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Homeport Marine Delivers 'Eastern Wind/ First Of Two

U.S.-Flag Fish Tenders

The EMD-powered fish tender Eastern Wind is one of the first of her type to be built in the

U.S. in a number of years.

Moss Point, Mississippi-based

Homeport Marine Services recently ; delivered the 195-foot, U.S.-flag fish i tender Eastern Wind to Arctic Alas- • ka Fisheries, Inc., Seattle, Wash.

She is the first of a series of two under construction at the yard for the U.S. owner.

Designed as an oceangoing vessel for operation between Seattle, Alas- ka and Japan, the Eastern Wind is self loading and unloading by way of four cargo booms rated at 10,000 pounds each. She will not catch or process fish or crabs, but rather she will load cargo from factory trawl- ers, processor ships and shore-based processing and freezer plants. The seafood products she transports will be sold in the U.S., as well as


Under 500 gross tons, the Eastern

Wind is 195 feet long, 41-1/2 feet wide and 28 feet deep. She has a total of 78,000 ft3 of cargo hold which will allow her to transport 3


Nashville Bridge Company (NA-

BRICO), a subsidiary of the Ameri- can Ship Building Company, recent- ly delivered two 260-foot specially configured Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/

RO) barges to Allied Maritime

Management organization, a subsid- iary of Seaworthy Systems, Inc., at its Nashville, Tenn., yard, for use in the Boston Harbor Clean-Up Proj- 6Ct.

NABRICO president Allen

Zang said that despite unfavorable weather conditions during the final stages of construction, the barges were delivered on time and within budget. Allied's chairman, David

O'Neil and its president, Ralph A.

Corvino, accepted the barges and extended their thanks to NABRICO for its near-record delivery.

The barges, each with a beam of 64 feet and draft of 12 feet, were

The 260-foot vehicle barge Seaworthy I at her launching at NABRICO, Nashville, Tenn. million pounds of frozen fish at —24 degrees F. Propulsion for the fish tender is provided by two GM-EMD 645C 12-cylinder diesel engines de- veloping a total of 3,000 hp, with

Falk LST reduction gears (rebuilt by Haley Gear) and four-bladed propellers from Bird-Johnson.

Electrical power aboard the East- ern Wind, provided by three 165-kw generators driven by three Caterpil- lar 3306B diesel engines, totals 495 kw and is capable of full paralleling.

The main electrical switchboard was built by Contec of Port Bienville,

Miss., and is designed for parallel operation. The tender features

Westinghouse Air Brake Co. (WAB-

CO) engine controls with Logic

Master panels. The electrohydraulic steering was manufactured by Inter- national Steering of Pearlington,

Miss. The electronics were fur- nished by Lunde of Seattle and include a gyrocompass by Sperry

Marine, VHF, SSB and radar from


Principals at the launching of the Seaworthy

I included (L to R): Allen Zang, president of

NABRICO; David O'Neil, chairman, Allied

Maritime Management Organization, Inc.; and Mrs. Joanne O'Neil, sponsor christened the Seaworthy I and Sea- worthy II. Mrs. Joanne O'Neil, wife of Mr. O'Neil, sponsored the

Seaworthy I, while Mrs. Patricia

McCarthy, wife of Seaworthy vice president, William McCarthy, sponsored the Seaworthy II. Jon

Wales, vice president of Boston

Towing & Transportation, which will operate the RO/RO system, was on hand to take delivery of the barges from Allied.

The two 25 tractor-trailer-capac- ity barges will be utilized to trans- port construction-related vehicles across Boston Harbor. The vessels will be loaded at the project's stag- ing area at the former Fore River

Shipyard in Quincy, Mass., on a reg-

Raytheon, autopilot and compass from Robertson, satcom from Japan

Radio Co. (JRC), echo sounder and navigational sounder from Simrad and Loran from Northstar.

Other equipment on board in- cludes Peaboady Barnes centrifugal pumps, a Maxim watermaker and fuel oil centrifuge and oily water separator from Alfa-Laval. The ves- sel is equipped with a modern galley which includes a walk-in freezer and cooler. The cargo freezing capacity of —24 degrees F is obtained with ular "ferry-like" schedule. The un- loading point will be at the major construction site in the extreme northeastern corner of the harbor at

Deer Island. At the site, new prima- ry and secondary sewage treatment facilities will be constructed along with an effluent outfall tunnel ex- tending nine miles under the ocean floor in Massachusetts Bay.

The vessels are designed to per- mit the rapid securing of trailers to mate with purpose-built shoreside transfer bridges and incorporate many other safety and environmen-

Halter Marine, Inc., Lockport,

La., has completed repowering the

Gibb Gilchrist, the largest ferry op- erated by the state of Texas, by replacing its original engines with rebuilt General Motors EMD 12- 645E6 diesel engines.

The engines were rebuilt by Ste- wart & Stevenson Services, Inc., Ha- rahan, La.

Halter also reconditioned the die- sel electric ferry's two 900-kw main generators, two ships' service gener- ators and installed a new exhaust system.

The double-ended ferry which can carry 500 passengers and 70 vehicles was built in 1977. It is 264 feet long, with a 66-foot beam, and 15.5-foot depth.

The ferry is operated by the Tex- as State Department of Highways and Public Transportation between

Galveston Island and Bolivar Pe- ninsula.

Halter Marine, Inc., is part of the 10-shipyard Trinity Marine Group,

Gulfport, Miss., which is owned by freon and 35,000 feet of 1-1/2-inch cooling coils.

This is a new class of cargo vessel designed by Homeport Marine, De- sign Associates and Arctic Alaska's chairman Francis Miller, with the special purpose of transporting fro- zen seafood products.

For free literature detailing the building, repairing and conversion services of Homeport Marine Serv- ices,

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The 10-year project is under con- trol of the Massachusetts Water Re- sources Authority and is being di- rected by the contract's program/ construction managers, Kaiser En- gineers, Inc. Seaworthy Systems,

Inc., Essex, Conn., provided con- sulting engineering to RO/RO sys- tem operator Boston Towing &


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The passenger/vehicle ferry Gibb Gilchrist was recently repowered by Halter Marine with GM-EMD engines rebuilt by Stewart &

Stevenson Services, Inc.

Trinity Industries, Inc., Dallas, Tex- as.

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NABRICO Delivers 260-Foot RO/RO Barges

For Boston Harbor Project

Halter Marine Repowers

Largest Texas Ferry

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