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Navy Adds $26 Million

To Ingalls Contract

For Aegis Cruisers

Ingalls Shipbuilding, a Litton di- vision, received a $26.4-million in- crease to a 1981 Navy contract to provide continuing engineering and support service for the Ticonderoga (CG-47) class Aegis cruiser ship- building program.

The addition raises to $203 mil- lion the amount granted Ingalls for engineering design, training sup- port, logistical support, data and configuration management for the

Aegis cruiser class.

Ingalls, the lead shipbuilder for the Aegis cruiser program, holds contracts to build 19 of the 27 ships authorized since the program began in 1978. So far, the company has delivered 12 of the cruisers.

Karl Senner To Supply

Reverse Reduction Gears

For Three New Towboats

Karl Senner, Inc. of Kenner, La., recently announced that they have received an order to supply the reverse reduction gears for three new towboats. Karl Senner, Inc. will supply two Reintjes Model WAV 4450 reverse reduction gears, 4.75:1 ratio, with internal hydraulic clutches and an internal hydrauli- cally actuated propeller shaft brake per vessel. Karl Senner has also been chosen to supply the vessels with Rexroth (WABCO) pneumatic remote controls.

The towboats, designed by Viking

Maritec of Pittsburgh, Pa., for Na- tional Marine, Inc., are to be built by Avondale Boat Division in New

Orleans, La. Each will be powered by two Caterpillar 3612 engines.

The Viking 2000 vessels are de- signed to support the inland water- ways system well into the 21st cen- tury.

Karl Senner, Inc. is the North

American distributor for Reintjes marine gears and Berg Propulsion controllable pitch propellers and bowthrusters. Karl Senner, Inc. is also a Rexroth (WABCO) marine dealer, and maintains a full service and parts facility for ABB Brown

Boveri turbochargers.

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New Firefighting Foam

Offered By Ansul For

Flammable Liquid Fires

Ansul Fire Protection, Marinette,

Wise., has introduced a new 3-per- cent alcohol-resistant concentrate firefighting foam, Ansulite 3X3, for both polar solvent and hydrocarbon fuel fire applications.

Because new Ansulite 3X3 is mul- tifunctional, vessel owners are no longer required to dedicate vessels to specific fuels or to change-out foam proportioning hardware to match various cargoes.

According to the manufacturer,

Ansulite 3X3 requires only one set- ting for all proportioning equip- ment, and vessel owners need only half the agent required for polar sol- vent fuels (such as methanol) when compared to conventional alcohol- type foam concentrates. Ansulite 3x3 is reportedly the only agent listed by Underwriters' Laborato- ries and accepted by the U.S. Coast

Guard for use as a 3-percent concen- trate on both hydrocarbon (such as gasoline) and polar solvents, includ- ing MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether), TBA (tertiary butyl alcohol) and THF (tetrahydro furan).

Ansulite 3X3 alcohol-resistant concentrate is formulated from spe- cial flurochemical and hydrocarbon surfactants, a high molecular weight polymer, and solvents. It is trans- ported and stored as a concentrate to provide ease of use and consider- able savings in weight and volume.

Firefighting foams such as Ansu- lite 3X3 can be used in a variety of applications to extinguish flamma- ble and combustible liquid fires on board vessels or offshore platforms or at marine docks.

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Smith Berger Marine offers Seaworthy choices.

Naval Class Fairleads

Berger Fairleads have set the standards for quality and reliability for over 50 years.

Berger Naval Class Fairleads are built to the exacting standards of the U.S. Navy and are designed for rugged offshore service.

Customized Towing Equipment

Stern Rollers, Pop up pins, tow pins and other equipment for new construction or retrofit can be custom designed for your vessel. Rugged, simple designs assure long life, low mainte- nance, and ease of operation.

Mariner Class Balanced Head

Designed and built to the same standards of quality and reliability as the Naval Class but new techniques of fabrication and manufacturing have been applied to provide a cost effective answer to civilian marine industry requirements.

Guide Sheaves

A full line of vertical and horizontal guide sheaves for wire ropes up to 5 inch diameter is available with optional bronze or anti-friction bearings. Special wide throat sheaves for Pusher tug lines can be provided.

Mariner Class — Double Sheave

Berger quality in twin sheave fairleads for use in applications where the wire rope must be held in the center of the barrel or where directly in- line pulls are expected. All Berger Fairleads use tapered roller bearings throughout.

Roller Fairleads

Berger Roller Fairleads are available in two, three or four roller versions for all rope sizes.

Steel rollers with bronze bearings are mounted on stainless steel shafts.

Underwater Fairleads

As a leader in underwater fairlead technology,

Berger offers custom engineering to meet your requirements. Hinged sheave or trunnion type fairleads for all sizes of chain or wire rope are offered with underwater bronze or sealed anti- friction bearings.

Static Mooring Fairleads

Smith Berger is the exclusive supplier of the new static mooring fairleads with Monoloy rope or chain grooves designed to provide improved fatigue life of mooring lines on production plat- forms at an economical price.

Pedestal Fairleads

Berger Pedestal Fairleads are available for all rope sizes. Designed to breaking strength of rope with 180° wrap. Rugged cast steel construction with bronze bushed bearings.

Fairleads available built to U.S. Navy specifi- cations. Horn weldment is optional.

Call us to put Smith Berger Innovation to work for you. ' ^ Smith Berger Marine, Inc. 516 South Chicago St., Seattle, WA 98108 TELEX: 32-8912 FAX: 206/764-4653 TEL: 206/764-4650

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