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agement positions.

Crowley has also announced the enhancement of its existing weekly service between Port Everglades and the Dominican Republic. Crowley will dedicate a vessel exclusively to direct service between Port Ever- glades and Rio Haina, and will inau- gurate calls at Puerto Plata. Also, in a separate deployment, the exist- ing Thursday service between Port

Everglades and St. Thomas in the

U.S. Virgin Islands will add a call at

St. Croix.

Meyer Werft Books Another

Order From Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia has ordered another passenger vessel from the Meyer Werft Shipyard of

Papenberg/Germany, to be em- ployed on the inter-insular service.

This newbuilding is a repeat ship of the 6,000-gt Leuser-type, three units of which were delivered this year. With a length of about 328 feet (100 m) and a breadth of 59 feet (18 m), the newbuilding has a ca- pacity for nearly 1,000 passengers in three classes. For more informa- tion on Meyer Werft,

Circle 167 on Reader Service Card

USCG Proposes Shipboard

Oil Pollution Rules

The U.S. Coast Guard proposed rules that would require certain

U.S.-flag ships to carry approved

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Circle 279 on Reader Service Card 100 shipboard oil pollution emergency plans on-board to improve their re- sponse capabilities and minimize the environmental impact of oil spills. The notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) applies to U.S.- flag oil tankers weighing 150-gt or more, as well as all other U.S.-flag ships, not tankers, of400-gt or more.

Foreign oil tankers of 150-gt or more and other foreign ships of400- gt or more will also be required to carry evidence of compliance with the regulation when in the navi- gable waters of the U.S.

The proposal would implement international requirements which became effective for new U.S. ships on April 4, 1993, and will become effective for existing U.S. ships on

April 4,1995. The rules would have to cover contingencies from sus- pected spills to discharges of the complete cargo. The proposal re- quires owners or operators of all

U.S. ships covered by the regulation to prepare and submit shipboard oil pollution emergency plans, prepared according to guidelines developed by the International Maritime Or- ganization, to the USCG for review and approval. The NPRM provides a 60-day period for public comments, which must be received before April 18, 1994. Send comments to the

Executive Secretary, Marine Safety

Council (G-LRA-2/3406), U.S. Coast

Guard Headquarters, 2100 Second

St., S.W., Washington, D.C. 20593- 0001.

Hibernia Invites Canada

Marine Industry Leaders To

Aid Tanker Project

The Hibernia Project, the partici- pants in which include Mobil and

Chevron, is inviting Canadian ma- rine equipment and service compa- nies to participate in the construc- tion and outfitting of two oil tank- ers. The tankers will transport crude oil produced from the Hibernia oil field. Since they are too large to be built with conventional tech- niques in Canadian shipyards, the

Hibernia Project participants have issued a request for proposals to pre-qualified international ship- yards for the design and construc- tion of the tankers.

The 120,000 ton tankers will be double-hulled, ice-strengthened and highly maneuverable, and will com- ply with all Canadian and interna- tional safety standards for large oil tankers. A contract award is antici- pated before year's end, with deliv- ery of the first scheduled for 1997.

The vessels will be registered in

Canada and have Canadian crews.

The Hibernia participants are

Mobil Oil Canada (33.125 percent),

Chevron Canada Resources (26.875 percent), Petro-Canada Hibernia

Partnership (25 percent), Canada

Hibernia Holding Corp. (8.5 per- cent) and Murphy Atlantic Offshore

Ltd. (6.5 percent).

New Director For Alaska

Marine Highway

Gregory A. Dronkert has been appointed to replace Jim Ayers as

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