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Trimble And Orion Introduce

Satellite Spill Tracking Buoy

Trimble Navigation and Orion

Electronics introduce the Slik'trak

GPS buoy, designed for spill track- ing in darkness and bad weather.

Trimble demonstrated Slik'trak in

Alaska's Cook Inlet to members of several oil spill response coopera- tives, who reportedly said the sys- tem worked despite 40-knot winds, six-foot waves and icy waters.

Orion's are reportedly the only buoys proven to stick to oil and float with a spill. A Trimble receiver inside each buoy uses signals from

GPS satellites to calculate its posi- tion. An internal radio modem trans- mits this location to a PC. The PC displays icons of the buoys which move with every position report from the buoys. For more information,

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Willard Marine Sea Force 540 RIB For Rescue Or

Workboat Application

New from Willard Marine, the

Sea Force 540 RIB (Rigid Inflatable

Boat) is a SOLAS 74/83 Rescue Boat, also produced in inboard and out- board diesel models with outdrive or waterjet propulsion as commer- cial workboats and tenders.

The 540 SOLAS is 18 feet (5.5 m) in length and complete with a

SOLAS-approved 70-hp OMC out- board.

The versatile boat has also re- ceived U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approval. Willard is a U.S. manu- facturer of RIBs, and also a manu- facturer of fiberglass boats to the

USCG and the U.S. Navy. For more information on Willard Marine's Sea

Force 540,

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Bug-O Welder Offers

Continuous And Skip Welds

Bug-0 Systems has designed a lightweight, portable machine, the

Compact Stiffener Welder, which reportedly provides smooth, precise fillet welds. The drive roller assem- bly sets against it, locking it into position.

The gunholder assemblies (com- pact corner followers) extend into position and center the welding guns in each joint. The machine can reportedly provide both continuous and skip welds. Controls on the top of the machine determine the type of weld to be used. Travel distance while welding, speed and skip time are also easily controlled.

For more information from Bug-

O Systems,

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Wesmar Expands Bow

Thruster Line

Wesmar has expanded its counter rotating design Dual Prop Bow

Thrusters by adding four new com- mercial models: 200, 250, 300 and 350 hp. Wesmar is targeting the commercial market: supply boats, crew boats, utility boats, barges, river boats, ferries and tugs. Fixed- pitch four-blade Kaplan propellers are designed to deliver equal thrust in either direction of rotation.

Wesmar's thruster drive motors are mounted inside the boat for easy service and changeability from elec- tric to hydraulic, allowing low to high horsepower changeover with- out hauling the boat.

For more information on

Wesmar's bow thruster line,

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Handheld GPS: Full-Function

Plotter At 4" x 7"

Raytheon's Raystar 198 is a dif- ferential-ready, full-function elec- tronic charting system that uses C-

MAP cartography. Only four by seven inches, it monitors up to five satellites on five parallel channels to pinpoint a boat's position. The unit is complete with five position and five navigation displays. Ten routes can be planned with 200 waypoints. The Raystar 198 comes with a mounting bracket and a card reader which enables C-MAP elec- tronic charts to be downloaded into the unit's memory. The unit can accept Raytheon's optional Differ- ential Beacon Receiver for differen- tially corrected satellite position ac- curacy. For more information on

Raytheon's Raystar 198,

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Hilman Rollers Move Up To 1,000 Tons And Over

Hilman, Inc. of Wall, N.J., offers a new six-page "all-products" cata- log.

Included are the most popular of the manufacturer's high capacity machinery roller dollies for moving machinery and heavy equipment, complete with photos, full descrip- tions, and charts of technical and dimensional data. Featured prod- uct lines include the deluxe moving kits and economy sets; special pro- tective nylon rollers; construction quality OT, T, and NT series roll- ers; and super heavy duty rollers which range from 100 to 1,000 tons of capacity per unit.

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Seat Belt/Bolsters Protect

Against Injury

Stidds Systems, Inc. has added the Series 800 Seat Belt/Bolsters to its line of high performance marine seating products. The Series 800 is reportedly now in use aboard Naval

Special Operations Craft, enduring long missions and harsh ambient operating conditions that spurred the development of many of the Se- ries' advanced features. Incorporat- ing Stidds' proprietary EPS (Ergo- nomic Positioning and Stabilization) technology, Stidds says the Series 800 is a high-performance seat which offers ergonomically correct stabili- zation to protect against orthopedic injuries which occur aboard high speed craft. For more information on the 800 Series Seat Belt/Bolsters,

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American Eagle Offers SAFE

Line Of Boats

The SAFE line of boats, from 12- 23 feet (3.6 to 7 m), is now available from American Eagle Manufactur- ing, Inc. The SAFE principle (Se- cure, Around, Flotation Equipment) matches a self-bailing, aluminum

V-hull with the patented Norseman, rigid-foam collar — reportedly cre- ating a fast, stable and roomy craft with built-in fendering.

The collar design complements the strength of the hull, since the closed-cell collar doesn't deflate like inflatable tubing. The manufacturer says the topsides are literally bullet- proof, but that should the polyure- thane skin be holed by a high-speed impact, repairs are easy. For more information on American Eagle's

SAFE craft,

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