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Ingalls Awards Baldt

Contracts For Anchor,

Chain And Hardware

Baldt, Inc. has been awarded four contracts for approximately $1,000,000 by Ingalls Shipbuilding for manufacturing anchor, chain and hardware for four ships being constructed for the U.S. Navy. The announcement was made by Philip

J. Carcara, president of Baldt.

Baldt will manufacture two 40,000-pound USN stockless an- chors, 26 shots of 3-1/2-inch USN stud link chain and hardware for

LHD-4 being constructed in Pasca- goula, Miss., during 1991 to com- plete the first contract.

The additional contracts involve three DDG-51 vessels to be con- structed for the U.S. Navy by In- galls. Baldt will manufacture 4,000- pound USN LWT anchors, 9,000- pound USN stockless anchors, and 1-7/8-inch USN stud link chain, plus hardware, at their facilities in

Chester, Pa., to fulfill the contract.

Baldt is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mooring system components for the marine, offshore industries, and specialized indus- trial applications. Baldt manufac- tures grades 2, 3, oil rig quality, and marine/railway chain in sizes from 3/4-inch to 4 inches.

All of Baldt's products are certi- fied to meet regulations of the

American Bureau of Shipping,

Lloyd's Registry, Det norske Veri- tas, the U.S. Navy and the American

Petroleum Institute.

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Baldt's products and services,

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Marine Industries

Mobilizes Large

RO/RO Barges

Marine Industries Northwest Inc. of Tacoma, Wash., recently per- formed overhaul and activation re- pairs aboard two large RO/RO barges for a New York corporation.

The former SeaWay Express RO/

RO barges City of Seward, and Re- surrection Bay, each measure 487 feet long with a 104-foot beam and 20-foot depth. The barge capacity totals over 300 FEU RO/RO trailers combined on three cargo decks.

Each of the three cargo decks is con- figured in 10 traffic lanes which pro- vide over 1 acre of wheeled chassis parking space.

Primary overhaul work consisted of hull steel structural repairs above and below deck, curbing lane re- pairs, and fabrication of new stern ramp kingposts. Ballasting modifi- cations were made to the heel and trim hydraulic-operated thrusters, and cooling system heat exchangers.

Electrical repairs consisted of re- newal of deck lights and conduit runs, overhaul of three generators, and electrical control panel reloca- tions.

Activation work consisted of readying the vessels for passage through the Panama Canal. Canal items incorporated into the barges were done to facilitate line handling and piloting requirements. These items included installation of spe- cial bitts and chocks to accommo- date wires employed by the canal lock locomotives and maneuvering tugs, temporary pilot lookout shel- ters, and sanitation facilities.

The 487-foot-long RO/RO barge Resurrec- tion Bay undergoing mobilization work at

Marine Industries Northwest Inc. in Taco- ma, Wash.

Marine Industries Northwest

Inc., based in Tacoma, Wash., is a full service shipyard serving the Pa- cific Northwest, specializing in the conversion/repair work for barges, tugs and coastal freighters to ABS and USCG standards. Plant facili- ties include five acres of harbor waterfront property containing ap- proximately 1 acre of covered fabri- cation and shop areas, over 800 feet of pier berthing space, and a 600-ton marine railway.

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