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Phoenix World City (continued) such events as a Broadway musical, or host the Bolshoi Ballet, the Royal

Shakespeare Company, or the New

York Philharmonic.

Both for onboard entertainment and for worldwide broadcasting of onboard activities and events, the ship will be equipped with a full television production studio and in- ternational satellite broadcast capa- bility.

Plans for the casino on deck 8 call for a gaming room to rival many land-based facilities. The casino will have a total area of 14,000 ft2 with an on-board commercial bank. Part of the casino, an area in excessive of 5,000 feet2, has been set aside as an "executive casino."

Other impressive statistics on the 1,262-foot-long Phoenix World City, which would be as long as the Em- pire State Building is tall (without

TV tower) include: the capability to make 2,500 tons of freshwater per day; and a hotel load of 18,000 kw.

Phoenix World City also has been designed to meet the highest stand- ards of environmental responsibili- ty. All solid waste will be inciner- ated and converted to electrical en- ergy or, in the case of glass and metals, will be compacted and stored for recycling. Water treat- ment will purify all effluent that is not recycled, and exhaust will be scrubbed. Bunker tanks will be fully separated from the outer hull to avoid oil pollution.

Artist's conception of the Phoenix World City showing her distinct profile.

By virtue of her size and innova- tive design, the Phoenix World City will be able to devote hundreds of thousands of square feet to World

City's multifaceted recreational, educational, and cultural activities.

The Academic Inn will host the ship's visiting scholars, scientists, writers, poets, painters, sculptors, and musicians, who will work on various projects as guests of the ship, and periodically conduct work- shops, recitals, and master classes for passengers as part of World

City's cultural program.

World City will provide a new venue for business meetings, confer- ences and seminars. The facilities will range from rooms accommodat- ing just 10, to a 1,600-seat confer- ence centerAiallroom, a 2,000-seat auditorium, and a large "exhibition deck." With a total area of meeting and convention space of 92,000 ft2, rivaling many land-based resorts,

World City hopes to attract a signif- icant share of the nation's $50-bil- lion annual meeting market. Con- ferees will be able to meet with their peers from around the world on board.

The center hotel tower, complete with a helipad atop, will house an association of business organiza- tions, the World Class Corporate 300, which are "committed to the shared task of creating a better future." The ship will offer business leaders a unique forum where they can advance their own corporate ob- jectives, as well as those of the glob- al community.

According to the World City Cor- poration, membership in the World

Class Corporate 300 entitles corpo- rate participants to substantial stra- tegic marketing, sales, and promo- tional benefits, as well as exclusive use of a premium stateroom in the center hotel tower.

Plans for World Class Corporate 300 programs include an executive development component, with con- ferees, workshops, and briefings conducted by leading figures from government, business, academia, media, and the research sciences.

And, although the Phoenix World

City is primarily designed as a re- sort, its Global Business Center will provide teleconferencing and com- munications capability to permit corporate executives to keep in touch with their companies' head- quarters and affiliates around the globe.

The World Class Corporate 300 tower will feature three hundred 376-foot2 staterooms with private balconies. In addition, there will also be a number of deluxe apart- ments and penthouse suites, with balconies or roof gardens, ranging in size from 538 feet2 to 753 feet2.

Mr.Rogers said there are three


FOR MODERN PROPULSION TECHNOLOGY • Design and manufacturing of electronic • Comprehensive research and development control systems for all products facilities in the hydrodynamic laboratory • Training school • Worldwide service

Controllable pitch main propellers

Rotatable thrusters

U.S. representative jet propulsion systems for yachts'. rrrtu

MTU OF NORTH AMERICA 10450 Corporate Drive

Sugar Land, TX 77476 (713) 240-4100 in Texas (800) 321-2688 outside Texas


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