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An Assessment of Ship Construction and Major Modification Prospects Available to Shipbuilders,

Equipment Manufacturers and Other Suppliers

Report No. 7119 - $575.00 per copy

The totally new, 1992 edition of IMA's marine indusry outlook has just been published.

Under one cover is a totally objective, in-depth assessment of the business outlook for the entire U.S. marine sector. The report documents the size and composition of 24 individual market segments, analyzes underlying market drivers, forecasts construction and modification activity over the next five years, identifies regulatory and legislative actions likely to affect future suppliers.


Cruise Industry Market Segments

Trend in Cruise Travel

Outlook for the Cruise Market

Forecast of Cruise Ship Construction

Cruise Ship Refurbishment Opportunities

Key Players in the Cruise Ship Business 3. JONES ACT CONTAINER AND RO/RO SHIPS

Ships Currently in Domestic Container Service

Business Conditions& Outlook in the Three Domestic Trades

Forecast of Ship Construction

Ship Modernization Plans

Key Players in the Domestic Container Trades 4. FEDERALLY SUPPORTED LINER OPERATORS

Current Fleet and Replacement Schedule

Ship Construction Requirements

Section 615 Foreign Construction Waivers

Prospects for Ship Replacement — in U.S. or Foreign Yards

The Four Federally Supported Liner Operators 5. TANKERS - GENERAL

Profile of Current Tanker Fleet

Oil Pollution Act of 1990

Impact of Single Skin Restriction

Inventory of Tanker Fleet 6. ALASKA CRUDE CARRIERS

Ships Currently in the Alaskan Crude Trade

Trend in North Slope Output

Impact on Shipping Requirements

Arctic National wildlife Refuge Controversy

Alaskan Oil Export Ban

Forecast of Alaska Crude Carrier Construction

Modernization Requirements

Key Players in the Alaskan Crude Trade 7. DOMESTIC TRADING PRODUCT TANKERS

Product Tankers Currently in Service

Demand for Coastal Products Transportation

Trend Toward Import Substitution

Outlook for Domestic Tanker Requirements

Impact of Oil Polluition Act of 1990

Forecast of Product Tanker Construction

Key Players in the Product Tanker Sector 8. CHEMICAL AND SPECIALTY TANKERS

Chemical Ships Currently in Domestic Service

Utilization of the Wrecked Vessel Act

Outlook for Domestic Chemical Shipments

Future Signifigance of MTBE

Future Chemical Ship Construction

Key Players in Domestic Chemical Shipping 9. GREAT LAKES SELF-UNLOADERS

Current Great Lakes Fleet

Requirement for Great Lakes Carriers

Forecast of Ship Construction

Key Players in Great Lakes Trade 10. SEAGOING BARGES

Profile of Current Inventory

Trend in Seagoing Barge Construction

Outlook for the Next Five Years

Key Players in Seagoing Barges 11 NAVY- GENERAL

Navy Ship Construction Over the Past 20 Years

Outlook for Naval Ship Construction 12. COMBATANT SHIPS

Current Combatant Fleet Inventory

Combatant Ships Under Construction

Outlook for an Additional Aircraft Carrier

Future Seawolf Submarine Construction

Plans for Additional Aegis Destroyers

Navy Shipbuilding Plan vs. Our Projection

Shipbuilders Involved in Combatant Ship Construction 13. SEALIFT SHIPS

Current Inventory of Sealift Ships

Past Funding for Sealift Ship Construction

Plans for Additional Sealift Ship Funding

Design Competition for Ship Construction Contract

Longer Term Plans for an Advanced Sealift Ship Design

Forecast of Sealift Ship Orders

Key Players in the Sealift Program 14. AMPHIBIOUS, MINE WARFARE AND SUPPORT SHIPS

Amphibious Warfare Ships

Mine Warfare and Support Ships

Outlook for Future Construction Orders

Shipbuilders Involved in this Market Segment 15. OFFSHORE RIG AND DRILL SHIPS

Current Offshore Rig Inventory

Conditions in the Offshore Drilling Sector

Drilling Sector Outlook

Outlook for Future Rig Construction

Principal Players in the Offshore Rig Sector 16. OFFSHORE PRODUCTION PLATFORMS

Annual Rate of Platform Installations and Removals

Rate of Well Completions

Trend Toward Deepwater Production & Efficient Platforms

Outlook for Platform Construction

Major Players in U.S. Offshore Production 17. OFFSHORE SUPPORT VESSELS

Inventory of Offshore Support Vessels

Oultook for Support Vessel Construction

Key Players in the Support Vessel Sector 18. FERRIES AND SMALL PASSENGER VESSELS

Profile of the Existing Fleet

Recent Vessel Construction Activity

Demand for Commuter Ferries

Interest in Riverboat Gambling

Availability fof Ferry and Passenger Vessel Financing

Pending Changes in Coast Guard Subchapter T Rules

Outlook for Vessel Construction

Key Players in the Ferry and Small Passenger Vessel Market 19 HARBOR AND COASTAL TUGS

Recent Vessel Construction

Outlook for Future Tugboat Orders


Current Small Craft Inventory

Recent Orders for Watercraft

Foreign Millitary Sales of Naval Craft

Outlook for Futute Orders

Key Players in Small Naval and Coast Guard Programs 21. FISHING VESSELS

Size and Composition of the U.S. Fishing Fleet

Current Factory Trawler Fleet

Tuna Seiners

Outlook for Fishing Boat Construction

Principal Players in the Fishing Sector 22. MEGAYAGHTS

Output of Pleasure Boat Manufacturers

Pleasure Boat Export Sales

Megayacht Production

Outlook for Megayacht Construction

Key Players 23. DREDGES

Types and Number of Dredges in Service

Outlook for Dredge Construction

Key Players in the Dredging Sector 24. RIVER TOWBOATS AND BARGES

Inventory of Towboats and Barges

Supply and Demand for Waterway Equipment

Recent Construction Activity

Outlook for Ruture Waterway Equipment Construction

Principal Waterway Operators and Equipment Builders 25. SPECIALTY FABRICATIONS

Prision and Accommodation Barges

Production and Power Platforms

Sunken Tube Tunnel Sections

Subscribers will receive the 190 page report immediately — plus a market update in April 1992.

The report is available for $575.00 per copy. To order please contact: IMA Associates - 600 New Hampshire Ave., N.W - Suite 140 -

Washington, DC 20037 USA - Telephone: 202-333-8501 - Fax 202-333-8504. Telephone or fax orders will be accepted. The report will be sent the day your order is received.

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