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"That boat has towed a tough 22 years without a single lube-related engine Mure.

It's run on Exxon lubes from day one."

Danny Whitford

Senior Port Engineer

Mid-South Towing Company * - ' M m ' * r

He's not talking pleasure cruises.

He's talking 22 years of hard, honest work—often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He's talking 165,000 hours per engine on the original crankshafts. He's talking engine performance so outstanding on all 12 boats in the

Mid-South fleet, Whitford calls it "abnormally good"!

And he's crediting the Exxon difference—for helping

Mid-South's uncompromising maintenance program make its boats more productive from day one.

That difference is the Exxon Marine Lubrication

Program—a unique collection of top-notch products and services for the shallow-draft marine industry. It helps

Mid-South get maximum work from every boat, every day. It can do the same for your fleet.

Start with DE-MAR® 17 zinc-free heavy-duty engine oil.

Its superior formulation provided such remarkable protec- tion from engine liner and ring scuffing in Detroit Diesel's severe 6V92TA test, Detroit Diesel put the results in writing—saying DE-MAR 17 is "the first product of this type to pass." The proof gets even sweeter. Because it's also approved for all EMD engines. And recommended for the Caterpillar 3600 series.

Fact is, this Generation 5 API CD/CD-H quality oil is formulated for exceptional performance in all mains and auxiliaries. One oil, no matter what you're running. And it's supported by EXXGARD® Oil Analysis, featuring easy

Quickdraw sampling. To help you catch problems before they catch you up a creek without an engine.

For more complex problem-solving, Exxon provides the computerized Equiptrak Reporting system. It sum- marizes long-term trend data on your equipment, your fleet and your industry. To help you manage with savvy. And our Marine Lubrication Chart gives you easy reference to the recommended lubes for every

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