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Redi-Marine Electronics Com- pany recently announced the SRX- 1, Armed Forces Radio and Televi- sion Service (AFRTS) marine satel- lite receiver. The SRX-1 receiver connects to a ship's existing

Inmarsat Standard A communica- tions terminal to receive the AFRTS worldwide audio broadcast. There is no charge for receiving the signal.

The AFRTS broadcast is available through the Pacific, Atlantic West and Indian Ocean Regions. The

SRX-1 allows ship's crew to listen to the latest news, sports and enter- tainment from virtually any place in the world.



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The paper chart has been a fun-

For a very short stay.

We know you can't afford to have your cruise ship tied up at dock for repairs or service even one extra day. In your business time really is money.

At Southwest Marine's network of shipyards, our commitment to providing quality service, attending to every detail, and maintaining tight schedules has brought us business from some of the most respected names in the cruise industry. Our ability to deliver damental tool for the last century, but now the limitations of this clas- sic approach can be overcome by using new technology—GPS and

Electronic Chart Display and infor- mation Systems (ECDIS).

A leader in the development and field testing of ECDIS systems has been Robertson. The Robertson Disc

Navigation ECDIS is designed to satisfy the IMO provisional perfor- mance standards of ECDIS. Disc

Navigation is designed for electronic sea charts based upon an autho- rized hydrographic data base which can be updated either manually or automatically via Inmarsat. The system has the capability of reading chart data in Norwegian Hydro- graphic Society-format and prepared for the international DX90 format.

All symbols and colors are used in accordance with IHO Colors and

Symbols Group. The system satis- fies Det norske Veritas automatic steering regulations.

The Disc Navigation operator con- sole consists of a master display, a second interactive graphic display, a dedicated keyboard and roller ball. finished jobs on time and within budget continues to bring them back.

When you next plan repair or maintenance for your cruise ship, try us. Like others, you'll be pleased with the results. And we promise to make your stay at

Southwest Marine as short as possible. Please call us and lefs discuss your next project.. 1/800/327-5162 or 1/800/547-4782


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Simrad, Inc., Lynnwood, Wash., is offering Anritsu's RA-722UA and

RA-723UA radar. These Anritsu radars represent the latest in radar technology. A new high-speed mi- croprocessor provides even further improvement on Anritsu's well-es- tablished reputation for superior target detection and definition.

Some of the standard features of the Anritsu radar systems include 15-inch high-resolution mono- chrome display; eight-level quanti- zation; and such target detection techniques as High Sensitivity (AVS), Echo Stretch Function, Au- tomatic or Manual Sea Clutter (STC)


The RA-722UA, which has 10 kw of power, and the RA-723UA, with 25 kw of power, feature a large 15- inch monochrome picture, with au- tomatic or manual target plotting, off-centering of the radar picture, a guard zone with alarm, and picture expansion of a selected area.


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Singapore Telecom, which pro- vides Inmarsat-A services to the

Pacific Ocean Region via the Sentosa

Coast Earth Station, recently passed along additional savings to custom- ers in the form of rate reductions for telephone service to Batam and for maritime satellite communications services.

The company, which reviews its rates and services regularly in an effort to offer the lowest possible costs to customers, reports that ships in the Pacific Ocean Region are en- joying lower traffic charges for ship- to-shore telephone and telex calls.

With this reduction in traffic charges, the company estimates that more than $1.2 million in savings will be passed on to the maritime community per year. The lower traf- fic charges will mean lower commu- nications costs for ships using

Inmarsat-A services.

The Sentosa station also offers value-added services like Telepac and Telebox for ships.


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Sperry Marine, Charlottesville,

Va., recently introduced its new "P" version RASCARs. The "P" version

RASCAR radars ("P" for plotter), which contain no ARPA functions, have been designed to make a sig- nificant reduction in cost in dual radar systems where only one ARPA is required and in single radar sys- tems on vessels below 10,000 gross tons where no ARPA is required.

This latest addition to the Sperry

Marine RASCAR family includes a 20-target manual plotting capabil- ity made elegantly simple for the operator through RASCAR's touch- screen control. Up to 20 targets can be assigned their own track letter and, based on manual position up- dates, target course, speed, CPA and

TCPA are automatically calculated and displayed.

The high resolution displays of the "P" version RASCARs retain the picture quality and touchscreen con- trol of other Sperry Marine

RASCARs. The "P" version RASCAR displays are completely compatible with existing RASCAR transceivers and antennas and are interswitch- able with the standard RASCAR dis- play, as well as with other "P" ver- sion displays.



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Miniaturization has come to Stan- dard Communications line of Hori- zon marine radios with the intro- duction of the new HX230S "shirt pocket-sized" subcompact five-watt

VHF handheld radio.

The HX230S, like all Horizon scanning radios, may be pro- grammed by the user to scan exactly the number or combination of chan- nels desired. Or the user may push the P-scan button to give priority to the channel 16 button to immedi- ately bring it up. A large LCD dis- play makes the selected channels easily visible.

Simple controls give the HX230S easy access to all U.S., Canadian and international channels, as well as 10 weather channels. A push button gives the user instant access to 10 weather channels. The radio also includes a special battery-sav- ing circuit which saves vital battery life.

An optional voice scrambler is available for the Horizon HX230S for users who want communications security.


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Trimble Navigation recently un- veiled three new products—two graphic display GPS receivers, the

NavGraphicXL and NavTracXL, and the Acutis 6 GPS antenna receiver.

The displays of both the

NavGraphicXL and the NavTracXL systems incorporate FSTN (film su- per twist pneumatic) technology, the latest development in liquid crystal computer displays (LCD), making them very easy to read.

The NavTracXL Graphic GPS receiver is designed primarily for offshore recreational cruising boats larger than 20 feet, fishing and work- boats and smaller commercial ships.

The integrated NavGraphicXL


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