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1) There are undeniable advantages to focusing on one thing—and one thing only. Take our competitors. Let's start with the big ones. You'll see they're all in a lot of different businesses.

Businesses like inventing new space telescopes, maybe missiles, or, yes, even refrigerators. Businesses that, though they do develop one's engineer- ing prowess, have very little to do with marine GPS.

At Trimble, GPS is all we do. It's where we pour our R&D efforts—more than two million man-hours to date. We've focused our entire company on inventing cutting- edge GPS solutions.

If we're to be honest about it, we got a head start on our competitors. We were dedicated to GPS long before it was even a buzzword, let alone the most precise way to navigate through inland waterways, rocky coastlines, and high seas.

This head start enabled us to bring to market the world's first commercial GPS product in 1984. And in 1985, the world's first marine navigation system.

And in 1989, the world's first large flat-screen display and GPS system in one—complete with NOAA charts. Then in 1990, the world's first totally integrated GPS receiver and antenna system,

Acutis, and then in 1992, our popular hand-held Ensign.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying we're rather fixated on building the most innovative, most accurate, and most dependable GPS solutions around. 2) With performance this good, you might think we owned the Whole damn GPS Satellite network. Here's a true story: Last month, we were out testing some of our new differential products with customers. First, we used one of our differential receivers to prove we can pinpoint any buoy, dock, or isthmus within ten meters—anywhere in the world. Then we showed how Trimble can get a lock on your location within seconds. And then we demonstrated just how true our readings are, even when you radically change your speed.

One customer, comparing that performance with our competitors, said, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "Well, it's not fair—you own the whole ^[mmmi^^^ GPS satellite system." Of course, we wish we did. But we have to admit we don't. The fact is that all GPS satellite data is free for the tak- ing. It's just that not all GPS products are created equal.

More than anything else, your accuracy and perform- ance is determined by one thing—whose product you buy. 3) Now about that gossip about new products from Trimble.

Which brings us to the thing you're probably most interested in—the rumors. Yes, the rumors are true. Trimble just introduced a new family of products that are the best j^^KSBSSflj we've ever built. For a brochure, give us a call at 1 -800-827-2424. ••


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