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Kvichak Delivers Last Of 12 Boom

Handling/Skimmer Support Boats

For National Response Corp.

One of 12 boom-handling/skimmer support vessels built by Kvichak

Marine Industries for NRC is shown during trials on Lake Washington in Seattle.

Kvichak Marine Industries made the final delivery in a 12-vessel series of boom handling/ skimmer support boats built for National Re- sponse Corp. (NRC) of Calverton, N.Y.

The 28-foot (8.5 m), all-aluminum dedicated response boats are now on station at strategic locations along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, including Calverton, near NRC's headquarters.

Other sites include Portland, Me.; Buzzards

Bay, Mass.; Baltimore, Md.; Charleston, S.C.;

Jacksonville, Fla.; Mobile, Ala.; Belle Chasse,

La.; Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas; and

Panuelas, Puerto Rico.

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SeaArk Delivers Dauntless

Patrol Inspector Ion Parker

To U.S. Border Patrol

The U.S. Border Patrol accepted delivery of a

Dauntless class of patrol boat built by SeaArk

Marine of Monticello, Ark. The high-speed, all- welded aluminum boat, named Patrol Inspector

Lon Parker, was purchased for patrol, drug in- terdiction and rescue operations conducted out of the Ramey, Puerto Rico Station.

The purchase of the new SeaArk was part of the overall plan to upgrade and modernize the

Border Patrol's fleet of boats.

Ramey's new Dauntless is powered by triple 300-hp Cummins Diesel engines coupled to

Hamilton Water Jets. During customer accep- tance trials, the Dauntless exceeded 32 knots at full load. Water jets were selected by the Border

Patrol due to the boat's mission profile which requires operations in shallow, reef-infested wa- ters. The Dauntless has a 26-inch (660 mm) draft.

The Dauntless hull is a joint design effort of C.

Raymond Hunt Associates and SeaArk Marine's design team. It features a state-of-the-art, deep- vee bottom with variable deadrise ranging from 20 degrees at the transom to 50 degrees forward.

To enhance the new boat's survivability, the aluminum hull has one compartment subdivi- sion, consisting of five watertight compartments.

In the event that any one compartment should flood, the Dauntless will remain afloat.

In accordance with customer specifications,

SeaArk outfitted Border Patrol's new boat with a complete electronics package, including radar, siren/PA system, search lights, emergency lights, flood lights, fathometer, VHF radio and com- pass.

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Mannesmann Demag Gottwald

On The Way To Selling 500^

Mobile Harbor Crane

HMK 280 mobile harbor crane from Mannesmann Demag Gottwald employed in container transshipment operations at the port of

Salerno, Italy.

Mannesmann Demag Gottwald succeeded in selling 29 mobile harbor cranes in 1993.

Whether fitted with motorized grabs or em- ployed for general cargo and container trans- shipment operations, the pneumatic-tired units with diesel-electric or diesel-hydraulic drive can be freely moved to wherever needed and are easily integrated into the existing infrastruc- ture. They are reportedly in great demand in both smaller seaports and international trans- shipment centers. In Belgium alone —notably in

Antwerp — the 500th mobile harbor crane from

Mannesmann Demag Gottwald will be put into service in the near future.

Recent years have seen a steady increase in the demand for diesel-hydraulic units among cranes in the lower performance class. Approxi- mately 15 percent of the units sold in 1993 were diesel-hydraulic powered. Mannesmann Demag

Gottwald has adjusted itself to this situation and can now offer the HMK 60, HMK 90, HMK 120,

HMK 170 and HMK 260 crane types with either diesel-electric or diesel-hydraulic drive.

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Four Classification Societies

Certify Schottel's Compliance

With DIN ISO 9001

Presentation of certificates to Schottel Group of Companies: (I. to r.): Dietrich W. Bork, chair, Schottel; Johann G. Prien,

Germanischer Lloyd; Volkmar Ruhle, BV Quality International;

Klaus Herzog, Det Norske Veritas Qualitatssicherungsservice

GmbH; and Udo H. Jocks, ABS Industrial Verifications Ltd.

Schottel Group of Companies, based in Spay/

Rhine, was presented certificates by four classi- fication societies confirming the compliance of its quality management system with DIN ISO 9001/

EN 29001.

Presentation of the certificates by the repre- sentatives of the certification authorities of

Germanischer Lloyd, American Bureau of Ship- ping, Bureau Veritas and Det Norske Veritas took place in January 1994 at Spay.

Schottel achieved its sales successfully in the past year mostly through deliveries of new devel- opments in the field of steerable marine propul- sion systems.

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New Appointments At U.S.S. Great

Lakes Fleet Inc.

U.S.S. Great Lakes Fleet, Inc. headquartered in Duluth, Minn, has made several new appoint- ments. Thomas R. Baltes has been appointed director of contract administration and traffic.

In his new assignment, Mr. Baltes will be re- sponsible for the fleet's contract administration and traffic department. Also, John P. Boutin has been appointed senior hull engineer, replac- ing the recently retired James Kinghorn. Mr.

Boutin will be responsible for the structural maintenance and repair of the fleet's vessels. In addition, Bradley N. Ojard has been appointed senior engineer, machinery, replacing the re- cently-retired Richard K. Johnson.

U.S.S. Great Lakes Fleet, Inc. is reportedly one of the larger carriers of dry bulk materials in the Great Lakes Region. 100

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