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Mowachaht Brave, built by Alberni

Engineering & Shipyard Ltd. at

Port Alberni, B.C., is shown towing bundles of logs together containing nearly 400,000 cubic feet of tim- ber—no small task. But chores are made less challenging by the Cum- mins KT19-M turbocharged diesel engine that powers the tug at Gold

River, B.C., where the vessel is hard at work every day of the week for

Canadian Pacific Forest Products

Ltd. The company's project engi- neer estimates that the Cummins

KT19-M installation in the 14-foot- beam tug enables the Mowachaht

Brave to move its log tows about a third faster than its predecessor tugs.

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Chevron Awards Bluewater

Export Terminal Contract

In $1 Billion Kutubu Project

Chevron has awarded the oil ex- port terminal contract in the ambi- tious $1 billion Kutubu petroleum development project in Papua, New

Guinea, to Bluewater Terminals.

A single point mooring export fa- cility, which will operate in waters 25 meters deep (about 82 feet) ap- proximately 50 kilometers offshore, is to be supplied by Bluewater.

Delivery of the unit, to be a stand- ard Bluewater design that accom- modates tankers of up to 150,000 dwt, is scheduled for January 1992, ready for field startup in mid-1992.

Jacksonville Shipyards

Awarded $2.5 Million

To Repair Pemex Ship -Jacksonville Shipyards, Inc. (JSI), Jacksonville, Fla., has been awarded its largest contract since reopening, worth about $2.5 million, to repair the Petroleos Mexicanos

S.A. (Pemex) ship Cantarell, which was damaged by an explosion last year. The aft end of the 46,486-dwt

LPG carrier was affected, and sub- stantial rebuilding is required to restore the ship to full operating capability. The project, which is ex- pected to take up to two months to complete, will involve work in the engineering spaces and steel renew- al.

Pemex received bids from an in- ternational group of competing yards before selecting the recently reopened Jacksonville yard. The contract was signed in Mexico City in January, and work commenced last month.

According to a spokesman for the company, JSI is actively bidding on a number of projects, some in the cruise ship sector, from both domes- tic and foreign owners.

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Hellenic Shipyards Wins $11 Million Order

For Tanker Repair Work

An order worth more than $11 million for refit work on three ves- sels belonging to Paris-based Euro- pean Navigation company has been won by Hellenic Shipyards of Ska- ramanga.

Work at the Greek yard includes steel renewals, pipework and sand- blasting on three 135-dwt tankers.

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Two vapor control valves designed to help you meet stiff new regulations.

No vapor valve is perfect for every application. That's why MMC gives you a choice of six. This check- list provides you with the informa- tion you need to make the right deci- sion between the two most widely used models

No matter which you choose, MMC is pre- pared to help you meet the revised regulations 'USCG and ABS recognized

Vaporless gauging

Hot work required for installation

Easy installation by ship's crew

Ship removed from service

Zero ullage available

Sampling capability

Valve mechanism

Standard material of manufacture

Maintenance requirements pH pertaining to petroleum and chemical barges. Most of all, remember that the MMC name stands for more than 30 years of reliabil- ity; there's simply no substitute for this kind of proven performance.

U-VALVE Flson existing ullage natcnesi

Cost (approx ) of valve only

Installation cost f Sometimes Yes

Sometimes No

Yes 8" above zero 1/2 liter 1/2 liter

Ball valve (Positive shut off)

Check valve and counterweight

Stainless steel Bronze & Stainless St.

None None

Less than $600 10" and larger $1,700 8" and smaller $1.400

M Always f Keeping You in Control

MMC International Corp. 60 Inip Drive

Inwood, NY 11696-1096 U S A

Phone: 800-645-7339 516-239-7339

Telex: 96-0140 MAMCAF INND

Fax: 516-371-3134

MMC (Europe) Ltd.

Milburn House. Dean St.



Phone: (091)232-8339

Telex: 537005 MARINE G

Fax: 44 91-232-9216

MMC (Asia) Ltd. 2 20.4-Chome, Isobe-Dori

Chuo-ku. Kobe 651


Phone: 078-251 1033

Telex: 5624163 OPECK J

Fax: 078-252-0265

USCG APPROVED the Humphrey,





U.S.C.G. CERT. NOS. 159.15/1054/1/II 159.15/1054/2/11 159.15/1054/3/III



THE Model 12 (two compenents)

Designed for vessels with limited space


F-l 2 Filter: 12 l/2"lxl2 l/2"h

D-12 Digestor: 27"lxl5"wxl2"h

Weight: 401bs. dry. 1151bs. wet

Power: low draw 12 volt system drawing 6 amps or 110 volt drawing 10 amps

Unique Simple Process

Sewage flows from the head directly into the

Digestor(s) where it makes its way through a series of baffles. It is broken down and dissolved by natural bacterial action during this stage.

The resulting liquid (effluent) is then pumped through the Filter and passes through the chlorinator, where the final stage of purification and deodorization takes place.

Upkeep simply requires an addition of the Humphrey

Activator flushed through the head periodically, a spot check on the chlorine pellets and filter. Thats it,

No Muss, No Fuss!

Models available for any crew size

This compact Sewage

Treatment system emits clear and odorless dis- charge better than the

TYPE HI, no doscharge devices, which requires the use of pump out facilities that are inade- quate across the country.

THE Model 1 OA (three com pen en ts)


F-l Filter: 12 l/2"lxl5"wxl2"h

D-l & D-2 Digestor: 27"lxl5"wxl2"h

Weight: 661bs. dry, 2251bs. wet


Available in 12V or 110V 6 or 10 amp draw



Barge Lights

NABRICO— winches hatches & deck fittings


Up to 120" dia. — We ship anywhere

BYRNE, RICE & TURNER, INC. 1172 Camp Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 1-800-228-9711 ext. 278 or 504-525-7137

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