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Avondale Awards

Washington Aluminum $1.5 Million In Contracts

The Washington Aluminum

Company, Inc. has been awarded over $1.5 million in contracts by

Avondale Industries, Inc. for alumi- num fabrications on fleet oilers un- der construction by the Louisiana builder. The two separate contracts cover the fabrication of eight ship- sets of portable stanchions and dun- nage systems and seven shipsets of accommodation ladders. "Washington Aluminum Compa- ny was involved in the original de- sign of aluminum accommodation ladders for the Navy in the late 1940s," said Robert Pickens, president of Washington Alumi- num. "We are truly pleased Avon- dale Industries has selected us for what we see as an important role in this TAO project."

The Washington Aluminum

Company has provided over 40 years of continuous service in the design and manufacture of products for the Navy.

The current project, according to marine customer service manager

Stephanie Koltko, includes dun- nage identified as "an overhead and deck track system with movable stanchions for munitions cargo con- tainment. The accommodation lad- ders feature an electrically operated hoist system for this TAO project."

Ms. Koltko commented further that "our welders are qualified to

MIL standard 248C and our QA/QC program is in accordance with MIL- 1-45208. Our shop floor team takes tremendous pride in the work they do for the Navy."

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ARN Delivers

First Of Eight

Soviet Cargo Ships

The Bilbao shipyard of indepen- dent Spanish shipbuilder Astilleros

Reundios del Nervion (ARN) re- cently delivered the first of eight new generation Arctic class multi- purpose cargo ships for the Soviet


Called the Igor Ilinskiy, the 7,365- ton vessel will be utilized for the transport of timber, containers, bulk commodities and a variety of dry cargoes in Arctic conditions.

Built to the class of the USSR

Register of Shipping, the Igor Ilins- kiy is powered by a Bryansk-MAN

B&W six-cylinder L42MC low- speed diesel engine, rated at 6,960 bhp at 168 rpm. The two-stroke die- sel is direct-coupled to a Liaaen CP propeller supplied by Navacel of


Auxiliary power is provided by a pair of Bazan-built MAN B&W die- sel generator sets. Other equipment on board includes Norwinch type windlasses and constant-tension winches, MacGregor-Navire hy- draulically operated hatch covers,

Indar shaft alternator, San Carlos compound exhaust gas/burner boil- er, Aalborg burner boiler, and Hag- glunds pedestal cranes. Additional- ly, Valmet Automation supplied a

Damatic system, a sophisticated automation and control system for monitoring ship equipment and functions.

The underwater areas of the Igor

Ilinskiy's hull are protected by a sin- gle coat of International Paint's In- tershield ER160, an anti-abrasion, solvent-free epoxy paint.

For further information on the shipbuilding services of ARN,

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NAPVO To Hold 1991 Annual Convention

In Honolulu

The National Association of Pas- senger Vessel Owners (NAPVO) scheduled their annual convention for January 16-21, 1991, in Honolu- lu at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.

The trade association, which in- cludes operators of dinner cruises, excursion boats, car and passenger ferries, windjammers, and whale- watching vessels, plans more than 15 small group workshops, three so- cial functions, a trade show with more than 60 exhibitors, plus plena- ry sessions.

In addition to the Honolulu ses- sions, the association also scheduled activities on Maui from January 21- 23 to give participants an opportu- nity to examine industry operations in Hawaii.


The 14th International LNG/LPG Conference & Exhibition

RAI Congress Centre, Amsterdam, December 4-7, 1990


Chairman: J. Ball, Director, Gas Matters, London

Part 1: Gas Opportunities

The road ahead, M.W.H. Peebles, Director, Shell

International Gas Ltd, London

LNG markets, prices and costs: the challenge of the next decade, M. Valais, President and

S. Cornot, Economist and Editor, Cedigaz (International Centre for Information on Natural

Gas and all Hydrocarbon Gases), Rueil-Malmaison,


Gas supply prospects and the development of the

European gas industry, Y. Cousin, Gas Purchase

Director, Gaz de France, Paris

Algerian policy in the light of the recent evolution of the world hydrocarbon market, Dr

M. Mekideche, Director General, ENEP, Algiers,


LNG in the Atlantic Basin, j.R. Williams, Managing

Director, Shell International Gas Ltd, London

Discussion on the foregoing papers

Gastech 90 Welcome Party


Chairman: S.M. Boushehri, Poten & Partners (UK)

Ltd., London

The LPG Production and Trade Session will bring together the world's leading LPG producers and traders for a day-long debate on the current market and on possible future trends in the global

LPG business.

Details of speakers and panel members will be published only in the Conference Programme

Timetable ensuring that topics of current interest are effectively addressed at this forum.


Chairman: R.C. Gray, General Manager, Society of

International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators,

SIGTTO, Hamilton, Bermuda

A framework of reliability evaluation in LNG terminals, T. Fujii, Osaka Gas Co. Gas Production

Technology Center, Osaka, Japan

Filling limits for liquefied gas cargo tanks,

W.S. Wayne, Chairman, Joint IACS-SIGTTO Filling

Limits Working Group, London, M. Bockenhauer,

Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg and R.C. Gray,

General Manager, SIGTTO Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda

Large-scale experimental study of Boiling Liquid

Expanding Vapour Explosions (BLEVEs), Dr

M.J. Pritchard and D.M. Johnson, British

Gas pic, Midlands Research Station, Solihull, UK

Large-scale natural gas and LPG jet fires and thermal impact on structures, Dr L.T. Cowley, Shell

Research Ltd, Thornton Research Centre, Chester and Dr M.J. Pritchard, British Gas pic, Midlands

Research Station, Solihull, UK

Nitrogen production by means of Soviet membrane technology for safety enhancement in marine and on-shore petroleum and natural gas facilities, Dr F.G. Gainullin, General Director,

VNPO Sojuzpromgaz, Moscow, USSR and

J. Thurley, Chairman, Rimer-Alco International Ltd,

Cardiff, UK

An advanced liquefied gas leakage monitoring system, F. Yamaguchi, Boiler R&D Department,

Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries Co Ltd,



Gastech Official Reception.

