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construction of the river towboat

Anita M. St. Louis Ship Division of

Pott Industries delivered the vessel in December 1983.

The vessel will operate under a management agreement either on the spot market or for the transpor- tation of coal to a facility owned by

Tampa Electric Company.

The Title XI approval covers $4,110,000, or 75 percent of the actual cost of $5,577,017.

Wilkins Named Manager

Of Dravo Mechling's

River Forwarders

Dravo Mechling Corporation has announced the appointment of Del

Wilkins as manager of its River

Forwarders, Inc. (RFI) subsidiary.

Organized in New Orleans more than 13 years ago, RFI specializes in consolidating less than full barge- load consignments of regulated commodities, particularly steel, for shipment north from New Orleans on the inland river system.

Traffic manager at Dravo Mech- ling prior to his recent appointment,

Mr. Wilkins is returning to the lat- ter organization in his present posi- tion, having previously served as customer service representative and assistant manager during earlier service with RFI. breakstrength of steel and 1/20 the weight in water!

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KEVLAR aramid means lighter marine systems...less costly, easier to handle.

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Now you can get the strength you need in large marine ropes for offshore oil rigs and other maritime applications-at only 1/5 the weight of steel in air and 1/20 the weight in water.

In pendant applications, for example, lightweight ropes of

DuPont KEVLAR aramid fiber permit use of smaller, lighter buoys (photo at right) and allow faster anchor deployment and retrieval. Significant systems cost reductions can be realized.

In riser tensioner applica- tions, ropes of KEVLAR last up to 4 times longer in actual field use, due to their superior cyclic fatigue properties. Ease of handling provides important savings in in- stallation time and labor.

Towing lines of KEVLAR can provide extra years of service, because of superior fatigue and corrosion resistance.

Ropes of KEVLAR are unaffected by saltwater, organic solvents, drilling fluids and lubricants.

Ropes of KEVLAR are available in wire rope and other constructions to meet your specific needs. For more infor- mation and a list of quality manufacturers, call the toll-free number below. Or write: Du Pont

Company, Room G-15465,

Wilmington, DE 19898. *Du Pont registered trademark

The small, less expensive buoy handles a pendant line of

KEVLAR. A buoy 20 times larger in volume is needed to handle the same length of steel line.

BP And Harland And Wolff

Forming Joint Venture For $145-Million SWOPS Project

BP is to form a joint venture with

Belfast shipbuilder Harland and

Wolff for the construction of a spe- cial single well oil production sys- tem (SWOPS) vessel designed to extract oil directly from subsea wells. The agreement is subject to approval from the boards of both companies.

The cost of developing the

SWOPS system, including produc- tion wells and subsea equipment, is expected to be some $145 million, allowing for inflation. The vessel, the riser, and the process plant will represent the major portion of the total cost, with Harland and Wolff being reimbursed partly from the revenues of the vessel.

Construction of the vessel, with a cargo capacity of some 42,000 tons, length of 820 feet, and beam of 121 feet will begin at the end of this year, with completion expected in mid-87. The joint venture, which was proposed by H&W, will also involve Matthew Hall Engineering acting as consultant and as subcon- tractor for the process plant and subsea riser.

With a draft of 35 feet, the vessel will have a segregated ballast capac- ity of about 38,000 tons and a dynamic positioning system capable of keeping her on station in up to

Force 9 conditions. Production ca- pacity will be up to 15,000 barrels per day. Once fully loaded, the ves- sel will depart to discharge at a con- venient port.

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Refueling at Sea Products

Aeroquip Corporation's extensive line of products designed to increase ease and efficiency when refueling at sea are described in a comprehen- sive new brochure.

This 26-page Aeroquip Industrial

Division publication contains infor- mation on a wide variety of bulk hose and hose assemblies; hose rig hardware; quick couplers and de- couplers; adapters for liquid trans- fer systems; accessories such as flow-through saddle supports, hose fittings plugs and caps; and special marine hardware.

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It contains specification tables on each piece of equipment accompa- nied by keyed mechanical drawings for each unit with clearly marked dimensions.

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