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Serving The U.S. Inland And Coastal Waterways Vessels:



The 183-foot, 1,000-passenger dinner/cruise boat California Hornblower, delivered by the Escatawpa, Miss., shipyard of Moss Point

Marine, Inc., a member of the Trinity Marine Group. The dinner/excursion boat market is one of the thriving sectors of the resurgent U.S. shallow-draft construction industry.

Since the focus of the Annual

National Waterways Conference

August issue is on the inland and coastal waterways of the U.S.,


ENGINEERING NEWS thought it might be interesting and informa- tive to examine and review a selec- tion of small and medium-sized shipyards that serve the vessels operating in these waters. The fol- lowing is a quick reference guide and review of a select group of inland and coastal yards that serve the tug, towboat, shallow-draft ves- sel, and barge market by offering such services as new construction, repair, conversion, and mainte- nance.

A Reader Service Number has been assigned to each yard included in this review for the convenience of readers who would like further in- formation from a particular compa- ny or companies.


Circle 81 on Reader Service Card

Atlantic Marine Corporation, Jacksonville,

Fla., builds, repairs, overhauls, and converts both Navy and commercial vessels. The

Jacksonville shipyard can construct vessels up to 400 feet in length, drydock vessels up to 4,000 tons and perform topside repairs on ships as long as 800 feet.

At present, Atlantic Marine is building three 200-foot casino-dinner boats for the

Steam Development Corporation of Daven- port, Iowa. Delivery of the vessels is ex- pected to be in the first quarter of 1991.

Facilities: Two marine ways, one with a 4,000-long-ton capacity and one with a 1,500-long-ton capacity, 1,500 feet of wet berths with up to 35 feet in depth and com- plete shop facilities.


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Avondale's Boat Division was established to meet growing demands for all types of smaller craft by the military, municipal gov- ernments and private industry. Facilities include the Westwego Yard, located on the

Mississippi River near Avondale's main yard upriver from New Orleans, and yards on the

Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in Harvey, La.

One of the latest deliveries from the yard is the 40-knot-plus Surface Effect Ship (SES) Metro Manhattan, a commuter boat currently operating between J.F. Kennedy

Airport and Wall Street in Manhattan.

Facilities: Five drydocks—two 2,500-ton- capacity units, one 1,700-ton-capacity unit, and two 1,000-ton-capacity units; full weld- ing equipment, machine, propeller, fabrica- tion, electric and diesel and machine repair shops, nine overhead cranes with capacities up to 45 tons, one gantry crane with a 45-ton capacity and three locomotive cranes, with capacities up to 15 tons.


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Mobile, Alabama-based Bender Shipbuild- ing & Repair Co. is a full service shipyard which engages in all phases of shipbuilding, conversion and repair. Bender's entire ship- yard complex provides it with more than 5,000 front feet of deep water on the Mobile

River adjacent to downtown Mobile. The facilities comprise more than 54 acres in- cluding 102,000 square feet of covered warehouse space and 523,000 square feet of welding and assembly space.

Recent activities at Bender have ranged from complex conversions to new construc- tion in mid-size steel vessels to major over- hauls and modernization projects.

Facilities: Three steel floating drydocks, with lifting capacities of 18,000 tons, 7,000 tons, and 4,000 tons. Machine shop, optical and numerical control burning shops, panel and plate shops, joiner and woodworking shops, opened and covered fabrication and subassembly areas and pipe and electrical shops.


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Bethlehem Steel Corporation's Baltimore

Marine Division located at Sparrows Point,

Md., is a full service shipyard specializing in the repair and conversion of oceangoing vessels of all types. The yard has also designed and built various kinds of barges, offshore drilling rigs, and production plat- forms, as well as naval auxiliaries and com- mercial ships of all kinds. Vessels up to 1,200 feet in length and 200 feet abeam can be repaired, constructed or converted at


BMD's last new construction contract was for two oceanographic survey ships for the U.S. Navy. The second of these vessels is to be delivered this month. These ships are 500 feet in length by 72 feet abeam, and are powered by two 12,500-bhp medium- speed Enterprise diesels driving a single pro- peller.

Facilities: One 1,200- by 200-foot building basin for construction and repairs can han- dle vessels with drafts of as much as 26 feet.

The basin can be subdivided in length to handle smaller vessels more efficiently. One 44,000-ton-capacity drydock, Bethpride, for repair and conversion. Drydock is 900 feet long and has 140 feet between wing walls.

