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Every 5,000 hours this towboat change for

Changing oil every 5,000 hours instead of every 500 has made a world of difference to Crounse Corporation's single-screw towboat, the M/V Sue Chappell. Before the workboat switched to synthetic Mobilgard SHC 120 in its generator engine, it was yrAC changing oil every 500 hours and disposing of 112 gallons of waste oil each year.

For the environmentally concerned Crounse Corporation of Paducah, Kentucky, waste oil disposal was a problem that fMJM ^ demanded a solution.

The synthetic solution. Crounse Corporation, Detroit

Diesel Corporation and Mobil Oil Corporation conducted an 8,000 hour test of Mobilgard SHC 120 in the towboat's generator engine. The synthetic lubricant, with its chlorine level well below the most stringent regulations in effect today, yielded remarkable results.

Mobilgard SHC 120 significantly extended the towboat's oil drain intervals and reduced its annual volume of waste oil 90%. A single oil drain after 5,100 hours of continuous operation of the engine confirmed the oil effectively lubricated the Detroit Diesel 6-71 engine 10 times longer than mineral oil. Annual waste oil was now just 11 gallons.

Mobilgard SHC 120 cut the engine's oil consumption by nearly 75%.

The generator consistently used only one quart daily. Quite a difference from the one gallon of mineral oil it typically consumed.

Mobilgard SHC 120 reduced overall engine wear by almost 50%. When the towboat was overhauled, engineers found that the engine's piston rings and cylinder liners had only about half the normal wear rates. Time between overhauls is now projected to extend from 40,000 hours to 60,000 hours.

So take a good look at the synthetic lubricant that helped this towboat make a difference in the world. And a change for the future.

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