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Kranco Develops

Automatic Synchronization

Of Hoists Controls

An automatic synchronization of hoists control (ASH) for dual drives up to 500 horsepower has been de- veloped by Kranco, Inc., of Houston.

Designed to increase wire rope life and to provide ease of operation for

Major Conference On Oil c_:ll i 0 crane operators, the system is pri- marily utilized for mechanical bucket hoisting/lowering and open/ close functions such as those used on ship unloaders/loaders.

Though wire rope life can be maxi- mized by utilizing the correct type of wire rope for the particular job, and the proper sizing of sheaves, it also depends on the proper loading of the ropes. The ASH drive system uses a true speed control drive, D.C. vari- and facility operators facing new state, federal and provincial oil spill i ' 1 - — 1— — ~ r ti-i 11 o Ion able voltage and the addition of a programmable logic controller and encoders on the hoist. The logic controller and encoders ensure that the bucket is fully closed prior to lifting the load and that the closing lines and holding lines raise the load together, creating equal load- ing on the ropes. In the lowering mode the bucket automatically opens at the start of the lowering motion through the open/close lines prior to agenda for the conference will in- clude materials on federal regula- tions West. Coast state and Drovin- the lowering motion energizing. The open motion and the lower motion then synchronously lower the load, dividing the loading between the two sets of ropes.

Since 1956, Kranco, Inc. has been manufacturing ship unloaders/load- ers (hoist type), rack and pinion over- head and gantry cranes and is a major innovator of drive systems including variable voltage and vari- able frequency speed control sys- tems.

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Kranco's ASH system or other prod- uct line items,

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ABB Set To Get Power

Supply System Job For

Carnival's 'Imagination'

The final details for a contract between Asea Brown Boveri (ABB)

Marine, of Finland, and Carnival

Cruise Line (CCL) for supplying the comprehensive power supply sys- tem for CCL's latest cruise ship, the

Imagination, are close to being fi- nalized.

The 70,000-gt Imagination is the fifth CCL newbuilding to be ordered from Finland's Kvaerner Masa-

Yards and its predecessor, Wartsila

Marine. When delivered in 1995, the $330 million Imagination will have a station-type power plant to provide electricity for propulsion ma- chinery and other shipboard require- ments. ABB Marine, an electrical drive specialist, will provide its AC/

AC Cyclo system for the project.

Although the hardware is similar to the other ships built in the class, certain design refinements will be incorporated into the imagination by the company. Each ABB instal- lation for the CCL newbuildings to date have been comprised of two 14- mw Cyclo propulsion drives, 6.6-kv switchboards, four 10.3-mv and two 6.8-mv generators, plus six 1.5-mw thruster motors.

Each of the two electric AC syn- chronous motors is connected di- rectly to one of the propeller shafts, providing smooth shaft torque throughout the entire speed range.

This minimizes vibration, even at very low speeds.

The ship's propulsion plant con- sists of 6 prime movers of the Sulzer

ZA40S medium-speed type, with 4 engines being 12-cylinder and the other two 8-cylinder units. Engines for the project are being manufac- tured at the Turku engine factory of licensee Wartsila Diesel.

NASSCO Listed As One

Of The Top 100 U.S.

Defense Contractors

The National Steel and Shipbuild- ing Company (NASSCO), of San

Diego, was listed among the top 100 defense contractors for 1991 in terms of dollar value of contracts held with the Pentagon.

Open Committee On CG

Oil Spill Legislation ...BEING A DAY LATE




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