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The 75-foot Burrard Cleaner No. 9, designed by MARCO Pollution Control of Seattle, is the largest oil spill recovery vessel serving Canada.

Canada's Largest OSRV

Designed By MARCO

A new design oil spill recovery vessel from MARCO Pollution Con- trol, one of the world's largest build- ers and designers of these type ves- sels, was recently commissioned by a Canadian owner.

Called the Burrard Cleaner No. 9, she is the largest oil recovery vessel serving Canada. The vessel was built at the West Coat Manly

Shipyard in Vancouver under

MARCO supervision for Burrard

Clean Operations Limited, a

Vancouver, B.C., cooperative. The vessel will be used to protect the often difficult waters of the Strait of

Juan de Fuca.

The second MARCO design for

Burrard, the steel-hull vessel is 75 feet long, with a beam of 22 feet 6 inches and a depth of 9 feet 7 inches.

She is powered by a Caterpillar 3412TA diesel engine driving an

Ulstein 370H 360-degree-rotatable

Z-drive. The vessel also has a

MARCO T-80 stern thruster to as- sist in maneuvering in confined ar- eas. Recovered oil is held on board in a 500-barrel-capacity sump, from which a screw pump can discharge it to other vessels or storage units.

The Burrard Cleaner No. 9 fea- tures MARCO's Filterbelt recovery technology, the heart of all MARCO recovery systems. The Filterbelt is a unique oleophilic belt that recov- ers all types of oil and debris under a wide variety of conditions. The

OSRV features MARCO's new 4000

Series technology, which incorpo- rates a larger 4-foot-wide Filterbelt and a 40-hp MARCO T-52 induction pump. This new unit can process and remove oil from seawater at a rate of up to 10,000 gallons of en- countered seawater per minute.

Said MARCO Pollution Control vice president D. William Lerch, "It [the Filterbelt] works and has proven itself time and again on some

MARCO's Filterbelt oil recovery system. of the world's worst spills."

Martyn Green, manager of

Burrard Clean agrees. "We've been pleased with the effectiveness of our first MARCO vessel, which we have operated for several years. We're even more optimistic about the new one, due to the advancements in its capabilities, and we're happy to have it in service."

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Pollution Control OSRV designs or

MARCO boatbuilding services,

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Equipment List

Main engine.. Caterpillar

Z-drive Ulstein

Stern thruster MARCO

Radar Furuno

Filterbelt MARCO

Boom reels .. MARCO

Inriuntinn niim MARCO


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