Full range of shops and equipment.


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Warren, Rhode Island-based Blount Ma- rine Corporation offers new construction of vessels ranging in size from 65 to 200 feet in length.

One of the latest deliveries by the Rhode

Island builder is the 192-foot dinner boat

Spirit of Boston for Cruise International, Inc.

Blount Marine at present is constructing a 149-foot passenger/cargo vessel, the San- ta Maria, and two 130-foot Ellis Island Class passenger vessels for Circle Line/Statue of

Liberty. Inc.

Facilities: One open 200-foot marine ways, one open 300-ton lift dock, one 150-foot enclosed hull shop and one 200-foot enclosed hull shop.


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Bollinger Machine Shop & Shipyards, Inc., with facilities at Lockport and Larose, La., performs new construction work in steel, aluminum and FRP for vessels in oilfield sup- port and fishing industries, as well as various military craft. The firm also offers complete marine repair services.

Some of the activity at Bollinger includes: the design and construction of a liftboat to

U.S. Coast Guard regulations; installation of a 40-MW electric power generator on board a barge for Wartsila Diesel; and delivery of thirty-seven 110-foot fast patrol boats for the Coast Guard.

Facilities: At Lockport—build and repair vessels up to 200 feet and barges up to 300 feet. At Larose—repair vessels to 250 feet in length and displacements of less than 3,000 tons and barges up to 300 feet long.

NC cutting machine, CADAM, electric, carpentry and machine shops, hydraulic work, propeller repair to 150 inches, gas freeing, blasting and painting services.


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Campbell Shipyard, Campbell Industries,

San Diego, Calif., recently delivered the last of three Super Pacific Class 257-foot tuna purse seiners to Silla Trading Co. of Seoul,

Korea. The San Diego firm is scheduled to deliver a similar vessel to Saupiquet Arme- ment of Concarneau, France, this month.

An innovator in the fishing vessel con- struction business, Campbell builds vessels up to 400 feet in length and has the ability to drydock vessels up to 2,800 tons.

Facilities: Three drydocks with capacities of 400, 1,100 and 2,800 tons, a marine rail- way with a capacity of 800 tons, 3,200 feet of pierside berthing, a machine shop, complete steel and aluminum fabrication, plasma arc cutting, pipe shop, carpentry shop and elec- trical shop.


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Southern Louisiana builder Conrad Indus- tries builds, repairs and converts all types of vessels for the inland waterway, offshore and fishing industries, as well as govern- ment craft. Additionally, the firm, headquar- tered in Morgan City, La., constructs float- ing drydocks for commercial and naval ap- plications.

At present, Conrad has more than 20 ves- sels under contract. Included in the compa- ny's orderbook are four 130-foot deck barges for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co.,

Oak Brook, III., two 120-foot deck barges for

Moody Brothers of Jacksonville, Fla., two 4,000-ft , 250-foot split hopper barges for

T.L. James, Inc., six 140-foot barges for

Doujon Marine Co., Inc., Hillside, N.J., and five 60-foot tank barges for Shell Oil Co.

Additionally, the firm has orders for a 200- ton naval drydock and a 900-ton steel float- ing drydock.

Facilities: Four drydocks—two 2,400-ton- capacity units and two 900-ton-capacity units—with indoor facilities to construct barges up to 210 feet long.


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Eastern Shipyards, Inc., Panama City,

Fla., is engaged in the design, construction, coversion and repair of all types of vessels.

The Florida firm can build vessels up to 40,000 dwt, including tankers, utilizing ad- vanced modular fabrication techniques. In addition, Eastern Shipyards can drydock vessels to 220 feet and 1,000 tons.

Eastern Shipyards is also developing spe- cialized high-speed vessel programs, includ- ing Surface Effect Ships (SES) and hover- craft for the commercial and governmen- tal/military markets.

The Florida yard recently delivered the converted 387-foot U.S.-flag fisheries pro- cessor Northern Victor.

Facilities: Drydock/railway system; large launch basins; computer cutting equipment, large crawler cranes; and auto-welding equipment.


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Freeport, Florida-based Freeport Ship- building & Marine Repair, Inc., is a full-serv- ice yard, performing new vessel construc- tion in steel and aluminum, and conversion and repair in those materials, as well as wood and some fiberglass.

At present, Freeport is building a 110-foot custom steel trawler yacht. 48 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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