Graciously hosted by Kvaerner, Norway



Part 1: Liquefied gas technology at sea

Chairmen: R.C. Ffooks, Consultant, UK and

W. Brumshagen, Managing Director. LGA

Gastechnik Gmbh, Remagen-Rolandseck, Germany

Development and experience of a low boil-off panel insulation system for LNG carriers,

H. Hashiguchi, N. Kamoi, A. Murakami & I. Kaku,

Kawasaki H I Ltd, Kobe, Japan

Studies on the behaviour of a floating LPG plant in the open sea, Widodo Pangestu, New Shipbuilding

Department, Pertamina, Jakarta, Indonesia

Super performance of future LEG/LPG carriers. A technical and economical analysis, H. Pakleppa,

LGA Gastechnik Gmbh, Remagen-Rolandseck,


The IHI SPB LNG carrier, Dr T. Fujitani, Head, LNG

Project, Y. Okumura and A. Ando, Ishikawajima-

Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd, Tokyo

High flexibility and effective operating cost reduction for the LNG carrier "Ekaputra" due to low boil- off rate, Drs. R. Tanudjaja and

B. Lanquetin, Pertamina, Jakarta, Indonesia

Part 2: Gas carrier longevity: Is age a criterion for replacement?

Chairmen: R.J. Lakey, President, Robert J. Lakey &

Associates, Inc, Houston, Texas, USA and Captain

Ghani Ishak, Director, LNG, Malaysian

International Shipping Corporation Berhad, Kuala


Gas carriers after 20 and more years' service: a classification society's experience, Speaker to be announced. Registro Italiano Navale, Genoa, Italy

Useful service life of LNG carriers - 20, 30, 40 years?, B. Thygesen, Vice President, Fleet

Operations (LNG), Gotaas-Larsen Ltd, London

Service longevity of a spherical tank LNG vessel - a study based on the "LNG Aquarius" class design and experience, E.G. Tornay, Vice President

Engineering and R.A. Gilmore, Marketing Director,

Energy Transportation Corporation, New York 5 C3/C4 LPG tanks of 80 000m} completed after 8 years' standstill due to the Gulf War, K. Hahnel,

LGA Gastechnik, Remagen- Rolandseck, Germany

Planning for longevity: a review of R & D design and construction of three series of large LNG carriers, N. Itoyama, Chief Naval Architect,

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Tokyo




Chairman: P. Anderson, Poten & Partners, Inc.,

New York, NY

This is to be a Commercial Workshop discussion session with no formal papers. The session panellists will be named in the next conference programme brochure.


Chairman: ]. Ball, Director, Gas Matters, London

The Second Anzai Paper on Expanding the

Commercial Frontiers of Natural Gas

Applying past lessons to financing future projects,

A. Mashayekhi, Chief, Natural Gas Development,

Industry & Energy Department, The World Bank,

Washington DC and D. Amanda, Associate

Consultant, EconoMatters, London

TAGS - LNG's largest export project,

W.V. McHugh, President and Chief Executive

Officer, Yukon Pacific Corporation, Anchorage,


Natural gas utilisation in India - opportunities and options, R.P. Sharma, Gas Authority of India, New


Plans for natural gas importation into Greece. The

LNG terminal at Revythousa Island, L. Dragatakis,

Project Manager, D.E.T.A., Athens

Current research directions into natural gas utilisation in Malaysia, Dr Ramlee Karim, Petronas,

Petroleum Research Institute, Selangor, Malaysia

Power generation: a driving force behind natural gas demand growth, J.P. Jonchere, BEICIP, Rueil-

Malmaison, France

Gas and the greening of Third World power generation - a development strategy,

D. Spottiswoode, Partner, Alphatania Group,


Discussion on the foregoing papers

Note: The speakers listed in this session will be joined by the authors of the Anzai Paper and by other invited panellists



Chairman: C.A. Durr, Technology Manager, Gas

Processing, M.W. Kellogg Company, Houston,

Texas, USA

Distribution management for liquefied gas terminals, W. Riederauer, LGA Gastechnik GmbH,

Remagen-Rolandseck, Germany

Cryogenic technology for the recovery of liquid hydrocarbons from refinery fuel streams,

T.R. Tomlinson, Costain Engineering Ltd,

Manchester, England

Natural gas liquefaction in Northern Norway,

H. Mork, Statoil, Stavanger, Norway and

M.D. Webster, Bechtel Ltd, London

Membrane technology for purification and separation of hydrocarbon gases,

Prof. A.I. Gritsenko, General Director &

B.G. Bergo, VNPO Sojuzgazteknologiya, Moscow,


Measurement of the velocity of natural convection movements in an LNG storage tank, O. Marcel and

J.F. Aubron, Gaz de France, DETN, Saint-Denis,


Debottlenecking a gas plant to enhance capacity from 450 MMSCFD to 540 MMSCFD, M. Salem Al-

Dhaheri and M. Anani, Abu Dhabi National Oil

Company, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Experience with mounded LPG storage at Gaz de

France, C. Carre and P. Bre, Gaz de France,

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