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FY '93 TRP Competition Complete: $190 Million Awarded

The final 50 proposals selected under the FY '93 Technology Rein- vestment Project (TRP), which in- volves 361 companies, universities and government organizations, were recently awarded $190 million in

TRP funding, the largest single amount yet announced. The selec- tion of the 50 proposals, which is filled with projects and companies associated with the maritime indus- try, brings the competition totals to 212 proposals, involving 1,631 orga- nizations and $605 million in fed- eral funding.

Being implemented by a collabo- ration of six federal agencies—in- cludingthe Departments of Defense,

Commerce, Energy, and Transpor- tation, as well as NASA and the

National Science Foundation—the plan is a key part of President

Clinton's Defense Reinvestment and Conversion Initiative. "This marks another major step in our effort to protect our national security and promote our economic security in the post Cold War world," said President Clinton in a state- ment. "We are investing in projects that will create the jobs of the future by exploring ideas, developing tech- nologies, creating products and strengthening skills that will keep

America strong, militarily and eco- nomically.''

The TRP selection process is en- tirely merit-based and all projects must contribute at least half of the

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S E V I L L A'94








MEETING. 23rd-28th May 1994

Trading and logistics • Consignees • Port and offshore building • Shipping constructions, repairs and equipments • Consulting and Engineering •

Dredging • Measuring and monitoring equipment •

Stevedores • Data processing and telematics •

Laboratories and research centres * Antipollution efforts • Handling and storage of goods •

Machinery • Shipbuilders • Business, professional and social organizations • Ports and Marinas •

Port-city relation • Hauling • Insurance • Signalling • Supplies • Shipping agents • Transport • Vigilance and security specialists

Puertos del Estado






Avenida Diagonal, 541, 3.° 08029 Barcelona (Espana/Spa/n)

Tel, 34-3-419 60 41

Fax. 34-3-405 22 58

IBERIAim ^ RENFE cost. A separate TRP competition for $7.5 million in Small Business

Innovation Research grants elicited 2,400 proposals, and those awards will be announced in late March.

Also, formal plans for the 1994-95

TRP competition will be announced in late March.

To assist proposers from the FY '93 competition, and those who wish to propose in the future, the TRP is holding several workshops—March 23-24 in Los Angeles and March 30- 31 in Boston—to review deploy- ment, development and education lessons learned. The two day ses- sion will offer tips on how to form and strengthen consortia, and all six federal agencies will participate.

For more information on the meet- ings or the TRP in general, call: (703) 697-5737.

The following is a selection of the recently awarded TRP projects: • CYBO Robots Inc. proposes a $12.5 million project to develop a dual-use, por- table robotic welding system to improve productivity in the U.S. shipbuilding indus- try. If successful, the robots would automate up to 75 percent of ship welding. Other notable team members: Navy/Naval Sur- face Warfare Center; Ingalls Shipbuilding;

Trinity Marine Group; NASSCO; Bath Iron

Works. • IBM proposes a $70.7 million consortium effort to develop open industry software standards that will integrate computing en- vironments across the U.S. manufacturing base. Other notable team members: Gen- eral Dynamics, Electric Boat Division. • Raytheon Co. proposes an $18.4 million program to develop multichannel digital multiplexers and demodulators for multime- dia signal processing, with applications in the commercial and defense satellites, mul- timedia cable, digital electronic warfare receivers and more. Other notable team members include: TRW, Inc. and Honeywell. • Westinghouse Electric Corp. proposes a $4.9 million program to apply submersible electric drive cargo pump technology to commercial marine applications. The proposer estimates the current annual mar- ket is $200 million and will approach $3 billion in 15 years. Other notable team members: Avondale Industries; IMA Asso- ciates; Navy/David Taylor Research Ctr. • Fairfield University, with other partners, will establish a center for Global Competi- tiveness to assist defense-dependent manu- facturers with existing commercial products in entering foreign markets. • The GreatLakes Composites Consortium will establish a Composites Technology

Center at Cerritos College in Cerritos, Calif, to transfer and deploy state-of-the-market composites manufacturing technology to companies in the Los Angeles Basin. The

Center, targeting 16,000 businesses within a 15-mile radius, will reduce the risk in deploying composite products, among other things.

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