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ing a cp propeller for a service speed of 12.6 knots. The engines, supplied by USSR licensee Bryansk, are also arranged to drive a 265-kw shaft alternator. The multipurpose icego- ing ships will be deployed from the owner's Archangel base. •Three 3,400-dwt/270 TEU multi- purpose cargo/containerships en- tering service with Stateships of

Western Australia from Australian

Shipbuilding Industries. Each is powered by a derated 6-cylinder

S26MC engine with a rating of 2,230 bhp at 188 rpm, driving a cp propel- ler and a 450-kw shaft alternator.

The 13-knot vessels are designed for operation in Australian and South- east Asian services. •Three 2,800-dwt/170,000-cubic- foot refrigerated cargoships com- pleting at the Aarhus Dockyard Ltd. in Denmark for deployment with

Copenhagen Reefers. Propulsion power is provided by a 6-cylinder

S26MC engine developing 2,970 bhp at 250 rpm, which is arranged to drive a cp propeller and a 500-kw shaft alternator.

MAN B&W Alpha Diesel A/S of

Frederikshavn, Denmark, which is geared up for the competitive pro- duction of smaller bore MC models, is delivering the propulsion pack- ages for the Stateships and Copen- hagen Reefers newbuildings. Each tailored package includes the

S26MC engine, shafting, cp propel- ler and Alphatronic remote control system.

Overall sales of the MC series now number 1,822 engines aggregating some 24,401,000 bhp.

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KHI To Build

Two LPG/Ammonia Ships

For Kvaerner

Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Ja- pan recently received an order to construct two 34,500-m3 LPG/am- monia carriers for Kvaerner Ship- ping Group.

The two ships are expected to be delivered in 1993 and 1994. Both will join the Myre Havtor Pool based in London, jointly operated by Kvaerner and the Norwegian

Havtor group.

Bromination Systems From

Everpure Provide Reliable

At-Sea Water Treatment

Providing passengers at sea a safe, reliable potable water supply is critical. The U.S. Public Health

Service and the National Sanitation

Foundation, the leading organiza- tions concerned with drinking water quality, have approved two methods of water treatment aboard ships: chlorination and bromination.

Everpure, Inc., Westmont, 111., is a technological leader in the devel- opment and manufacturing of bro- mination equipment for use aboard ships. The company is currently supplying the second generation of

September, 1990 bromination feeders for the U.S.

Navy's newest ships, such as the

Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), Nimitz

Class aircraft carriers, the Coastal

Minehunter MHC-51 Class, and the

Fast Combat Support Ship AOE-6


According to Everpure, bromina- tion equipment can be found aboard the U.S. Navy surface fleet and U.S.

Coast Guard vessels, and on the majority of offshore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bromine, the company contends, is virtually tasteless and effective over a wide pH range. Also bromine is supplied in easy to change car- tridges, has a two-year shelf life and is not toxic or flammable in storage.

No chemical measurement or physi- cal handling of the product is neces- sary, since bromination equipment features an automatic feeder.

Manufactured of stainless steel, brass and bronze components, bro- mination systems have an average 20-year service life. And although brominators are initially more ex- pensive than other systems, Ever- pure believes that, because of lower maintenance and operating costs, future cost savings outweigh these differences.

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As steadfastly as Columbus, Baldt sails on and on. After more than 90 years of service to seafarers of the world, we continue to supply top-quality anchors, chain, and related marine hardware.

To support our customers, Baldt has reinforced its national and international network of dedicated distributors and agents. Today, the ports of the world are home ports for all Baldt products.

Navigating into the 90's, our expanded, streamlined plant is turning out the strongest, longest-lasting products in Baldt's history. To support Baldt products, our crew is dedicated to expedited service from the estimating process through manufacturing to final shipment and installation.



Baldt Incorporated, RO. Box 350, Chester, PA 19016 215/447-5200 • Telex 834367 • FAX 215/874-8599

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The Imperial

Immersion Suit has saved more lives than any other

So far, more than 400 people have informed us they cheated death by wearing Imperial Suits.

These members of our world-famous Penguin Club are only a small percentage of those who actually put our

Imperial Suit to the cold-water survival test and stayed warm, afloat-and alive.

No wonder Imperial is the world's best- selling immersion suit

There are more than 175,000

Imperial Suits in use. With good reason: Imperial Suits are built better. And every suit is tested for optimum performance. Our customer service and satisfaction are second to none. And we can provide complete education and training.

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Dealer inquiries invited.


M 241 Raritan Street

South Amboy, N.J. 08879

Phone 800-4-PARKWAY

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When there's noise inside a machine enclosure, there's usually vibration. The practical solution is to line the inside of the enclosure with a combination sound absorption and damping material.

Soundcoat's FOAM


EMBOSSED consists of a thickness of embossed foam bonded to a thin sheet of pre- cured, high efficiency damping compound. In this configuration,


EMBOSSED has proved to be an effective solution to the problems of noise and vibration. It's available with

Soundcoat's own pressure sensitive adhesive backing and can be cut to fit any enclosure.

Foam Damping Sheet from Soundcoat. It brings noise and vibration problems to a full stop.

The noise stops here.


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