.

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Mutual Goal


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