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Now that it's been to hell and back, feel free to take it anywhere.

Venture at full load into the most hostile marine environment in the world, and you still haven't come close to what Caterpillar® Marine Engines endure in the test lab.

Take the Cat thermal cycle test. We start by super- heating each engine, then quickly cool them down to ambient air temperature. Repeated 4,000 times, this is a sure-fire test of an engine's ability to withstand ther- mal stress.

We also knew your need for an efficient—yet durable—heavy fuel engine was nothing to take lightly.

So we tested our 3600 engine's performance on fuels up to 700 cSt while spiking the fuel with 5% sulfur and 600 ppm vanadium just to make things even tougher.

Ten years and 80,000 hours later, we're finally satisfied.

Of course, the majority of our customers would never demand this much from a marine engine. So why then, does Caterpillar?

It's our way of assuring you that when you pur- chase a Cat Marine Engine, you're getting the most reliable and efficient engine money can buy. And that's something we put to the test every day

For your free brochure on the full spectrum of Caf

Marine Engines, call 1-800-321-7332 (U.S.A. or Can- ada). Or write Caterpillar Response Marketing, 100 W

Harrison, South Tower, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98119-9911.


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