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$200-Million Japanese Liner

Fitted With Magnavox Advanced

Multi-Channel SatCom System

The Crystal Harmony, built at a cost of over $200 million at

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipyard In Nagasaki, Japan, is the first giant luxury passenger ship Japan has built since before World War II. The vessel will feature specially com- missioned statuary from Japanese artists, and the first floating casino to be operated by Caesars Palace of Las


The recently delivered luxury cruise liner

Crystal Harmony is the latest ship to be fitted with an advanced multi-channel marine satellite communications system.

A Magnavox multi-channel SatCom station was fitted on the Crystal Harmony at Mitsubishi

Heavy Industries Shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan, where the ship was under construction.

The multi-channel system was developed by

Magnavox to meet the growing demand from cruise ship operators, offshore oil platforms and other users with a high volume of ship-shore communications traffic. The Crystal Harmony is the third ship to be fitted with this equip- ment. The Norway and QE 2 were fitted with similar systems last year.

The system is derived from Magnavox's MX 2400 Inmarsat-A ship earth station, and consists of four functionally separate MX 2400 operator stations, each with its own CRT screen, key- board and printer, all connected to a single sta- bilized 2.2-meter parabolic dish antenna, sealed inside a fiberglass radome. This provides simul- taneous access to four separate Inmarsat satel- lite channels, each of which can be used inde- pendently for transmitting and receiving voice, data, fax or telex calls.

The Crystal Harmony will use the Magnavox

SatCom system to provide a variety of enhanced high-tech ship-to-shore telecommunications services, such as facsimile, electronic mail, elec- tronic banking and credit-card telephones, in addition to normal direct-dial telephone calling from private staterooms. The ship has a variety of business and meeting facilities, including a board room and private business offices equip- ped with personal computers, which can be hooked into the SatCom for ship-to-shore data transmission.

The 49,400-ton Crystal Harmony is the first luxury ship for Crystal Cruises, a Los Angeles- based subsidiary of Japan's NYK Line. Carrying 960 guests in refined luxury, the vessel is reported to be one of the most spacious ships afloat in its class, with a guest-space ratio of 51.5

It will also offer a variety of innovative industry firsts, including one of the largest penthouses afloat; one of the highest stateroom and pent- house verandah ratios; an advanced refrigera- tion system; and the first floating casino to be operated by Caesars Palace of Las Vegas.

The Crystal Harmony was delivered to Los

Angeles last month, and will kick off the 1990-91 inaugural season with sailings to Alaska/Cana- da, Trans-Canal and Europe.

For more information on the Magnavox mul- ti-channel SatCom system for cruise ships,

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New Firm Offers Field

Service And Maintenance

For Pipe Support Systems

Service Concepts, Inc., a new company lo- cated in Warwick, R.I., has been formed for the purpose of addressing the need for dedicated pipe support and system maintenance and ma- terial services. The company plans to operate on a worldwide scale.

Comprised of industry experts with average experience of over 20 years, Service Concepts officials have created the concept of field serv- ices for pipe support system manufacturers.

According to Service Concepts, field services is defined, but not limited to, pipe support system maintenance, replacement material and more importantly, consultation to implement more cost-effective pipe support component mainte- nance programs which can help cut down on costly plant downtime.

For more information on services provided by

Service Concepts, Inc.,

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New Offices For Stolt-Nielsen

In New Orleans

The New Orleans staff of Stolt-Nielsen Inc. recently completed its move to 2 Lakeway Cen- ter, 3850 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 1275, Metair- ie, LA 70002. The Stolt-Nielsen Inc. New Or- leans office is responsible for the company's par- cel tanker and transportation services opera- tions in the New Orleans/Mississippi River area.

Stolt-Nielsen Inc. has six other offices in the

United States and 14 offices in eleven other countries.





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