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The Kuwait Oil Company says the Effer crane was chosen for its compactness and flexibility, which suited the relatively small Fateen.

Japan's July Ship Orders

Rise 251% Over June

New orders for vessels in Japan totalled 2,327,000 gt (46 vessels) in

July 1994. July's figure is 251 per- cent higher (1,663,000 gt — 17 ves- sels more) than June 1994's figure.

July's figure is also 805 percent higher than that achieved in the same month in FY '93. The types of ships ordered were 23 bulk carriers; 1 RoRo; three cargo ships; eight oil tankers; one car ferry; one product carrier; and nine containerships.

New orders in Japan's fiscal year (April 1994 to July 1994) total 4,309,276 gt. This is a 211 percent increase on the same period in FY '93.

Todd Selects Amclean

Ultra-High Pressure

Waterjet System

Todd Pacific Shipyards an- nounced the results of the field test- ing of three ultra-high pressure waterjet systems. Following the successful completion of Amclean's removal of the Inerta 160 coating from the icebreaker USCG Polar

Star, Todd requested shipyard per- formance tests to determine the pro- duction rates and operational is- sues associated with a number of ultra-high pressure waterjet sys- tems. Performance and production tests were conducted at Todd's Se- attle shipyard on aft keel and midship freeboard areas of the Po- lar Star. Testing was performed to enable Todd to make a definitive determination as to which system would be selected to facilitate Todd's transition from traditional abrasives blasting to ultra-high pressure wateijet technology. This transi- tion will maintain Todd's standards of environmental awareness, as well as provide Todd with the latest tech- nology in ultra-high waterjet sys- tems. Each manufacturer was asked to prepare surfaces to meet SSPC- 10 specifications. The zinc/alkyd coating on the freeboard section of the Polar Star, with a thickness of 15-20 mils, was representative of the majority of heavy marine coat- ings removal work.

The test results demonstrated that Amclean's Ultra-Strip Process was what Todd was seeking in an ultra-high pressure waterjet sys- tem.

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Effer Supplies Deco Telescoping Crane

For Support Vessel

Effer delivered a telescoping crane, model Deco 200/2S, to the

Kuwait Oil Company for use on the support vessel Fateen.

The Deco 200, with its two hy- draulic telescoping extensions, has a maximum outreach of more than 75 ft. (23 m). Separated and exter- nal extension cylinders reportedly enable the operator to quickly reach the maximum outreach, while al- lowing for easy maintenance. Oc- tagonal booms are designed to stabi- lize lifting operations in rough sea.

A 20-ton capacity winch is mounted on the boom.

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That's good news because the interna- tionally mandated deadline to stop producing

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