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Yards (continued)

LCACs and is currently designing and con- structing a new Coast Guard 47-foot MLB prototype. Additionally, the New Orleans firm is overhauling and modernizing the

Navy SES-200 and beginning work on two new New York City SES fireboats.

Facilities: The firm can construct or re- pair aluminum or glass-reinforced plastic vessels up to 300 feet in length. TMS has completely covered, climate-controlled con- struction facilities certified for GRP and aluminum. Outfitting bays and dock space access to Intracoastal Waterway.


The Trinity Marine Group of Trinity Indus- tries now encompasses 10 shipyards—Alu- minum Boats, Crown Point, La.; Equitable

Shipyards (yards in New Orleans and Madi- sonville, La.); Gretna Machine & Iron Works,

Harvey, La.; Halter Marine (yards in Lock- port, La. and Moss Point, Miss.); HBC Barge,

Brownsville, Pa.; Moss Point Marine, Esca- tawpa, Miss.; Moss Point South, Moss Point,

Miss.; and Trinity-Beaumont, Beaumont,

Texas. The following is a brief overview of each yard.


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Located in Crown Point, La., on the Intra- coastal Waterway and Vendome Canal, Alu- minum Boats, Inc., was established in 1983 for the purpose of constructing, repairing and converting aluminum boats. The yard was acquired by Trinity Industries, Inc., in

October 1988.

Aluminum Boats is expected to deliver the 140-foot, 350-passenger dinner yacht

Anita Dee II shortly to Tee Dee Enterprises,

Inc. Because of an eight-month construc- tion schedule called for in the contract, the boat's hull and superstructure were fabri- cated at Equitable Shipyards in New Or- leans.

Facilities: New construction, conversion and repair of all types of aluminum vessels.


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One of the 10 shipyards in the Trinity

Marine Group, Equitable Shipyards, Inc., has long been associated with the construc- tion of barges and workboats.

Equitable Shipyards, Inc., Madisonville,

La., has been awarded a $6.5-million con- tract to build thirty-seven 175-foot coal-car- rying hopper barges for the Indiana Michi- gan Power Co. (I&M), Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Facilities: At New Orleans—Two 80- by 60-foot drydocks. New construction and re- pairs. At Madisonville—All types of new construction, specializing in river hopper barges.


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Established in 1935 and acquired by Trini- ty Industries, Inc., in 1981, Gretna Machine & Iron Works, Inc., is located in Harvey, La., on the Harvey Canal.

Facilities: One 700-foot graving dock, two 310-foot graving docks; repairing, cleaning, gas freeing, flaring and purging facilities.

Performs new barge construction and re- pairs.


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Halter Marine, Inc., operates two ship- yards, one in Lockport, La., on the Bayou

Lafourche and one in Moss Point, Miss., on the Escatawpa River. Both yards perform new vessel construction and repairs.

At present, Halter Marine, Inc. is convert- ing the Marsea 14, an offshore supply vessel owned by the EPA, into a research vessel.

The work is being performed under a $4.2- million Maritime Administration contract.

In addition, the Trinity Marine Group re- cently received a $15-million contract for the construction of three 220-foot supply boats for U.S. Gulf interests. The offshore supply boat construction contract, which is one of the first awarded to a U.S. yard in a number of years, was assigned to the Halt- er-Lockport yard.

Facilities: At Lockport—Has 150-ton-ca- pacity floating crane, sandblasting and painting, and machine shop. At Moss

Point—Machine shop.


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Located in Brownsville, Pa., HBC Barge,

Inc., was established in 1938 and became a member of the Trinity Marine Group in 1989.

Facilities: Marine ways include nine dou- ble cradle 200-ton-capacity units, dry barge cleaning services and complete barge build- ing and repair facilities. Hopper and tank barge construction and tug and pushboat construction. Has 300-foot marine railway for vessel repairs.


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Located in Escatawpa, Miss., on the East

Pascagoula River, Moss Point Marine, Inc., was established in 1981 and acquired by

Trinity Industries, Inc., in 1987.

Moss Point Marine recently completed the delivery of two 106-foot docking tugs to the Jordan Ports Corporation of the Ha- shemite Kingdom of Jordan. The tugs were part of a five-vessel construction contract undertaken by the Trinity Marine Group.

Facilities: One 160- by 60-foot, 2,000-ton- capacity drydock. New construction, conver- sion and repair services.


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Located about five miles from Moss Point

Marine, Inc., Moss Point South serves as an adjunct to Moss Point Marine.


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Located on the former site of Bethlehem-

Beaumont Shipyard in Beaumont, Texas,

Trinity-Beaumont is the newest member of

Trinity Marine Group. Acquired from Bethle- hem Steel in 1989, the yard was used to build and repair commercial and military vessels, mobile offshore platforms, and for the fabrication of industrial products.

Facilities: Over one-half million square feet of production and storage space, ad- vanced shipbuilding equipment, 4,600 feet of piers, wharves, and bulkheads, 1,400 lineal feet of launching ways, and 500-ton-lift capacity. Capability of constructing vessels up to 960 feet. Deep water and unrestricted access to the Gulf of Mexico.


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Westport Shipyard, Inc., of Westport,

Wash., constructs passenger vessels rang- ing in size from 70 to 105 feet and motor yachts from 80 to 130 feet.

Some of the latest activity at the Wash- ington State yard includes the delivery of two high-speed, 149-passenger, 95-foot fer- ries.

Facilities: 60,000-ftz building facility, 225- by 65-foot main finish bay, and launching facilities up to 130 feet. Primarily perform

FRP construction with capability to work in aluminum and wood.


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Zidell Marine Corporation, Portland, Ore., has the facilities to build, convert or repair a wide range of oceangoing and inland barges as long as 300 feet and as wide as 76 feet.

Zidell has built over 300 barges, including such types as chemical, petroleum, self- unloading grain, deck cargo, and chip barges, as well as dump scows.

The yard was recently reactivated for the construction of a 273- by 42-foot self- unloading grain barge. A second barge is slated for construction next month.

In addition to the construction and repair of barges, Zidell, Inc., an affiliate of Zidell

Marine Corporation, has a full range of leas- ing and charter-hire arrangements available to customers.

Facilities: Two 35-ton Clyde Whirley cranes, one 75-ton gantry crane servicing erection area. Three bridge cranes are in the undercover 600- by 70-foot fabrication and

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