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Call For Papers Issued

For 'Marine Computers '91'

Symposium In Boston

A call for papers has been issued for the second symposium on com- puter applications in the marine in- dustry to be held in Boston, Mass.,

September 26-27,1991. Titled "Ma- rine Computers '91," the two-day meeting is being hosted by the New

England Section of The Society of

Naval Architects and Marine Engi- neers.

The goal of the symposium is to provide a forum for the presentation of current and future applications of computer hardware and software in the marine industry.

Authors are invited to submit ab- stracts and tentative outlines of their potential contributions. Dead- lines are as follows: Abstract and

Tentative Outline (6 copies), No- vember 1, 1990; Tentative Accept- ance Notice, December 1, 1990;

Manuscript (5 copies) February 1, 1991; Final Acceptance Notice,

April 1, 1991.

The following areas of the marine industry and computer technology are of interest; related topics will also be considered: Design and En- gineering; Offshore Structures; Un- manned Marine Vehicles; Planning,

Fabrication and Construction; Car- go Handling, Route Planning, Mon- itoring; Computer Aided Design/

Engineering/Manufacturing; Infor- mation Systems and Data Base

Management; Robotics, Vision Sys- tems; Numerical Control; and Ex- pert Systems, Artificial Intelli- gence.

For full information, contact A.

Douglas Carmichael, Chairman,

Marine Computers '91, Massachu- setts Institute of Technology, Room 5-213, Department of Ocean Engi- neering, Cambridge, Mass. 02139.



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