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FY 1993 Budget For Coast Guard

Shows Increase Over FY 1992 $3.72 Billion Appropriated

For Fiscal Year (FY) 1993, the budget proposes a funding level of $3,718 billion in appropriations for the U.S. Coast Guard, a five percent increase over the FY 1992 level.

Included in the total are $203 mil- lion to be transferred from the

Department of Defense and $70 mil- lion from the Oil Spill Liability Trust


The budget assumes the collec- tion of $117 million in user fees for selected Coast Guard services.

Highlights of the USCG budget include:

Operating Expenses—The $2.603-billion request funds contin- ued operation and maintenance of a wide range of multimission vessels, aircraft, shore units and aids-to- navigation. Within the funding are: —$142.1 million to be funded by the Department of Defense for trans- fer to Coast Guard; —$31.9 million from the Oil Spill

Liability Trust Fund; —$35 million from the Boat

Safety account.

Capital Improvement—The $414-million request funds contin- ued replacement and modernization of major components of the Coast

Guard's extensive vessel and boat fleets, including buoy tenders, mo- tor life boats, patrol boats and icebreakers. Within the funding are: —$18 million to be funded by the

Department of Defense for transfer to Coast Guard; —$33.8 million from the Oil Spill

Liability Fund; —$132 million for shore facility renovation and construction.

Environmental Compliance & Restoration—The $30.5-million request is a 42 percent increase over

FY 1992. Funding will be used to carry out the Coast Guard's respon- sibility to improve environmental problems resulting from construc- tion and operation of former and current service facilities.

Research Development, Test & Evaluation—The $29.9-million request will be used to provide de- velopment of equipment and methods which contribute to increas- ing the productivity of the Coast

Guard's operating programs. Fund- ing includes: —$4 million from the Oil Spill

Liability Trust Fund.

Boat Safety Grants—The $35- million authorization will assist states in the development and imple- mentation of a coordinated National

Boating Safety Program.

Oil Spill Cleanup and Initial

Damage Assessment—The $50- million appropriation from the Oil

Spill Liability Trust Fund will be used to finance cleanup and assess- ment operations. In addition, the

Coast Guard will pay valid uncompensated claims of parties suffering damages from oil spills.

Appropriations Of $312 Million

Requested For MarAd In FY 1993

For the Maritime Administration (MarAd), appropriations of $312 million are requested for FY 1993.

Highlights of the MarAd budget include:

Ready Reserve Force—The $234-million funding is the same as the FY 1992 level. MarAd will main- tain the readiness of the fleet and continue acquisitions toward meet- ing the Department of Defense requirement of a 142-ship RRF fleet.

The RRF fleet is needed to provide basic logistic support for deployed forces during the initial surge pe- riod of an armed conflict. The current fleet includes 96 vessels of which 79 were activated in support of Opera- tion Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

Operations & Training—The $78 million funding is an increase of $5.2 million over the previous fiscal year. The funding will provide con- tinued support of the U.S. Merchant

Marine Academy and support State maritime schools, management of maritime promotional programs,

MarAd Awards Yards

Layberthing Contracts

Worth $18 Million

The Maritime Administration (MarAd) has awarded five contracts, totaling about $18 million, for layberthing of Ready Reserve Force (RRF) vessels which participated in

Operations Desert Shield/Desert

Storm. The contracts, with four one- year renewal options, provide for berthing, electric power, water and telephone service.

The following shipyards received the layberthing awards (contract values include option periods):

Commodores Point Terminal

Corp., Jacksonville, Fla., $2.83 mil- lion for RO/ROs Cape Decision and

Cape Douglas;

Fort McHenry Shipyard Inc., Bal- timore, Md., $1.29 million for breakbulk vessels Cape Catoche and

Cape Carthage;

Mobile Dock Services, Inc., Jack- sonville, Fla., $4.76 million for RO/

ROs Cape Lambert and Cape Lobos, and breakbulk vessel Santa Ana;

Violet Dock Port, Inc., Violet, La., $3.72 million for the LASH vessels

Cape Florida, Cape Farewell and

Cape Flattery;

Virginia Maritime, Inc., Jackson- ville, Fla., $5.33 million for

Seabarges Cape May and Cape

Mendocino, and auxiliary crane ship

Gopher State.

Larson Boat Wins $954,980 Contract

For Barge Overhaul

A1 Larson Boat Shop, Terminal

Island, Calif., recently received a $954,980 contract from the Supervi- sor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and

Repair, San Diego, for the regular overhaul of the self-propelled gaso- line barge YOG-88. operation and maintenance of the

National Defense Reserve Fleet (ex- clusive of the RRF), and research and development program.

Operation Differential Sub- sidies—An appropriation to liquidate contract authority of $225 million in FY 1993 is requested. No appropriation of budget authority is required under current law for Op- erating Differential Subsidies because existing subsidies are cov- ered by prior years' contract authority.

Title XI Federal Ship Financ- ing—No new commitments for loan guarantees for ship construction are projected in FY 1993.

Ocean Freight Differential—

No annual appropriation is requested for this program since it has a permanent indefinite appro- priation to liquidate debt. For FY 1993, $51 million in permanent au- thority is estimated for this portion of the Federal Government's cargo preference program.

May, 1992

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