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German Consortium Delivers

Hopper Suction Dredger Bali II

To Indonesian Company

Bali II, the first of three 5,000- cu.-m. hopper suction dredgers on order by a German consortium, was delivered in Stralsund to the Minis- try of Communications of the Re- public of Indonesia. Built by a con- sortium comprising the Volkswerft

GmbH shipyard, Stralsund and the marine technology product group of

Krupp Fordertechnik GmbH,

Lubeck, the dredger is to be used by

PT (Persero) Pengerukan Indone- sia, Jakarta, for harbor and water- way maintenance.

Bali II is 413 feet (126 m) long with a beam of 59 feet (18 m) and a draft of 13.5 feet (4 m). The second hopper suction dredger with the same dimensions will be delivered at the end of April 1994. The third, scheduled for supply in the second half of 1994, is a self-propelled cutterhead dredger. On Bali II

Krupp Fordertechnik was respon- sible for the engineering and the supply of state-of-the-art dredger equipment.

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Port Of Portland Finalizes

Crane Construction Project

The Port of Portland Commission awarded a $2,408,880 contract to

Copenhagen Utilities & Construc- tion (Copenhagen) of Clackamas,

Ore., which is the final link in the chain of contracts required for the crane expansion program at Termi- nal 6 on the Columbia River. The crane expansion program includes acquisition of a new post-Panamax container crane from Hyundai

Heavy Industries, Korea, as well as improvements to the existing crane rails and utility system to support the new crane.

The Copenhagen contract is for work at Terminal 6 berths 604 and 605 constructing new 100-foot-gauge crane rails, modifying the storm water drainage system and install- ing crane electric service. Construc- tion is scheduled from spring 1994 to autumn 1994, prior to the deliv- ery of the new crane.

The new crane is expected to be delivered in early 1995, when it will be assembled and tested. The sched- ule calls for it to be in service by late 1995. It will join the port's eight other container cranes. A second post-Panamax crane maybe needed at Terminal 6 as early as 1997. For more information from the Port of


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Pro./Dredge-pp Krupp MaK

Generator drive Yanmar

Emergency diesel KHD-MWM

Propeller Lips

Thruster Schottel

The 5th ABB Turbocharger Bonus l l

Bureau Veritas Quality International limited


Certificate of Approval "ZBSSS5L.

T^T- I • j 1 jfc5 • " 3 U n ( U 1 bescheinigt hiermit, daft das Qualitatssicherungssystem des obgenannten Unternehmens beurUilt wurde und die in der internationalen Norm — OAS QUAUTATSSKMEKUNCSSWtEM l»

UND DiENSTLEISTUNOlN f£lR iA Bureau VciiBsQuaiicylnlcraalioflal

A global network of confirmed quality. And that's official.

ABB Turbo Systems have achieved official ISO 9001 certification of all products and services produced and performed by the entire organization. Naturally, the turbo team is proud of these awards. But this accomplishment is far more an incen- tive to proceed in our drive for perfection of the advanced techniques and dedicated attitude for which we have always stood. For at ABB Turbo Systems, we know that innovation, technological efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliable support are all equally important ingredients of a convincing performance.

And your bonus? With the official ISO 9001 hallmark of quality, ABB turbocharg- ers no longer require individual commissioning formalities. And that's a relief for any operator. At ABB Turbo Systems, quality means an incessant striving for enhancement.

Recognition of the present is our incentive for the future: ISO9001.

ABB Turbo Systems

ABB Turbo Systems Ltd., CH-5400 Baden/Switzerland

Phone 056/75 40 37, Telefax 056/21 63 76

March, 1994

ABB Turbocharger Co. 1460 Livingstone Avenue

North Brunswick/N.J. 08902

Tel. (908) 9 326 103

Fax (908) 9 326 378

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